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SCS Illasera and the small Halfling thief

RigelRigel Member Posts: 162
Sometimes I try to create characters directly in ToB to check how my BG1 characters would evolve. Today I had a strange surprise. Creating a character in ToB gives you a lot of nice gear directly but none which will help you winning over Illasera. I play SCS Tactical level. She appears with some black reavers and very quickly you get all 8th and 9th spells over the head (even a Comet ...). And if you try to attack them they all have Protection against Magical weapons... and in your equipment you just received MAGICAL weapons ,..
So which character can win this fight ? A simple Halfling thief with four "basic" traps wins. Perhaps a wizard (well played not like I do ...) ? But will you have time to resist to all the attacks of Illasera (she hurts like Sarevock ^2) and her goons ?

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