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Hosting a PW server on Mac?

Hi, anyone have info on how to host a PW server on a mac? I host one on windows and i'm tired of the crashing and mandatory windows updates. Hoping ill have better luck on my mac. But AFAIK there is no NWServer.exe application for Mac?

Would appreciate any help or info on how to get it up and running. Thanks


  • SymphonySymphony Member, Developer Posts: 127
    @jpsweeney94 nwserver.exe is in the bin/win32 folder.

    nwserver-macos is in the bin/macos folder, right next to

    You'll need to run it from the terminal. I don't think it has a dedicated -h command to see the launch options, but, if you ./nwserver-macos -h it will pull them up as an illegal command.

    For your convenience, however, I'll paste them here.
    nwserver [-module <name>] [-load <slot#> <savename> <module>] [-maxclients #] 
    [-minlevel #] [-maxlevel #] [-pauseandplay 0/1] [-pvp 0/1/2] [-servervault 0/1] 
    [-elc 0/1] [-ilr 0/1] [-gametype #] [-oneparty 0/1] [-difficulty #] 
    [-autosaveinterval #] [-playerpassword <password>] [-dmpassword <password>] 
    [-adminpassword <password>] [-servername <name>] [-publicserver 0/1] 
    [-reloadwhenempty 0/1] [-port #] [-quiet] [-interactive] [-userdirectory <dir>] 
    -module <name> 
          Loads and runs the specified module 
    -load <slot#>  
          Loads and runs the specified saved game 
    -maxclients # 
          Set the maximum number of connections to the game server 
    -minlevel # 
          Set the minimum character level required by the server 
    -maxlevel # 
          Set the maximum character level allowed by the server 
    -pauseandplay 0/1 
          0 = game can only be paused by DM, 1 = game can by paused by players 
    -pvp 0/1 
          0 = none, 1 = party, 2 = full 
    -servervault 0/1 
          0 = local characters only. 1 = server characters only 
    -elc 0/1 
          0 = don't enforce legal characters, 1 = do enforce legal characters 
    -ilr 0/1 
          0 = don't enforce item level restrictions, 1 = do enforce item level 
    -gametype # 
          Set which game room to post the game to (if game is posted to Internet) 
    -oneparty 0/1 
          0 = allow only one party, 1 = allow multiple parties 
    -difficulty # 
          1 = easy, 2 = normal, 3 = D&D hardcore, 4 = very difficult 
    -autosaveinterval # 
          Set how frequently (in minutes) to autosave.  0 disables autosave. 
    -playerpassword <password> 
          Set the password required by players to join the game. 
    -dmpassword <password> 
          Set the password required by DMs to DM the game. 
    -adminpassword <password> 
          Set the password required to remotely administer the game.  Currently 
    -servername <name> 
          Set the name this server appears as in the mulitplayer game listing 
    -publicserver 0/1 
          0 = do not list server with the matching service. 1 = list server with  
          the matching service. 
    -reloadwhenempty 0/1 
          0 = module state is persistant as long as server is running, 1 = module 
          state is reset when the server becomes empty 
    -port # 
          Specify the port to listen on for the server. 
          Run without printing to stdout or reading from stdin, will run in  
          Prints to stdout and reads from stdin, will not run while in background.
    -userdirectory <directory>
          Use <directory> as server home.

  • SymphonySymphony Member, Developer Posts: 127
    If you didn't want to use the terminal and type in your parameters every time, you could instead use a text editor to make your terminal entry a "bash script", give it executable permissions, and save it as a .command file or something, for the double-clickage. This isn't too difficult to learn, and something you could probably figure out in 5-30 minutes with some Googling.

  • jpsweeney94jpsweeney94 Member Posts: 93
    edited October 2019
    having troubles getting this going... it says some commands like port and servervault are not understood?

    I've been able to get the server up and listed.. but some commands aren't recognized. is there some additional download or files I need for nwserver-macos?? I'm using the GOG version, btw

  • BunnyKattBunnyKatt Member Posts: 4
    I've found all this but for a total noob what is the format of the terminal command and where to I put it in manually? currently I'm double clicking the nwserver-macos but on the beamdog list is a server without a module. i have gotten errors on all the formats I've tried to load the module.

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