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BGEEII (Android) Table Quest Screen BUG

Hello everyone!
I'am having a trouble with my BGEEII for Android. When a new sidequest occurs on the game, it doesn't appear on my Table Quest Screen. It seems a BUG. It seems that only the main Quests are reported. The only registered quests, on several hours of game, are in the attached photo.

I am using a Samsung Galaxy TAB A 10" and I have already played and finished all BGEEI on the same platform without any problem.

Please help me.

Looking forward to your reply. Sincerely...


  • smyth25smyth25 Member Posts: 211
    Currently, you're on the the page for quests from Chapter 1, which runs from the beginning of the game in Irenicus' dungeon until you meet Gaelan Bayle in the Slums.

    All sidequests after that will be on the chapter 2 page, which can be accessed using the vaguely arrow shaped buttons at the bottom of the journal page (the ones that surround "Chapter One"). Quests will always appear in the respective chapter that you received them in (they *might* change though if you complete the quest in a different chapter, though I can't remember exactly).

    If you've already checked there and they didn't appear then it could indeed be a bug.

  • SilverEye_H4lfmoonSilverEye_H4lfmoon Member Posts: 8
    Hello @smyth25, firstly thanks for your reply.
    Now I am in Chapter II, and the only quest registered was "Collect the fee for Gaelan Bayle".
    This is weird to me, because in BG1EE almost every important conversation was reported on Quest Screen like a sidequest.

    Sorry my english, I brazilian.

  • SilverEye_H4lfmoonSilverEye_H4lfmoon Member Posts: 8
    Hi @smyth25 !
    Do you know if after I have talked Galean Bayle at his home and when he talks about "a boy from Umar Hills", "a girl named Nalía", "The churches and this strange Unseeing Eye", one of this events goes to the table Quest Screen or not?
    My Quest Screen remains the same.
    Thanks for your support!9u5799hw7s7g.jpg

  • SilverEye_H4lfmoonSilverEye_H4lfmoon Member Posts: 8
    Still in Chapter II, after I have talked to the boy named Brus in front of his Uncle Gaelan's House, he will
    help me to find a work about "a boy in the Government District".
    This event should go to the table Quest Screen, shouldn't?
    My Quest Screen remains the same after this too, sadly...

  • smyth25smyth25 Member Posts: 211
    I tested, and talking to Brus doesn't seem to give a quest entry, therefore if you haven't picked up any quests since talking to Gaelan Bayle, then in theory nothing should have appeared yet. Perhaps try searching around in the Government district for the boy Brus is talking about and see if he gives you a quest entry (just being vague in case this is your first experience with this particular quest).

    Name of the boy:

  • SilverEye_H4lfmoonSilverEye_H4lfmoon Member Posts: 8
    Hi @smyth25, firstly thanks again for your help.
    When I talk with the barman at Copper Coronet (image attached) the rumors that he said should have appear on Quest Screen or not?
    I am asking because on BG1EE, in these cases of Rumors, have a entry seems to be a pattern.


  • smyth25smyth25 Member Posts: 211
    I checked the dialogue in near infinity and it appears rumours do not give quest entries.

  • SilverEye_H4lfmoonSilverEye_H4lfmoon Member Posts: 8
    edited October 22
    Hi @smyth25 !
    Then it seems to be different from BG1EE. Because of that I was confused.
    I think I should write down a lot of informations to not forget, if there are too important things, rumors, dialogues, that are not going to Quest screen entries, even looking to be sidequests.
    Thank you again friend for your support!

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