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Xboxone Guildorand logging grounds crash for months

churchillchurchill Member Posts: 10
on Xbox I travelled to Guildorand logging grounds and the game just crashes. it has crashed for months every time I go to check. can this be fixed?


  • ScoobaSteveScoobaSteve Member Posts: 31
    Hey! So, I had this same exact problem the very first time I tried to load the map! What you need to do, is start a second character, and message the DM channel when a DM is online, tell them what's happening. What the DM I spoke to did, was tell me to log the character that is crashing, and during that brief moment before i crashed, they yoinked me to a different map. I've gone back to the map dozens of times since then, and while it's super laggy and gets like 5 frames per second, I've not been stuck in perpetual crashes again!

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