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[BUG] Marcus "teleporting" back and forth outside Sea's Bounty - untargetable

Need to talk to this guy to get documents for a quest. He keeps doing this weird disappearing/reappearing act and i can't target him or anything :-/

I have the BGTweaks mod pack installed, not in entirety but probably 75% of the mods in the pack installed. No other mods.

Device Model (if applicable): PC
Operating System: Windows 10
CPU: i5 3.1ghz
GPU: GTX 1050i
System RAM: 8 GB

not sure how to upload a save file? do I need to do that?


  • nanoseednanoseed Member Posts: 5
    Okay, well I ended up reloading a save and this is no longer an issue. BUT I do think it's weird that it was happening in the first place.

  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 2,128
    That "teleporting" appearance happens when an NPC is stuck in a wall, near the border with walkable territory. I know of two Athkatla NPCs that act like this by default; a guard in the Government District and the tomb robber Stein in the Graveyard District. The latter has a bit of content if you can somehow talk to him.

    Normally, Marcus is inside the Sea's Bounty in a safe location. Something must have disturbed him to run out the door, and then another glitch got him stuck in a wall. Odd.

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