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Unseen Rooms!

DM_NimDM_Nim Member Posts: 1
Hey there,

So, a question... how do I make it so the PC(s) can't see adjacent rooms in an interior map?
Right now, everything is on full display, and that won't do :P


  • meaglynmeaglyn Member Posts: 89
    Closed doors...

    Also, if you really want to limit the view you could have a heartbeat in the area that sets the area unexplored. Then the PC will only see the immediate surroundings and lose the rest. This can be a bit annoying for the player though. See ExploreAreaForPlayer(object, object, int), with the last argument FALSE.

    If it's the whole map regardless of LOS then maybe something is already doing ExploreAreaForPlayer and clearing it.

  • AncarionAncarion Member Posts: 155
    Also, make sure the area is set as "Interior" in the Advanced Properties tab. It's usually something that you only need to worry about with custom tilesets, but it's easy enough to check just in case.

  • ProlericProleric Member Posts: 812
    IIRC visibility of the rooms themselves isn't limited by line of sight.

    Even if there is a closed door between rooms A and B, A can see into B if there is an open path, however convoluted, around the area from A to B. To make B invisible, there must be a closed, light-blocking door somewhere on every path from A to B, or else there must be no path (i.e. B can only be entered via a trigger, placeable or other scripted event).

    There can be a difference between what the player can see in the Area and the Minimap (the word "map", though widely used in other games, is ambiguous in NWN).

    In SIngle Player, by default, the Minimap is unexplored. If it is explored by script, every room in the area is visible in the minimap, including those rooms which the player can't see in the Area itself.

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