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NPCs not leaving after BG2 conversations.

VerticorVerticor Member Posts: 92
edited May 2020 in Troubleshooting
Well, I guess it's what the title states. I've had some conversations, where the NPCs involved simply do not disappear, when the conversation is over.

Example 1: De'Arnise Keep Quest. Lastin steals, I interrogate him, pardon him and pay for his wife... errh, her medication, that is. The people involved, who are supposed to leave, leave... except for Lastin. He just stands there next to the Majordomo.

Example 2: Harper Hold Quest. I enter the slums, Reviane approaches me, she and Jaheira yammer back and forth, and Revianes group leaves. Except for a single Harper. He's just standing there straight south of the Copper Coronet.

Anyone ever experience anything similar? I mean, I never saw this stuff in the original.


  • VerticorVerticor Member Posts: 92
    Hmm... I'm thinking... could it be some sort of pathing issue? The characters start to walk and will eventually be removed, but something is in the way, so that they can't complete their exit or whatever?

    As per the picture, I'd say that Nalia seemingly was in the way here. Thoughts?

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