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Question about the missing item from Never's Tomb....? (Spoilers!)

I had made a paladin character a while back, and kinda sidestepped him to play another class. I just went back to my paladin to check on which story plot lines were not finished before I leave Neverwinter to complete Chapter 1. According to my in-game quest list, I am missing the item(s) from one of the tombs. I want to complete this quest before moving on, so I went in-game to the tombs in Beggar's Nest, Blacklake and the Docks. The sarcophagus in each of these tombs are empty. Can someone suggest a course of action I can take so I can finish Chapter 1?


  • ZaxaresZaxares Member Posts: 1,262
    It's been a while since I played the OC, but have you gone back to the Dwarven Priest of Tyr (I forget his name) who starts you on the quest? IIRC, in a chest or crate near him there are a number of ancient relics (a shield, a short sword and an arrow) that you're supposed to take with you and then place into the sarcophagi in each of the locations to unlock them.

  • NeveroddoreveNNeveroddoreveN Member Posts: 166
    Zaxares - Thanks for your reply. And yes, I have gotten the three relics, used them to access the appropriate sarcophagi. I checked all of them them (the sarcophagi), all of them are empty. I went to Oleff (the guy that gives you the quest in the first place), he says that the quest is complete, but when I look at my quest journal, it says that one sarcophagi item has not bee retrieved. I don't know what to do now.

  • ZaxaresZaxares Member Posts: 1,262
    Hmm... Well, I'm kinda at a loss then. Did you complete the full quest up to and including finding Lord Halueth Never's tomb (you'd remember it if you did, because you fight 4 or 5 floating greatswords with different elemental effects)?

  • NeveroddoreveNNeveroddoreveN Member Posts: 166
    I just checked, Oleff says thank you to me and that I was valuable to the search of the tombs. Also, I checked my character's inventory, and none of the tomb items (sword, shield and arrow) are in my inventory. Even so, my journal says that one tomb has not been entered. Could this be an error in the game? Is that possible?

  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 5,811
    there is actually 4 items that you can give oleff; 3 of them are from tombs and 1 of them is held by a dude in the moonstone mask inn ( i believe that is what it is called ) whatever the inn is in the central district

    i think ophyllia is her name that owns it? ( sorry im bad with names )

    anyway, there is a dude in there that is holding the 4th item ( he is on the bottom floor and he has a special name, aka not commoner or peasant or that such ), i forget his name ( how convenient ) but im sure if you talk to everyone eventually someone is going to talk about the neverwinter relics

    and since you have already given the 3 items to oleff, the only thing left it to either kill this holmes for his last one ( dont worry he's evil ) or if there is a non violent way ( dont remember if there is ) you can do it that way to get the item

    once you have it, bring it to oleff and you should be good to go i would assume

  • NeveroddoreveNNeveroddoreveN Member Posts: 166
    Awesome! I will certainly try that. Thanks so much!

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