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encounter triggers not working properly/ working at all

sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 5,498
for some reason some of my encounter triggers aren't working properly

the one im having a real issue with is my undead one

i have it set so 3-8 baddies will spawn

with the list being;

skelly cr .5
zombie cr 1
ghoul cr 2
ghast cr 3
skelly mage cr 4
skelly priest cr 4
curst undead cr 5

normal difficulty

so at level 1, it works fine, it summons 3 skellies

but at level 6, it would only summon 1 skelly ( what? )

and then in the next area it doesnt summon squat

so whats up?

rumor had it that if the triggers weren't perfectly flat they wouldn't work ( which is really stupid in my opinion )

and i went back and checked and at least half of them were flat and still nothing happened


  • ShadooowShadooow Member Posts: 391
    that's very weird, encounters are extremely limited in functionality and you can't influence the outcome very much, but the minimum and maximum creatures restriction should always work

    could there be some issue with spawned npc? are you using custom npc copies or vanilla?

    the encounter shape doesn't matter and the rumor you heard is nonsense, however there is a possibility when badly painted trigger can be (even unintentionally) avoided by players so it won't trigger, but I don't think this is the case, either way to check if the encounter is triggered, you can put a script into OnEnter and print a message - if you see message it was triggered

    if you are using vanilla creatures and the encounter was triggered the only explanation is a bug in encounter code and I woud suggest to create a bug report

  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 5,498
    yeah there has to be a bug somewhere, my "wolf" one works perfectly fine ( it has vanilla creatures and custom creatures )

    but this undead one, is the same ( vanilla and custom ) but it doesnt work properly at all

  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 5,498
    so in case anyone else having this problem i have found out what the cause was; you need to add a spawn point if you want encounter triggers to work properly all the time

    if you make an encounter trigger and don't add a spawn point with it, then your encounters will always spawn where the PC is ( or whoever triggered the trigger ) no matter how big your paint the trigger and sometimes the creatures will not be able to spawn in that space so they will get spawned outside the area

    once i started adding in spawn points i no longer had an issue

    to make spawn points for encounter triggers right hand click on the "painted" trigger and then select add spawn point and move that arrow to where ever you want the creatures to appear

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