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Access violation trying to add a hak file to module


I am trying to ajust an nwn module to nwn ee and when i was trying to change hak files from cep2 or mine haks it got Access violation for any of then, even trying to remove others that already was on module.

Somebody can help me?



  • SymphonySymphony Member, Developer Posts: 142
    There's a lot of weird stuff going on with CEP that can be caused by CEP always using the same file names for their haks. This is one of the reasons that the last CEP has a bunch of empty haks in it, so that it still has all of the original names to load older modules.

    These access violations are usually problems locating custom content. I don't know what haks you are switching or why, but if this is something you can change in 1.69's toolset, it could be worth checking to see if you get the same problems.

    My best recommendation is that you make sure you're not mixing and matching different versions of CEP haks, if the module needed haks and you already had some and needed a few others, getting mixes can definitely cause holes in how much content you're supposed to have and how much you end up with.

    I would rename your hak folder, download a fresh copy of the 2.65 for EE in a brand new .hak folder, load up the module again, check out the areas to see if you get the same access violation before even changing the haks, save as into a new module with the current game version, and exit the toolset.

    Then bring over the haks you want to add, open the toolset, load the new module, and try to change the haks again. Make sure you don't have nwhak.exe open, that can cause problems because both nwhak.exe and nwtoolset.exe "call dibs" on hak files, which can cause tug-of-war issues with who gets to use the files.

  • DemolidoR_DemoliTioNDemolidoR_DemoliTioN Member Posts: 19

    it was working fine on all other modules, then I saw the crash was in some itens. I removed them and it worked.

    Thank you very much for your help. If you want to join us ingame look for BR-LOD soon.

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