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Spell codes for OPcodes?

Does anyone have the list of spell codes for OPcodes? I know 211 is imprisonment and i think 36 is hold? I remember seeing a list a couple of years back but the website is dead. Can anyone post the list here pls?

thank you


  • RyofuRyofu Member Posts: 250
    Quickblade wrote: »

    How do i find the list there? i have been searching the website and can't find a comprehensive list of all the spell effects. the page is so hard to navigate

  • gorgonzolagorgonzola Member Posts: 3,621
    edited May 8
    the page itself is a list.
    for every opcode is given the number in the form of #number and then a description of what the opcode does and of the parameters.

    as an example if a spell uses the opcode #27 acid resistance modifier the spell makes more resistant to acid.
    parameter #1 sets a value, let's say 50, called statistics modifier
    parameter #2 sets how that value is used:
    0 Cumulative Modifier -> Resistance = Resistance + 'Statistic Modifier' value
    1 Flat Value Modifier -> Resistance = 'Statistic Modifier' value
    2 Percentage Modifier -> Resistance = (Resistance * 'Statistic Modifier' value) / 100
    so in the example, when the statistic modifier is set at 50 if parameter 2 is 0 the final acid resistance is the original one (by items or other) + 50.
    if parameter 2 is 1 the resistance is set to 50 overriding the resistance from items or other sources.
    if parmeter 2 is 2 the final resistance is the resistance that the spell recipient had modified with a percentage, applying the given formula.

    it is hard to navigate, but to fiddle with opcodes, to create or modify items and spells, you can not do it in a simpler way as this is the way the engine uses, it uses the opcodes and it uses them as they are set to work by the parameters so if you want to modify a shield or create a spell that adds 50% acid resistance you have to use the opcode 27, set the first parameter to 50 and the second to 0.
    the same is true if you want to understand what an existing spell really does, seeing what opcode or opcodes it uses and how the parameters are set.

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