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Needing help legacy of baahl playtrought

Hi guys ! So i loaded a mage 6 times from previous playtrought to use planetars for a cake walk on legacy of bhaal difficulty for the trophy on PS4. The thing is im stuck at the very beggining to get the 10k gold .... I heard there a sewer mission that gives 10k gold . Where is the npc. Is there any other ways if that does not work ? Thanks for your replies.


  • Grond0Grond0 Member Posts: 6,959
    Well you could kill Tarnor and his party in the sewers - they've got a decent amount of equipment to sell.

  • LeDragonSYNCLeDragonSYNC Member Posts: 7
    I believe i kill this dude and that did not give me that much money. I readed somewhere you can bet on dog fights at the tavern . This would come handy with save and reload. But i think the events only occurs in later chapters. Any other quest that rewards lots of gold ?

  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 1,795
    Getting gold is ... something that's really not a problem in these games. You play the game, you find treasure from monsters and containers, you sell the stuff you aren't using.
    While Tarnor's party doesn't carry much gold directly, they have Full Plate, Full Plate +1, Plate Mail +1, and two sets of Plate Mail. Those sell for a total of over 6000 gold at a standard merchant. And while your party might have a use for the first set or two of Full Plate, you'll quickly reach the point of having all you ever need.

    There are two early quests that have particularly large gold payouts - the thieves' guild quest in the Docks and helping out Trademeet. Completing either of those quests will get you a reward that includes about 10K gold, which will usually get you to the point of being able to progress to chapter 3.

    Neither of those quests has anything to do with sewers.

    Betting on dog fights? Sure, you can, but that's penny ante stuff. It's not a serious way to make gold, even if you cheat. If you want some quick dirty money, just sell a wand to a merchant, shoplift it back fully recharged, and resell to a fence. It's even possible to loop this for unlimited gold, repeatedly shoplifting from the fence and selling the same item back. With sufficiently high pickpocket scores (170 for the Athkatla black market), this is completely safe.

  • LeDragonSYNCLeDragonSYNC Member Posts: 7
    Thanks man . I cannot pick pocket cause i have 6 mages in my party for the ease of legacy of bhaal playtrought . Could you give me more info on how and where to go exactly for these 2 quests . Thanks in advance

  • Grond0Grond0 Member Posts: 6,959
    I believe i kill this dude and that did not give me that much money. I readed somewhere you can bet on dog fights at the tavern . This would come handy with save and reload. But i think the events only occurs in later chapters. Any other quest that rewards lots of gold ?

    I'm a bit confused. That party has quite a bit of equipment - not just armor, but other things as well. Selling all that to the merchant in the sewers will give you something pretty close to 10k gold, which was what you said you wanted. Taking on quests, such as those @jmerry refers to, involves a lot more gameplay.

    If you do need a bit more money, then there's a secret door just to the west of Tarnor - and there's more treasure in there you could sell.

  • LeDragonSYNCLeDragonSYNC Member Posts: 7
    Oh damn. So thats the problem i had to sell to the merchant in the sewers ? Not the town one ? I think ill be better doing the quest. But the easiest way would be save reload on dogs fight. Its not completly cheating cause in theorie you could win it like 5000 times in a row the chance is just incredbly low . You know when speaking of infinite hehe 8 . The problem is that the dog fight is not showing . I did the guy quest in the inn and rescued the dude and free them or what ever i dont really remember but i think the dog fight are only available in other chapters after. Otherwise any idea or hints on how to trigger them ? Thanks in advance.

  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 1,795
    Oh damn. So thats the problem i had to sell to the merchant in the sewers ? Not the town one ?
    All merchants available in chapter 2 buy from you at the same prices - 30% of the item's base value. The difference comes from whether that merchant has any of the item already in their stock; if they do, the values depreciate. Roger stocks only potions, so he'll pay the full 30% price for all of that stuff. The Temple of Helm has some heavy armor, so you'll get lower prices for the plate, +1 plate, and full plate selling to them. The Temple of Lathander has a Helm of Charm Protection, so you'll get a lower price selling the Helm of Charm Protection to them. And so on. Picking one standard merchant to sell everything to is a bad idea, because you'll run into this depreciation before long and get terrible prices.

    And the dog fighting idea ... you do realize that you'd have to watch a cutscene every time? For just 10 gold? It's incredibly slow. Traveling around randomly until you get waylaid by bandits and then killing them would be a faster and more fun way to get rich. As would just playing the game normally.

  • LeDragonSYNCLeDragonSYNC Member Posts: 7
    edited November 2020
    Guys i'm a complete idiot sorry for wasting your guys time.... Just loaded my save i had already killed the mates in sewers already and already sold their stuff and i had already 10700 gold about... sorry for disturbing you guys anyways i have also planescape torment and icewind dale on ps4 to plat after. Are they good ? Are they hard to plat and are they in the same genra than BG like warriors paladins and orcs and everything you know. Sorry again for this post.

  • Grond0Grond0 Member Posts: 6,959
    Gameplay in Icewind Dale is very similar to Baldur's Gate. Planescape Torment is a bit different, as you don't have a party there and the game is a bit more focused on role playing opportunities and the storyline rather than the technical challenges of fights.

    As a slight aside, I'm not quite sure why you're playing on Legacy of Bhaal difficulty. That's not simply harder, the changes to the game significantly alter the type of tactics that can be used and tend to make combats last much longer. I would suggest it's best used by people who are very familiar with the basic game and are seeking a different type of challenge. I suspect most people without much experience of the game are likely to find it somewhat boring compared with playing on more standard difficulty levels.

  • LeDragonSYNCLeDragonSYNC Member Posts: 7
    Thanx for the info cant wait to play them. I finished both BG and BG2 on regular difficulties . I am a trophy hunter on PSN and a trophy requires to do it legacy on legacy of bhaal . I succeded in first one and got the platinum trophy on it and on dragon spear siege ( wich means all other trophy collected) and the only trophy i'm missing in BG 2 is finishing on legacy of bhaal for platnum. So i'm not really much this much of a nub. Its just been a freaking long while a play and once i fully finish a game (platnum trophy) I usually move to other games and forget about it.

  • LeDragonSYNCLeDragonSYNC Member Posts: 7
    Also, i must agree with you that the game is much more fun on easy or regular. And trust me if that damn trophy wasent there i would have never even tryed the hardest one. Trophy sometimes ruins the game experience . This is why (and most trophy hunter will agree ) that once we finish a game we never wanna return to it, ever.

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