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Friend keeps dropping when trying to join multiplayer game

My friend and I both have copies of Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition through PC. We beat the main game and most of Trials of the Luremaster, but now whenever he tries to join my multiplayer session it kicks him/he drops after about 15 seconds (before I can give him control of his characters or load the game). We're both playing through the Beamdog Client, I'm in Canada and he's in England but that shouldn't cause problems because it didn't for 90% of the game and this problem only started recently. We've tried on a few different days and it seems to happen now every time. We've tried turning off our firewalls, quitting and restarting the game, but nothing seems to fix it. Please offer solutions, we're getting desperate. I'm using Windows 10 Pro, he's using Windows 10 Home. We had a glimmer of success when I emailed him our saved games (up until now they had been saved on my computer with me hosting), with him hosting I was able to join the game and we could load the saved game, but unlike before it kicks me whenever we transition areas or whenever combat starts (also I can't take over the party leader and my main character, as he can only give control over secondary characters, not the main character). Again we were able to play through 90% of the game without issue, so I have no idea why this problem suddenly started. Please help!


  • Grond0Grond0 Member Posts: 6,955
    That does sound like a quality of connection problem. If you've not already done so, it would be worth you both running a broadband speed check to see if one of you has a poor connection. That could be the result not of the broadband itself, but a network issue. If one of you does have a slow connection think about what might have changed (such as children coming home and using the network).

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