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Nwsync error

When I use the write command on nwsync, this message appear:

nwsync_write: erf header field LocStringSize has invalid value <safe to ignore>
fatal.nim<48> sysFatal
Error: unhandled exception: value out of range: -11776 [range error]

Any idea of what is the problem?


  • WilliamDracoWilliamDraco Member Posts: 153
    The error message is pretty generic, but the last time I saw it was an issue with the nwsync version used. Specifically 64bit on windows.

    Make sure you're on the newest version of nwsync, and using the release binaries for it too (just to avoid any issue in self-building). There was a new version just a few weeks back so make sure you have that as a starting point (and it didn't even have a 64bit version, so eliminates that concern too)

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