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Best tlk file entries to use.

I'm making some custom haks for NWN and would like to add tlk file entries that do not clash with other content. I know there is a list of CEP reserved tlk numbers, but I'm sure there used to be one that listed most of the community content stuff. I found one for NWN2, but the NWN1 one seems to have gone from the internet. Does anyone know where it is? Or should I not care and just choose a non CEP reserved range?


  • Old_GithOld_Gith Member Posts: 122
    It's not a big deal because you can just add your own. Just pad out your tlk entries as far as you need. For example, if you are using CEP for your project but still want to add your own custom content, just add more entries (I use Killer TLK Editor to accomplish this). It's very easy, and then you never have to worry about messing up TLK entries. Below is an exmple. Make sure to use the custom numbers as opposed to the Streff. I think I started adding/padding entries around 17027115 and beyond and kept adding as needed.


  • ProlericProleric Member Posts: 863
    That's fine as far as avoiding conflict with CEP is concerned.

    It's good to add your new lines in a contiguous block, so that when CEP is updated, you can recreate your .tlk by pasting your block into the new CEP .tlk. I've done this occasionally with no issues.

    The bigger issue raised by the OP is how to avoid conflict with other projects. Fortunately, this only arises if someone wants to merge CEP+X with CEP+Y, which is rare. AFAIK there are no other reserved ranges, so the only way to do that if strrefs overlap is to renumber the smaller of X and Y, then change the strrefs in all the 2da files affected.

    There can only be a few cases that really matter - Project Q / Dark Ages, for example.

    We have this issue with 2da line ranges, too, though the CEP files indicate reserved ranges for a couple of other projects.

  • GrymlordeGrymlorde Member Posts: 121
    My advice is to start with 1 (16777217) and like Proleric said, work in a contiguous block. CEP and Q start at around 20,000 IIRC and major projects do likewise. Also by staying in the bottom ranges, it will make it easier to find, edit, and merge later.

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