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Model Does Not Exist

I'm getting this error on all of the doors and cave entrances now on my custom content whereas they were working before. If Beamdog deleted the entries how can I re-add them? The custom content I'm using is Worms tilesets, the Medieval Rural tileset, a few CTP sets and Bio reskins along with the latest CEP. TIA


  • AncarionAncarion Member Posts: 155
    It sounds like you just have some conflicting doortypes.2da issues. Usually, when you use multiple custom tilesets, it's best to have a top hak above them all that contains a version of this 2da that merges all the ones from the tilesets in your mod.

  • BoulderWarshieldBoulderWarshield Member Posts: 13
    Can you explain to me how to accomplish that?

  • AncarionAncarion Member Posts: 155
    You'll need to go through all the tileset haks and extract their doortypes.2da files, then combine all the custom door entries into one "master" 2da, which you then need to put into a hak of your own, and add that at the top of the list of custom content for your module. Yes, it can be a pain...

    As far as I know, Zwerk's, Worm's, and the CTP's stuff should already be compatible, as well as Toro's reskins if that's what you're using. I'd probably use Zwerkules' file as the starting point for your master 2da, as it most likely contains the door entries for the others' haks already - but he could chime in better about that than I.

    Do you recall the last hak you added before you started having door issues? That one is most likely the source of the problems, and would be the first place I'd check for a rogue 2da. It might also be helpful if you list all the tileset haks you're using, and we can see if anything jumps out as a possible conflict.

  • BoulderWarshieldBoulderWarshield Member Posts: 13
    I did some minor testing after your initial comment and found that Medieval Rural and CEP were fine together. I added CTP and tested dwarven halls and was still fine. Checked CTP Caves and the doors were broken. Removed caves and it was fine again. I then added three bio overrides. Everything still worked. Added Worms Mirkwood and the doors didn't work again. Removed CTP Common and it made no difference. nw_door_normal was one of the base doors that didn't work for example.

  • BoulderWarshieldBoulderWarshield Member Posts: 13
    So right now it appears that CTP Caves and potentially Worms tilesets are conflicting.

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