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CC creature type request

For any CC people out there that this might interest.

Creature request:
The Shadow of a flying Dragon.

It can be attacked with ranged spells, bows and crossbows and if so, the attack is aimed up in the sky at a point of origin.

Scripts could allow for the “Dragon to use ranged attacks/spells as well” from the point of origin.
When enough damage is done the dragon could fly away.

It Could really add some spice to areas, near where a dragon is known to lair. Imagine traveling a road and suddenly lightning bolt strikes from a stalking Blue above. Targeting the shadow with the proper ranged weapon allows you to shoot at it and chase it off.

It might behave more like a visual effect, but with a selectable piece one could click on to attack, and with the "target" point in the sky to make it feel right.

Any takers?


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