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Is it possible to Multiplay among players with BB:EE and original Baldurs Gate game?

Hi. I'm an old player of Baldur's Gate that is looking for playing again this superb game with his old pals of D&D Sessions group.

A friend just bought in USA the original four Baldurs Gate games in CD version for 10 bucks. The other pals are thinking on buying the BG:EE, on several platforms (iPhone, Android and Windows). My doubt is if will be possible to Multiplay among all these players?



  • DoubledimasDoubledimas Member, Mobile Tester Posts: 1,286
    The original and EE definitely will not work together. In theory the EE version on all the different platforms should, but as my experience with multiplayer is limited I don't know if there are any cross-play issues at the moment.
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