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Transfer saves between PC to Switch


I have the EE version for my MacBook and I’m very interested in getting the Icewind Dale bundle for Switch, but not as interested in starting PST all over.

Is there any chance in hell that it’s possible to transfer my saves to the Switch version using a microSD?

So grateful for any replies, thanks in advance!


  • TurPTurP Member Posts: 1
    The saves on PC might be compatible with the switch version. But you wont be able to transfer the files to the switch unless you have hacked the switch. Tons of guides on youtube or GBAtemp if you would be intrested in doing that. The certain program you need to look at is called Checkpoint which will allow you to backup/restore your saves.
  • Gunell_Gunell_ Member Posts: 3
    Thanks for the reply! Good to know, although I don’t think I’m prepared to hack my Switch for it...
    Just wish the developers could do something about it!
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