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Amulet of Seldarine not received after completing SoA

I finished SoA once again (bard solo run, as usual).
The ToB part begins, and I see that all the free inventory slots have been filled with a pile of unnecessary equipment. With an additional Bag of Holding, also stuffed with a set of equipment.
Among which there is no Seldarine amulet..
Is this a bug, or a new rule?
Is there any way to get Seldarine without appealing to EEKeeper?


  • lolienlolien Member, Moderator, Translator (NDA) Posts: 3,107
    Hi! Do you use any mods? Can you attach a save from ToB and the final save from SoA? Otherwise it seems to me that you imported your character rather than your save, so the program filled your inventory with the random bard equipment. However, the Seladrin amulet should be there anyway. Also note that i had not played that part of the game since a long time.

  • ArachnusArachnus Member Posts: 17
    Thanks, your post led me to understanding what was wrong.
    It was due to a change in the character file that was once applied..
    I undone this change, went through the final fight again, and the amulet appeared in the inventory.

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