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Scar is Missing

Ok so I have Duke Eltan ready to send me to Candlekeep but he told me to check in with Scar before we leave however I can't find the man anywhere. I have looked through the entire Flaming Fist Castle and any surrounding areas, and have even waited a day and returned to no avail. Any clues on where I can find him so I can move onto the next phase of the adventure?


  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 5,870
    is this from a mod? usually what is supposed to happen is that you say incriminating evidence can be found at candlekeep and your team gets teleported over there and chapter 6 starts

    perhaps you can talk to him again and just tell him to bring you to candlekeep

    because you won't find scar because after he introduces you to eltan he is gone forever
  • Dyzmen22Dyzmen22 Member Posts: 9
    maybe he was kidnapped by Sarevok's associates and is currently being held hostage in a secret dungeon beneath the Iron Throne headquarters? ask around Baldur's Gate, somebody must have heard something
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