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Android bg2ee not starting

TorenToren Member Posts: 1

I ve purchased bg2ee from android store, and after couple days of playing i got stuck in "starting..." window. I checked the issue here and some people had the same issue couple years back. So i tried backing my data up, reinstaling and it worked, but now after couple days i have the same issue again. Reinstalling and backing up takes up quite some time so do you have any info how to fix it more permanently, or how to do it quicker, or even how to avoid it.
I ve browsed trough google and everything was old threads discussing versions ( i have 2.5) but it just takes a lot of time reinstalling. If you could provide me with some more comprehensive guideline i could follow.
Thank you for reading and possibly answering me


  • CarsmileSteveCarsmileSteve Member Posts: 6
    Can't help, but want you to know you're not alone!!! Mine does this after 7 days, and it's a pain to have to reinstall every week.

    I asked the helpdesk, but they just sent a bunch of generic stuff about clearing the cache etc which, obviously, didn't help.

    it was doing it on BGEE for me, but literally got BG2EE last week and it still does it.

    I'm on a samsung tab a, andriod 9.

  • CarsmileSteveCarsmileSteve Member Posts: 6
    OK, I don't want to jinx it, but i updated to Android 10 and got past the usual 7 day problem. Crossing my fingers that thathas sorted it (and not a lot of help if yr stuck on a previous version...)

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