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Dual Class Issue

I'm having an issue trying to dual class my charname. I have attached a save file. He is an elf, Ranger/Elven Archer kit. I ran eeTweaks to set Dual for Multiracial, but I still can't get the Dual class box to light up. When I try to change it thru eeKeeper it only gives me silly options. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.


  • GrinklesGrinkles Member Posts: 10
    It looks like your Ranger lacks the 17 WIS needed to (legally) dual into a Cleric, which would be the only dual option for a Ranger. (For a list of dual class stat requirements and restrictions, click here.)

    If you're interested, you should be able to override this restriction using EEKeeper by doing the following:
    • On the Characteristics tab, set Class as Cleric/Ranger
    • Check the Dual Class checkbox
    • Set Original Class as Ranger
    • Next to Kit, click Set Value
    • Choose Archer from the dropdown box and press OK
    • Manually set your original Racial Enemy if it is blank
    • On the Abilities tab, set Levels from 8/0/0 to 0/8/0
    • Save and load your game
    • Attempt to "level up" to Cleric Level 1 and see if it worked

    Note that your Ranger is already Level 8 and won't be able to reattain his Ranger abilities in BGEE unless you either remove the experience cap with a mod or plan on going further in the saga (i.e., Siege of Dragonspear and/or BG2EE).

    I'm not able to load your save file due to mod conflicts and had to rely on what I see in EEKeeper, so hopefully the above info is still relevant!

  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 5,589
    also note that legally a ranger needs to have a minimum of 15; STR/DEX/WIS to be able to dual class, then as Grinkles said, you will need 17 to dual into cleric

  • BloodstoneBloodstone Member Posts: 99
    Thanks guys that resolved it. Appreciate the help.

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