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Hi all, I used to play BG2 loads when I was younger! Still can go back every few years. Finally playing Enhanced, just finished the original a week ago now geting into BG2 again (Neera is fun!). For some reason, fighting Demogorgon always stuck with me. I have collected and painted a few miniature sculpts recently, all because of BG2! A couple of them I am still working on but getting close,




  • iosfrustrationiosfrustration Member Posts: 153
    Thankyou for sharing this, it’s fascinating to see the different interpretations that artists and sculptors have of the prince of demons. And your paintwork is amazing - looks like decades of experience and practise.

    I’m particularly interested by the arms. Flexible such that they crush by squeezing? or massive so that they crush by clobbering? In my mind I’d always assumed squeezing, but seeing these guys I’m liking the idea of clobbering.
    My personal favourite is the one on the far right (purple arms, lizard torso).

    Top work, and again, thankyou for sharing.

  • strewartstrewart Member Posts: 3
    edited April 2020
    Thank you for your comment! :) Yes I have been casually painting miniatures for a long time, but only really pushing my abilities the last 5 years or so.

    The largest one at the back is gripping and destroying pillars, and the red one definitely has thin enough tentacles to squeeze (or whip??). The one next to him even has suction cups. But the other three seem like the clobbering type. His attack animation in BG2 is somewhere between clobbering and whipping. (I drew on a lot of images for guiding my colour choices!)

    Its funny the far right is the oldest one I painted around 5 years ago. I am happy with his heads, but would like to fix up the scales at some point.

    I deliberately painted one head with warm colours and the other with cold colours to represent that they are constantly at war with each other!

    The little guy in the middle was sculpted way back in 1984, and is the model that appeared in the TV show Stranger Things. :)

  • ZaxaresZaxares Member Posts: 1,215
    strewart wrote: »
    I deliberately painted one head with warm colours and the other with cold colours to represent that they are constantly at war with each other!

    Shhh, that's a secret though! ;) I'm not sure how commonly known it is in the Planes now since "The Savage Tide" campaign, but the truth that Demogorgon actually had two separate personalities that despised each other and were working to be free of the other used to be one of the best-kept secrets in the Multiverse that not even some of Demogorgon's oldest rivals like Graz'zt or Orcus knew about.

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