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NWN:EE - SOU and the "Lawful-Chaotic|Evil-Good" Continuum

SalamanoSalamano Member Posts: 3
I've been having the hardest time with this, because there is nowhere that declares prior to choosing an action whether it's going to give you "good" points or "bad" points (etc) or in particular the Lawful/Chaotic ones. Sometimes you find out after the fact, but it seems incredibly difficult to get back to Good or Lawful once you've fallen -- which is annoying if it's happened unintentionally.

It's not enough to say that there are certain general universal behaviors that should (and therefore do) qualify for such good points, but if I bashed down a door and incurred negative points for it, then where the hell are my positive points for opening and closing things like a gentleman!?

So now I'm stuck as a monk in the middle of Kel-Garas's tomb and can't level up, and there's nowhere in sight that is offering a decision tree with any explicit "good" on it. Hell, I should just end up being good for simply not being bad for long enough, you know?

Somebody help me lol.


  • ZaxaresZaxares Member Posts: 1,261
    I replied to your other post in Technical Support, but reposting it here for convenience. :)

    I did a quick search on Google and I couldn't turn up any walkthrough that lists the precise choices and actions that change your alignment, although in general:

    1. Being charitable (giving gold to people), helpful (offering to help for no reward), merciful (sparing surrendering enemies) and supporting Good temples/factions like Tyr or the Harpers will adjust your alignment towards Good.
    2. Being greedy (asking for more rewards), cruel (refusing to spare surrendering enemies or killing/hurting people unnecesarily) or supporting Evil temples/factions like Cyric or the Zhentarim will adjust your alignment towards Evil.
    3. Being law-abiding and adhering to vows and promises will adjust your alignment towards Law. (Note that there tend to be VERY few of these opportunities in modules.)
    4. Being larcenous and/or flippant by breaking vows and promises will adjust your alignment towards Chaos. In the OC and many modules, opening/looting locked chests that don't belong to you (for example, in inns) will shift your alignment towards Chaos AND Evil. My guess is that if you were playing a Monk, this is how you became ineligible to continue.

    If you're playing on PC, you can install this mod to adjust your alignment back to Lawful:

  • SalamanoSalamano Member Posts: 3
    @Zaxares lol I posted this here because you said it might be more relevant/responsive here. :smile:

    ...And modified it to address what had been your reply.

    Part of what I'm saying is that there is a more noticeable drift in the game towards chaos/evil based on normally available functions (ie, reducing lawfulness for breaking doors down, but not increasing it for opening them nicely). The other part of what I'm saying is that there isn't a notification scheme set up that informs a player that their actions will have a specific affect on that continuum (like there is for example telling a player that a certain action will test a specific ability set rather than leaving it up to them to figure it out).

    So if/when a player drifts out of lawfulness or goodness, there appears to be parts of the game where the costs are insurmountable for character advancement. The next obvious point for getting 'good' or 'lawful' again may not come for hours of game-time in the future.

    A specific example I'm describing is in the "Interlude" chapter of SOU.

    Is there any specific assistance someone can provide?

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