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Can I Run the NWN:EE Toolset on Linux?

I try to run the nwtoolset.exe on Linux using Wine and it just says "Abnormal Program Termination".

Does it currently work?



  • SherincallSherincall Member Posts: 387
    It does (for me). You need to run it from the directory it is in (so cd into it first, then run wine nwtoolset.exe). Additionally, when run under wine it'll search for the user dir (the one with your ini files and whatnot) using the windows logic, which is not where the linux files are. So you need to pass -userdirectory flag. My wrapper for this looks something like:
    pushd ~/nwn/whatever/bin/win32
    wine ./nwtoolset.exe -userdirectory "~/path/to/userdir"

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