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Can't beat Melissan, thoughts on new character for ToB, Ascension

I've solod BG:EE core with a pure half fighter long bow and dagger specialization, solod BG2 with a half orc berserker specialized in axes and flails, used the same character to solo ToB up to the Ravager and Demogorgon where I put Saverok in my party. I made it to Melissan and just can't beat her. I dualed Saverok to a mage to help me get her defenses down and I've beat her twice but the third fight seems impossible.

I never focused too much on the game's magic system, I pretty much developed my characters to get around magic. I found that impossible to do with an unkitted fighter in BG2 so just went berserker which I find somewhat cheesy but I also find magic overpowered and not enough equipment for an unkitted fighter to get around it, although I suppose that's how it goes in DnD. I also dont think a pure fighter or a solo berserker/barbarian can beat Melissan.

If I had planned to dual Saverok to a mage and used meta knowledge to figure out what scrolls/equipment I'd need to beat Melissan, maybe this character would have worked out.

I might give that game a few more tries but what would be a better character to beat Melissan?

I've read up on a kensai/mage maybe being a character that could solo the game and suit my play style.

Would a kensai/mage be able to solo the Ascension mod? I read that it really changes the game and makes it much more difficult in regards to the magic that enemies use.

I've thought about doing a solo Sorcerer run as well to really learn the magic system and test my thinking skills

any input is appreciated


  • Grond0Grond0 Member Posts: 6,636
    A solo fighter type can certainly beat Melissan, but it helps to be a shorty race in order to get saving throws as low as possible. Your choice of equipment is important - you might want to consider for instance the shield of reflection to send her missiles back to damage herself or Soul Reaver to nerf her attacks so she only hits on a critical. If magic attacks on you are proving a problem there are 2 scrolls of magic protection available in the Promenade.

    Soloing Ascension is possible, but significantly more difficult and you might want to get more familiar with the basic game first. Your idea of testing out the magic system is a good one. Arguably though that's easier to do with a mage rather than a sorcerer - the latter gets only a few spells per level, so it's harder to test out the effect of the full range available.

    A kensai mage is not an easy character to play. To get the sort of fighting skills in the later game you want, you will need to dual fairly late (like level 13) - which means you will take a long time to get those skills back while you level up a mage against tricky opponents. You might want to consider first playing a multi-class fighter/mage (or fighter/illusionist) while you are learning the magic system.

  • TorBaalosTorBaalos Member Posts: 3
    Thanks for taking the time to reply.

    I've been reading up on the advantages and disadvantages of different builds and now realize that some builds that are very powerful late game are typically underpowered and tough to play at other points in the game. dual classing probably wont be a good idea for me.

    I think I might replay the whole series with a solo gnome fighter/mage or fighter/illusionist. probably starting with hammers/slings and see how it goes. I remember for the first game, I did the longbow/dagger of venom and ran over pretty much everyone with ease.

    what about a solo mage? I read sorcerer's advantage is not having to rest even though you dont have as many spells. Some people think a solo mage is a really tough game as well unless you're very experienced.

    I'm also curious on seeing the builds and equipment of people who beat SoA and ToB with a solo unkitted fighter. I think I must have had the wrong equipment at times because I tried it and really struggled to the point where I made a berserker. the biggest issue was fear, panic, etc. and also some mages casting protection from weapons/magical weapons on themselves. its been awhile since I tried, I might try that again in the future.

  • Grond0Grond0 Member Posts: 6,636
    A mage is strong, but requires more careful play than a fighter type - unless you know the class well you're likely to struggle playing solo.

    For an unkitted fighter you'll want to get equipment providing immunities early on. The shield of harmony is relatively easy to get at Trademeet and protects against hold, charm and confusion. Fear is a bit more difficult - the dragonslayer sword gives immunity, but is not easy to get for a low-level character. If you know which enemies use horror though, you can use summons (Kitthix, berserk warrior, efreeti, Ras etc) to occupy their attention while shooting from range. You can also use transitions (running into houses for instance) to dodge spells. As I mentioned before shorty saving throws are great for a fighter type. With those and the cloak of mirroring you can be immune to about 95% of spells by the time of ToB - leaving just the odd one like maze to watch out for.

  • TorBaalosTorBaalos Member Posts: 3
    I'll keep that in mind. the main issue I find is when you get to ToB and getting past the magical protections in some of the tougher fights. I always used flail of ages +5 to get through stoneskins but there were some times where breach and spells like that were needed before I could do any damage, that's why I just dualed Saverok to a mage.

  • SirBatinceSirBatince Member Posts: 835
    edited November 20
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