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BG2EE - Which Mods do I still need? *Spoilers*

CyberliskCyberlisk Member Posts: 25
Hey there,

since I really enjoyed IWDEE and there's been more than enough time for patches, I finally decided to give BG2:EE a shot. At this point though it's kinda difficult for me to even grasp all the things that have been changed from the Original.

On my last run I played BG2: Complete ( version) with the following Mods:

- BG2 FixPack
- BG2 Unfinished Business
- Ascension v1.41 (Tougher Abazigal, Original Demogorgon, Tougher Gromnir, Illasera, Yaga-Shura)
- Redemption v1.2.0 (requires Ascension v1.4.xx)
- NPC FlirtPack v1.03
- Remove Helmet Animations v14
- Change Avatar when wearing Robes or Armor
- Force All Dialogue to Pause
- IWD Casting Graphics v14
- PnP Free Action v2

My question now is, which of those Mods do I even still need?

I'm assuming all the cosmetic stuff is going to be obsolete with EE. BG2 FixPack is probably also obsolete with all the EE bugfixes etc. What about the rest though?

Are the Ascension/Redemption changes like the restored Bhaalspawn Powers etc. already implemented in BG2EE?

Unfinished Business: Guess I don't really need it if I mainly want the restored Bhaalspawn Powers!? They should already be part of Ascension/BG2EE.

I noticed there is a new Difficulty Setting in BG2EE (Legacy of Bhaal) - do I still need Enhanced Difficulty Mods playing on that setting? Are they even compatible or they just going to rewrite the already buffed stats from Legacy of Bhaal?

What about PnP Free Action? Does Free Action still remove/block Haste in BG2EE?

NPC FlirtPack is more of a flavor thing anyway, so I could just check if it's compatible. If not though, it's not the end of the world either.

Side Note: Is there a way to remove some of the "fixes" from BG2EE? E.g. one of the Hell Trials used to give +2 Strength and an additonal +1 to your character's Primary Attribute. Imho that was intentional and not a bug, yet they removed the additional stat point.

Hope you guys can help me out here, thanks in advance!

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