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High level bg2 spells in bg1

I finished bg2ee first and imported my char to bg1ee and was surprised to find all bg2ee high level spells had transferd over and as a level 1 wild mage i could cast them without issue (other then sky cows) the only exception to this was wish spells as the dao would just stand there with no dialog

I beat bg1 back in the day and i didnt think most bg2 spells were in the game files let alone that they would work im kinda stoaked with this play through timestops in bg 1 are gonna be different for sure i started a legacy of bhaal playthrough and even with 2 timestops it took me 20 mins to kill 5 rats @ candlekeep.....just an fyi if anybody didnt know problys been done with shadow keeper before but it was news to me


  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 1,800
    There's really no cost to that sort of thing, and it lets high-level NPC spellcasters like Kelddath Ormlyr (L16 cleric), Liia Jannath (L16 mage), or Halbazzer Drin (L18 mage) play properly. If they had the right spell memorization and AI, anyway; the vanilla Liia has a shamefully bad AI that doesn't know how to cast any of her memorized spells above 2nd level, and the vanilla Kelddath doesn't have anything above 3rd level memorized.

    On the power of high-level spells in BG1 ... I have a playthrough for that. Fun, but short. And roleplaying heavily was crucial to keep it interesting.

    As for killing rats ... Wail of the Banshee would have been a much better choice than Time Stop. Why bother giving yourself extra time to kill slowly when you can just kill instantly?

  • metheds21metheds21 Member Posts: 2
    I removed wail of the banshee and most other high level spells because I thought they'd be overpowered I figured timestop was enough at least it level 1 it wasn't

  • jsavingjsaving Member Posts: 1,037
    metheds21 wrote: »
    I beat bg1 back in the day and i didnt think most bg2 spells were in the game files let alone that they would work
    You are correct that most high-level BG2 spells didn't exist in the original non-EE version of BG1 (because BioWare hadn't created them yet).

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