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EE-Compatible beta release of TB#Tweaks

the_biggthe_bigg Member Posts: 1
edited October 17 in BGII:EE Mods
Hi all,

as promised some time ago, I've committed to GitHub version 2.99 of TB#Tweaks, that should be compatible with the Enhanced Editions.

I have only tested installation of compatible components on a clean BG2EE installation, as well as functionality for the following component (that, on plain BG2, would require ToB Ex):
  • WSPATCK for all (making non-Warriors gain extra attacks per round based on proficiency and/or level)
The following components are not compatible, because (in my understanding) they lack required functionality:
  • Party members can facestab too - Enhanced Edition lacks the required functionality
  • Mages drop spellbooks - Enhanced Edition doesn't apply a bunch of required checks:
    • Sorcerors can use the Spellbook to both gain experience and learn the associated spell(s)
    • Specialist mages can use the Spellbook to learn spells from their forbidden school(s)
    • Intelligence limits to the number of spells a character can learn, as well as the chance of failing to do so, aren't applied
    • Thieves who have taken the Use Any Item can use the Spellbooks to learn (but not cast) spells and gain experience for doing so

I'd be grateful if somebody could provide pointers on how to implement the missing components.

For the moment, the mod can be downloaded from GitHub (go to and click on Code -> Download ZIP, unpack to the game folder, and copy setup-whatever.exe to setup-tb#tweaks.exe).

Please note that it is NOT possible to upgrade from previous versions to the current one (the previous version must be uninstalled prior to the upgrade).

I'd be grateful if people could verify installation and continued functionality on the other relevant games/engines:

TUTU (with TOB engine)
BG1 EE (with or without SOD)



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