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New-Ish Player Looking for Casual Player Companions

Open to BG, BG2, or the series.

I'm not really that new, I'm just not a power-gamer. For me not everything has to be absolutely optimal but obviously do put in some effort.

Not a huge fan of the FMT or FM multiclasses. I enjoy the game enough that I'm open to trying new classes based around other's preferred play style.

I don't necessarily need a whole squad of people, I'd be happy with one other person to play with as we could at least split the party control up.


I'm generally available in the evenings and tend to be up rather late. I'm on the east coast time zone. I work from home during the week and will also have occasions where I can play for an hour or two while my daughter naps.

Would like people who can play at least once a week.


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