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Having Trouble With Good/Evil ... Lawful/Chaotic Continuum

SalamanoSalamano Member Posts: 3

New here... My apologies if this concern of mine has been talked about somewhere I haven't seen yet.

I'm having difficulty understanding what WILL grant me "Lawful" or "Good" vs "Chaotic" vs "Evil" points in game. Sometimes I see that a choice I made adjusted my alignments (and sometimes supplied the numbers), but

(a) that doesn't happen all the time with each change, and
(b) I can't see ahead of time what the consequences of my decisions will be (as they are not obvious to me)

I was playing a character that required certain alignments, and yet I fell out of alignment unintentionally, but now I don't know how to get back into it (particularly for getting back to lawful and/or good).

Is there a breakdown of this kind of thing somewhere that I can access? I won't be leveling up until I can figure it out ;-)



  • ZaxaresZaxares Member Posts: 1,261
    This topic should probably go in the Official Campaigns sub-forum. :)

    I did a quick search on Google and I couldn't turn up any walkthrough that lists the precise choices and actions that change your alignment, although in general:

    1. Being charitable (giving gold to people), helpful (offering to help for no reward), merciful (sparing surrendering enemies) and supporting Good temples/factions like Tyr or the Harpers will adjust your alignment towards Good.
    2. Being greedy (asking for more rewards), cruel (refusing to spare surrendering enemies or killing/hurting people unnecesarily) or supporting Evil temples/factions like Cyric or the Zhentarim will adjust your alignment towards Evil.
    3. Being law-abiding and adhering to vows and promises will adjust your alignment towards Law. (Note that there tend to be VERY few of these opportunities in modules.)
    4. Being larcenous and/or flippant by breaking vows and promises will adjust your alignment towards Chaos. In the OC and many modules, opening/looting locked chests that don't belong to you (for example, in inns) will shift your alignment towards Chaos AND Evil. My guess is that if you were playing a Paladin, this is how you became Fallen. ;)

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