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Monsters Type of Attack

is there a way to see which Type of damage like e.g. piercing, monsters do?
Sometimes I struggle with fights and want to have the best gear but don't know which girdle is better. Last time I had that problem was with werewolfs. Maybe there is a file which can be searched for such information?


  • ThacoBellThacoBell Member Posts: 12,009
    If you turn on the option for more information in the combat log (under feedback, maybe?) it might tell you what kind of damage is being applied.

  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 1,513
    Inside the game, damage types show up in the combat log's feedback. Outside the game, it varies.

    First, many monsters use conventional manufactured weapons. Those are easy enough to figure out - an xvart's short sword does piercing damage, a kobold's bow deals missile damage, a hobgoblin's bastard sword does slashing damage, a gnoll's halberd does either piercing or slashing (whichever you have worse AC against). There are some curveballs there - the two-handed sword a flind drops isn't the weapon it uses, and flinds actually use a weapon that deals crushing damage.

    Beyond that, you need a reference sheet or some way to look at the "weapons" creatures have equipped. Many creatures have weapons like "P1-6.ITM" or "S1-12.ITM" or even "B1-8M1"... which actually tells you everything you need to know. The letter up front is the damage type (P for piercing, S for slashing, B for bludgeoning), the numbers in the middle are the base damage (before strength modifiers), and the "M#", if present, tells you it counts as magical with that enchantment level.

    Finally, there are monsters with individually named "weapons" like the ettercap attacks "ETTERC1.ITM" and "ETTERC2.ITM". Those two deal slashing and piercing+poison damage respectively, by the way. You have to be able to look at the weapons' actual properties for that.

    Werewolves, by the way - slashing all the way. Enemy werewolves and wolfweres in BGEE all use "S1-12.itm" as their attack, dealing 1d12+strength slashing damage. It's not magical, so a lycanthrope would be unable to damage another lycanthrope in combat.

  • kurselkursel Member Posts: 6
    Where can I find these reference sheets? I searched the BG Wiki and Google but couldn't find.

  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 1,513
    If someone has made one, I haven't seen it.

  • DanacmDanacm Member Posts: 854
    edited September 2020
    "Werewolves, by the way - slashing all the way. Enemy werewolves and wolfweres in BGEE all use "S1-12.itm" as their attack, dealing 1d12+strength slashing damage. It's not magical, so a lycanthrope would be unable to damage another lycanthrope in combat."

    It is hilarious. Back in pnp adnd 2 there were a rule that monsters has enchantment according to their HD. Here is the rules:

    Creature vs. Creature
    One obvious question that arises in the minds of those with a logical bent is "How do
    other creatures fight those immune monsters?" In the case of monsters, sufficient Hit
    Dice enable them to attack immune creatures as if they were fighting with magical
    weapons. Table 48 lists various numbers of Hit Dice and their magical weapon
    These Hit Dice equivalents apply only to monsters. Player characters and NPCs cannot
    benefit from this.
    Table 48:
    Hit Dice Vs. Immunity
    Hit Dice Hits creatures requiring
    4+1 or more +1 weapon
    6+2 or more +2 weapon
    8+3 or more +3 weapon
    10+4 or more +4 weapon

    The only pc class who gains similar feature is the wizard slayer from complete barbarian:

    Its a choosen barbarian who seek to slay evil wizards and priests. It has:
    protection from evil aura,
    known allignement at will ability,
    detetect illusion 2 per day,
    detect magic ability,
    attack magical creatures passive: she only can use non magical weapons, but can hit as enchanted weapon with the following, after level 4 is +1 weapon, level 6 is +2, level 8 is +3, level 10 is +4, level 12 is +5. Its only enchantment bonus not hit or damage.
    Must be good allignement,
    Xp bonus: if slay evil wizard or priest gain double xp,
    No magical items: cant use magical items of any kind, if allows a wizard to cast a benefical spell on her, she looses all abilities for 24 hours,
    Combat compulsion: in a battle she must attack the evil wizard or priest, and not defend allies etc.

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