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Have the Starting Movie requirements changed recently ?

jimdad55jimdad55 Member Posts: 42
edited June 2020 in Builders - Toolset
Just finishing a ( lockdown) module for my granddaughter and thought I'd add a starting movie to the front.

I've done this before and, while its awkward in getting everything right, I've usually managed it. I'm wondering if any of the requirements have changed recently with the updates. I'm thinking here of the splash screens on the game becoming larger etc.

My understanding is that :

1. It now has to be in Webm format ( as opposed to the old .bik
2. It should be 800 X 600
3. Frames per sec around 20/25
4. 16 bit mono
5. 48Khz.

Have I missed anything or is any of that wrong - or changed recently? Maybe someone from Beamdog could give a definitive answer?


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