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Old News, but Need Help Please!

Hi, I am new to the forum, and of course am playing BG2 Enhanced. I have read about 100 threads and even a youtube video on how implement the console into the game in order to spawn items, etc. So here is the issue....

I went into the .LUA file and typed in the code in order to implement the console into the game. I do have the console, and can even travel to the various places listed on the console. The problem seems to come in when I am trying to "spawn" an item into the game. At the console I am typing in C:CreateItem("itemcode") and then pressing ENTER. Not sure if I need the quote marks around the item or not, but I have tried it both ways. One of two things happens; either I get an error code (as I assume I typed in something wrong) OR, I press ENTER, and it appears to accept what I typed in, but nothing ever spawns? I am sure I am doing something incorrectly, but just cannot get it to work. Can someone please help me out here? I would really appreciate it. Thanks to all!


  • ThacoBellThacoBell Member Posts: 11,916
    Yes, you include the quotation marks. For example:

    C:CreateItem ("AMUL01")

    gives you a necklace of missiles in BG2. If you copied the code in your post over exactly from what you typed in game, it looks like you are leaving out a space between the command and the item code.

  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 1,191
    Also, when that item creation code works, it's not something immediately visible on the main screen. The item appears in your character's inventory, so you have to go to that screen to see it.

    There are more complicated variations; the code C: CreateItem("SCRL75", 10) creates a stack of ten scrolls of Identify, for example.

    The usual error codes you get do consistently mean that you typed something wrong, resulting in a command that couldn't be parsed properly. If this happens to you, just fix the mistake and try again; you'll have the erroneous code already there to start from.

  • Mauser6818Mauser6818 Member Posts: 4
    Hi Thaco and JMerry, Thank you very much for the replies. Thaco, you are correct, in my post I did leave out the 'space' you mentioned - so , I tried once more just like this.......C:CreateItem ("plat13") and hit Enter. This was for +4 armor. It took the command, as before (no error message), but nothing spawned? JMerry, as you suggested, and thank you as well, I looked in my character inventory. Nothing there either. I even traveled to another town and rested, just to see if that would then place it in the character inventory......still nothing. Do either of you have any other ideas of why this is not working? As I mentioned, it makes no sense, because I can get to the console and I can use the console to travel. I just cannot get any result when typing in the create item commands. Thanks again to you both for your response and help!!

  • Mauser6818Mauser6818 Member Posts: 4
    Here is a new addendum to my previous post. I think I have it working now, but I am confused by something and this is what was throwing me. For example, Thaco, I did as you said for the "createItem" of the Amulet. However, it just puts it in the character's inventory, but it does not identify it at all as Amulet of Missles (it just says necklace). I did this as well with +4 armor, and it just puts in the character's inventory as "Plate Mail". Do I need to identify these items or is this just the way the console puts them into the game (generic labels)?

    Thanks again!

  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 1,191
    Yes, you get the default unidentified version of the item. I'm sure there's a more complex version of the command with extra parameters that lets you set flags, but the simple version will be unidentified. You'll need to identify them yourself to use them.

  • Mauser6818Mauser6818 Member Posts: 4
    Thank you both! It is working beautifully now!

  • gorgonzolagorgonzola Member Posts: 3,678
    I drop into the thread to suggest you to avoid to spawn powerful artifacts and items too soon, before you are supposed to get comparable items in the game.

    It can seem a good idea if you have some problems beating the game, but it is only a drag as you become able to win because of your OP equipment and not because you learn how to actually play the game.
    And to play the game is not simple at all, there is a lot to learn about the combat mechanics, the spell system and the proper tactics in a particular situation, you need some runs to get proficient and many to become really expert, using the console cheats makes the learning process slower.

    I suggest you instead to lower the difficulty, there is no shame at all in playing at a lower difficulty and it does not alter the game mechanics, while gaining AC or THAC0 that you are not supposed to have alters it.
    You prevail, but not because you have learned how to position the party correctly on the battlefield, to soften the enemies with your mages spells and how to heal or withdraw who is getting too close to 0 hp, you prevail because enemies that are supposed to hit you often do it less often or enemies that are supposed to block your attacks often get hit too often.

    Try instead to learn how the spell system works, there are spells that make the enemy THAC0 worst or boost your AC, and it is like to weld a better armor but is fair, not cheating, there are spells that improve your damage output, boosting your APR and so on.
    The vanilla game is really hard for some not still experienced players, but the more you learn how to play the more you will find that it is actually really easy, as you have learned what to do.

    Obviously you are free to play as you like, the way that gives you more fun, my suggestion is only based on my own experience, the game is well balanced for players from absolute beginner level, on the lowest difficulty, to medium level, hardest not LoB one. The really experienced ones have to do something beyond to have challenge and can beat vanilla with closed eyes and an arm tied to the back, they have to play no reload, hard modded, solo, LoB or many of those together to still be challenged.
    And this will happen also to you if you play enough the game, it just will happen sooner if you avoid to cheat in items to solve situations you find too difficult for your present level.

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