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Bhaal Powers in ToB *spoilers*

Hi everyone,

I played through the original BG I, II and ToB way back when and have played around a bit in BG:EE. I'm now planning on making a character and taking it from BG -> ToB and deciding one party compositions.

I was wondering: do you and your siblings Imoen and Sarevok gain aditional Bhaal powers i ToB?

I have searched both these forums and the wiki but have not found conclusive information. I guess my specific questions are:

1. What, if any, Bhaal powers do
b) Imoen
c) Sarevok
have at the beginning of of ToB (or like after initial recruitment) ?

2. What, if any, Bhaal powers do
b) Imoen
c) Sarevok
gain during ToB up until the final fight?

I am speaking of when you're playing the vanilla BG2:EE with the latest patch (2.5 right?) - not using mods like ascension, etc (though additonal info and comparisons to it are welcome).

From what I've understood is Imoen gains +1 DEX and +1 STR and cure light wounds (possibly upgraded later) + DuHM. CHARNAME has slayer ability and possibly DuHM? Sarevok has deathbringer ability but perhaps also DuHM?

I apologised if this has been asked and answered, but I couldn't find the thread/information. Please link if you have it.



  • jsavingjsaving Member Posts: 889
    edited May 10
    None at the beginning but can get the abilities you received in BG1
    None permanently (deathbringer is a class feature for him, not a Bhaal ability)

  • LiotheLiothe Member Posts: 2
    edited May 10
    So Imoen doesn’t get the +1 stat upgrades in DEX and STR?

    I’m referencing what it says on the wiki:

  • RedRodentRedRodent Member Posts: 78
    edited May 10
    Recently played through ToB again and this is what I remember:

    a) You lose your Bhaal powers when Irenicus steals your soul in BG2. You do gain the ability to transform into the Slayer which carries over into ToB however.
    b) None.
    c) None, his Bhaal essence disappears when you kill him in BG1. His Deathbringer stuff is part of his training, not his heritage.

    a) Apart from the Slayer transformation, I suppose the Pocket Plane ability could be considered a Bhaal power. You could install the Ascension mod which I believe contains additional Bhaal goodness for CHARNAME however.
    b) During ToB, Imoen can gain similar abilities to those you gain during BG1. She may also gain +1 in DEX and STR, just like you say. However, given how dialogue works in ToB, it takes forever unless you force the conversations to happen via console.
    c) None, see above.

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  • jsavingjsaving Member Posts: 889
    I just checked final saves in my last ten run-throughs and none of them show a DEX or STR upgrade. However the wiki says the abilities come randomly so it's possible the RNG simply hasn't worked in my favor.

  • RedRodentRedRodent Member Posts: 78
    edited May 10
    Re:Imoen. This is from my final save from a few weeks ago:

    I wanted to see as much dialogue as possible for my party so I just left them standing around and let weeks of in-game time (and hours of real-time) go by. Thanks to this, I was able to have Imoen "evolve", have a certain talk with Sarevok, and almost finish the Aerie romance. Unfortunately, because ToB is what it is, I never got to see the conclusion to the romance no matter how long I waited (or how much I tried to access it via console).

    Sigh. I love ToB to death, but it does some things so poorly.

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