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BG:EE Switch patch when?

ivanlopezivanlopez Member Posts: 2
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I sent a message to service desk 4 months ago, regarding a music bug in Switch version. My friend, who bought the physical copy (and others as well, according to youtube gameplays) have the same bug, so its more like a porting problem.

Is there any hope to a Switch patch, which will fix it? And approximately when? Please, tell me if you don't plan to fix it, I can sell my copy then. Thanks!

If anyone is interested, here's the description of the bug:

"on every map, the main music score only plays once, and then never starts again (until I reenter the area). The combat music starts all right every time,but not the basic music score. In the steam version, the main melody is continuous, always starts again after a short time.

In the pc version, when the battle music is over, the ending is "dynamic", there's a short sound clip that makes the battle music fade-out, much smoother. In the switch version, its comletely lacking, the battle theme just cuts off instantly."

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  • FateAscendsFateAscends Member Posts: 62
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    I'd like to add to this post with a confirmation of the above bug still affecting my digital copy on the switch as of this post, in addition to a few other things:

    I had to turn weather "off" because the FOG in certain areas would cause serious frame loss, especially the new red fog added in SoD. (it would have a strange clipping as well at the top of the screen unlike the other fogs) This frame loss leads to an eventual crash.

    If you leave your game paused for enough time to let the switch darken the screen a bit, more audio issues show up. Music stops, combat sounds stop playing, and spell effects don't play their sounds. If you play like this long enough, a crash will happen shortly after. The only fix is restarting the whole game, saving and loading doesn't seem to help.

    Edit: It also appears this post was made in the wrong subforum... Didn't notice that until now. Perhaps a mod could move it? :)
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