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3.5 ruleset no exp bug

Hey experts,

Hope someone can help me here. Playing SoU, HoTU and Sands of Fate with a Pale Master. Really enjoying the changes from the 3.5 changes mod:

However, I have a problem. I get no xp for killing monsters with this installed in nwnee. Quest xp and console works fine, but no xp for monsters. Tried all the various settings from the faq and readme, but still am getting none, so I just level up with the console occasionally, which is boring, but would like to figure why it is blocking xp.

One very odd thing is I get no monster xp in chapter 1 of SoU, but the "interlude" I do get xp! Then no xp in chapter 2 and no xp in chapter one or two of HoTU so far. But it worked in the interlude section of SoU, very strange indeed.

Anyone have any ideas what setting might be turning off monster killing xp?

Thanks for any help


  • FreshLemonBunFreshLemonBun Member Posts: 907
    You should probably ask on the vault to see if someone is familiar with that particular mod.

    As for XP in general you can turn it up, down, or off by setting the XP scale in module properties by opening the module in the toolset. It most likely interacts with a 2da file that maps CR or XP for CR.

    Typically when you turn it off then you can use another script even for the creature, the death script is usually nw_c2_default7. The idea is that you calculate and give XP from a script instead.

    It seems the system you use overrides that script, so it's likely they're trying to do it manually. There's also a customization.2da file which seems to set options including custom XP for their system.

  • amendaraamendara Member Posts: 3
    Thanks for the helpful response.

    I tried on the vault but got no responses. I think you are right. It is turning the module xp off and using its own script. There is a nw_c2_default7 in the override. Somehow the script is not working though (except the strange case of the SoU interlude module where I was getting xp)

    I've played with all the 2da customization options as the mod's faq and readme instruct, but still getting no xp from monsters. I'll play with the module properties and see if I can get things moving.


  • amendaraamendara Member Posts: 3
    After learning how to read scripts I found that the basic script for the 3.5 mod had a line that was setting the module xp slider to 0.

    That is meant to be replaced with the 3.5 xp system, but for some reason that script is not working, so I was getting no xp.

    Anyway, I just changed the SetModuleXP(0) to SetModuleXP(150) in the evensettings.ncs and XP is working again! Albeit its the original bioware xp that divides between summons and henchman, but much better than using the console to level up.

    Thanks for helping me figure this out.

  • FreshLemonBunFreshLemonBun Member Posts: 907
    Sure, I'm glad you were able to figure it out. I'm not familiar with that 3.5 mod so I wouldn't have known for sure myself.

    Another alternative is that you could use the custom script to award XP yourself by taking the CR of the killed creature, multiplying it with a certain amount, dividing by level, and awarding to all party members.

    I'm not sure why it only worked for SoU but it could be they use different default scripts or have other conflicting systems in the other modules.

    I'm glad you found a solution though.

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