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Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition on Steam launches with just a white screen.

I just bought Neverwinter Nights Enhanced Edition on Steam. It launches with a blank white screen in a small window. The cursor turns into a hand and I can click through what I assume are the logos until I get to what I assume is the main menu judging by the music, but I can't see anything. I've updated my drivers and tried running in compatibility mode and as an administrator. Does not change. Any help?

Things I have tried:

Updating graphics drivers

Running in all compatibility modes as administrator

Disabling Desktop Composition and Desktop Visual Themes

Using nVidia Control Panel to switch to high performance processor

Adding an exception in windows defender

Relocating the install outside of C:/Program Files(x86) (using steam)

Rolling back to previous versions of the game (build 8186 did give me a full black screen instead of a windowed white screen. Progress???)

Running on older versions of DirectX

Honestly this is driving me nuts. I bought this game because the last time I tried to play it was with my Dad's disk copy on windows 7 and that didn't work, about 8 years ago. I was hoping that when they made an ENHANCED edition they might have anticipated that newer computers would be able to play it.

I've submitted a ticket as well, but it's been a few days and no response yet so if anyone here knows anything that would be great.


  • KnightMBKnightMB Member Posts: 8
    NWN:EE uses OpenGL, not DirectX if that is helpful...
    I am using it on Windows 7 without issues, not sure why it doesn't work on yours :neutral:
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