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Toolset combining 2 different mods together.

Has anyone had the toolset combine 2 mods together, without you wanting it to? I have had this happen 4 times and it will usually sneak up on me and happen like once a month. Like I'll bring up the script editor and notice when I go to pick a script to load, they are scripts not suppose to be there. Also I had mods go from 29k to like 89k overnight.

I think it is related to One Drive. I think now it is fixed, after I moved it out of One Drive. Took me like 4 hours to get everything back to where it was. But was just curious if anyone else has had the same problem and if I am on the right track here?


  • dunahandunahan Member Posts: 122
    Due the toolset extracts a mod to temp0, it will have something to do with the sync effect of OneDrive...
    I do something similar, but my temp0 folder isn't syncronized. I had to set an exeption for that folder.

  • ChreelisterChreelister Member Posts: 30
    Yes it does have a temp() folder and yes it puts the resources from each mod into that folder, when you load it in the toolset. I moved everything out of the One Drive and now its under just Documents. I am pretty sure it has to be in the Documents folder, but could be wrong there, too. I think it is now fixed, because of no One Drive Syncronizing. Wish I would have known about the exception 4 months ago.

    You would think NWN needs to be there, that is where it put it, when it downloaded and installed it. I don't know why BeamDog, puts it there and/or doesn't give you a warning about One Drive. One would think too, that One Drive would ask you some kind of questions first, before jacking up your files/games. I wonder how many other games it messes up?

    If anybody needs me, I'll be out back beating the crap out of One Drive. :)

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