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Reviane won't appear during Jaheira's quest

Hello everybody,

I'm in chapter 6. Killed Galvarey and his companions in the harpers' stronghold in Athkatla long ago. Jaheira, who is charname's romantic interest, has had several talks with charname since then, the last of them a while ago. Lovetalk is 40 according to EE Keeper. But Reviane won't spawn. What can I do? I have tried lowering lovetalk to 34 via the console and forcing Reviane's spawn the same way, but it all has been to no avail.

What could I do?


  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 1,176
    Conditions for Reviane to appear:

    Non-romance path: a four-day in-game timer (RevianeAppear) after killing Galvarey.
    Romance broken between LT 27 and LT 34: a two-day in-game timer.
    Romance active: immediately after LT 34; the variables are set during the talk.
    You must be in an outdoor area, not one of the following: AR0020 (City Gates), AR0800 (Graveyard), AR2500 (Underdark Exit), AR2600 (Forest of Tethir), AR2601 (Drizzt meeting spot), AR2800 (Suldanesselar), OH6000 (Wild Forest), OH6100 (Hidden Refuge intact), OH6200 (Hidden Refuge destroyed), OH5100 (Resurrection Gorge upper), OH5200 (Resurrection Gorge lower), OH5300 (Helmite Camp).

    So, you somehow got through the talk without triggering the event. The talk sets variables RevianeSpawn and RevianeAppear to 1; setting these should get you back on track.

  • JumbotronJumbotron Member Posts: 9
    edited October 2
    Thank you, jmerry. For some reason, it is not working for me.

    I have tried these commands while my party were in the druid's grove.

    Firstly, I have just tried setting both Reviane's values to 1 via the console while my party were in the druid's grove, but I have not changed lovetalk value. After I leave the grove the event with Reviane won't take place. If I then travel to another area, namely Umar Hills, Reviane won't show up either. Resting inside the druid's grove immediately after entering the commands and before leaving the place is something that I have also tried, but Reviane still won't appear.

    If instead, I also change Jaheira's lovetalk to 34 prior to setting the other two values for Reviane to 1 while still in the druid's grove, the outcome is still the same: Reviane is missing wherever I go to.

    I just finished the Umar Hills big quest. And since I have the tweak for multiple strongholds installed (and besides, my character is an archer), I am the new ranger in the region. May be some type of quests or mods conflict what I am experiencing?

    I have many tweaks from the tweaks anthology and tweaks and tricks installed. Besides those, I have also Unfinished business and the module of the Improved Archer mod that make +4 arrows available for ToB.

    EDITED: Good news! Setting Jaheira's LT to 33 has made the trick. She has immediately started speaking after entering the command. After the talk, we have left the grove and Reviane's encounter has taken place.

    Thank you. :)

  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 1,176
    If it's a mod problem, it's probably not tied to your character directly - it's that something might be broken in Jaheira's script. That script, after all, is what actually spawns Reviane in once the proper variables are set.

    On the other hand, you might be able to just move on and face the later encounters without ever seeing Reviane. The game doesn't actually check any variable set during the encounter; it just checks the LoveTalk variable which has continued to progress for you.

  • JumbotronJumbotron Member Posts: 9
    I could solve the issue, as I noted in the edited part of my message. Thank you very much for your help. :)

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