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BGEE ROLEPLAYthrough - CE Human Berserker [Minimal Reload, Minimal Metagaming]

SelerelSelerel Member Posts: 86
Hello! First of all, I want to say I just discovered this forum and am very glad it's here. I've been reading a lot of the other entries and I thought I would share my current playthrough (A few playthroughs agao I started keeping day-to-day logs of my in-game adventurers and decisions...). I was definitely inspired by @Gurkengelee 's thread, too, and just so happened to be playing a CE character myself.

I haven't been taking screenshots but I will probably start taking more!

But here are the "parameters" of my playthroughs:

-PLAYTHROUGH of the entire BGEE saga from BG1/TotSC to SOD to BG2 to TOB. Core rules, unmodded.

-ROLEPLAY. I try to flesh out as realistic a character as possible and roleplay that. I'm a big fan of the Enneagram personality theory, it says there are 9 basic personality archetypes and describes their core motivations, basic fears and desires, etc. So I pick one of those and then combine with one of the 9 alignments, and then I come up with a Candlekeep-based biography to match the character. I generally think about it for a day or so before I start a new character! In practice, this determines dialogue options and the specific prioritization of quests and areas.

-MINIMAL RELOAD. I know that has different meanings to different people, but to me it means I reload when charname dies, but I roll with anything else that might happen. There are case-by-case exceptions, of course. I'm generally not a fan of having real-world distractions affect the in-game plot (e.g. a companion gets killed because someone knocked on my front door and I got distracted). Also if there is some weird, counterintuitive game mechanic I was not expecting, I may go back and replay more carefully now understanding the game's cause-effect logic (e.g., a quest completion causes my reputation to change, causing a companion to leave--maybe I reload and make sure I take the valuable items from that character first, but still go through with it; as long as it can be justified with in-game, in-character logic, my metagame whiff is forgiven). So sometimes a reload will lead to the same outcome as the original play ("hey, my companion still died even though no one in real life distracted me this time") and that's fine. But after all this time playing BG I do appreciate random unfortunate events that throw a wrench into my plans.

-MINIMAL METAGAMING. I go in without any preconceived plans for the game--just personality, colors, and plan for weapon proficiencies and/or thief skills depending on how I envisioned the character originally. As little metagaming as I can possibly control--I try to decide which quests to do, which companions I keep, and which areas to explore based on what makes sense for the character, at the time, in that moment. I choose the most in-character dialogue options, even if I'm aware it may lead to not getting a quest or losing out on a companion or whatever. Example: I have had dreams for months of getting a certain companion in my party, only to realize when I finally meet them that's there's no realistic way to get them to join with the dialogue options provided. And I have to suck it up and move on. So I really don't have any idea what my party will be when I start up.

I let all these things basically lead me into a random, roleplayed saga run. Each playthrough is different depending on the character, but I probably average 75-80% of the game's content each run.

Like I said, I'll be taking more pictures. But to catch you up with the character:

Ethal Jo
Human Berserker
Chaotic Evil
Enneagram Type 8w9

STR: 18/21
DEX: 18
CON: 18
INT: 12
WIS: 9
CHA: 16

Mace: +
Warhammer: +
Two Weapon Style: ++





(This is long but it grew over time! This was written initially just as notes for myself, and not for others to read, so sorry if it's a bit stilted. I did some quick editing before I posted...)

You were a very tough sire for Gorion to raise. There was always some kind of cold, angry mean streak in you; you were a large child and tended to beat and violently dominate other children during play, with countless incidents over the years, hundreds of which seemingly already happened before you formed your earliest memories. In the formative years, you learned that you can get what you want by aggressively taking it. But even into your later childhood, adolescence, and young adulthood, as you became a large, strong warrior, callously roaming the Candlekeep grounds naturally looking to dominate others...the other well-educated monks, mages, and students would look on in derision and fear. You felt they hated you, and would steal from you and mock you and curse you when you turned your in turn you would react angrily. You learned there would always be those that would try to hurt you and your best defense was simply to lash back out and try to hurt them first, sometimes gathering loyalists and sycophants to better your odds (Imoen was one of these). But clearly this all led to more fear and derision.

While your foster father has tried to impress the knowledge of a thousand realms into your head, it was always an annoying waste of time. To you, there is no real meaning behind society; the structural components are an illusion; it's just rats running around tending to a different heaps of trash...People will resort to their base instincts as soon as their survival is in question, and that may include preventing the survival of others. You know the truth, which is that anything can be taken from you and anyone can do it. There are those that know their subservient place in the natural order, and there are those that will fight and kill to be the strongest to accomplish their own goals.

You go into situations really, truly wanting some unachievable level of peace and quiet--a respite from the constant battle and struggle that follows you around...a way to calm your nerves, clear your mind, and even open your even think you can be jovial, you're known to bark coarse jokes and engage in semi-calm (never-enlightened) conversation, in good situations--you're one of those people who thinks he's really funny, but isn't. But without fail, some threat or some insult always seem to always intrude, and you can become aggressively intolerant. Of course, your rage may be quickly staid as you remember your philosophy on conflict and dominance, and you may simply embrace the "necessary" slaughter. Often, you can swing wildly between the two attitudes--cold psychopathy and obsessive anger, much depending on how close and dangerous the threat is, but also depending on your gut instincts in the moment. For longer-term threats, you can react with stress, slurrying all your thoughts and feelings around in your head until it is a white-hot ember at which pointed wrath is the only solution.

But generally you don't keep grudges exceptionally long, or remember them especially well, even though your rage during the moment can be overwhelming. Those that know you know you walk very lightly around you when they notice the hints of stress and paranoia ratcheting up, as brash displays of violence may pop up during even fairly light conflict or misunderstandings.

There are times, and when things are very calm, where your heart is able to open to certain companions who've proven sufficiently useful and loyal, thereby contributing to this "peace" you want. For these select few, you may fight to protect and defend, even though most life in general isn't super valuable to you--death, carnage, and murder are unfortunately necessary and the only way to defend against those very things. But connections CAN be made.

In general, no matter where you are, you walk along with nostrils flared, deep loud breaths, and eye slowly scanning left to right for threats. You want to think of yourself as confidently and energetically making your way through the world, backing down threats before they even raise their head. In reality, your overconfident, violent nature is clearly broadcasted, and it's as though you are WANTING to be riled up, and go out of the way to give yourself an opportunity to placate your inner rage (i.e. use violence) to get closer to this idea of peace.

Even though your alignment is chaotic evil, you do not really represent the sadistic aspect of that alignment. You are better described as a person of low moral character who is also violent and unhinged. But you do not get excessive pleasure from causing pain and destruction, other than the natural high of the triumph of vanquishing your enemies. It is to be said, you don't get that many negative emotions out of it either.

Moderate-to-low intelligence and wisdom, although relatively high charisma--while your general thought processes have a bit to be desired, there is some level of magnetism about you, and you are able to gather allegiences...and of course there are those in the world that WANT to be led by someone strong and dominant like you. While you have a moderate, almost dangerous amount of intelligence (enough to recognize patterns even when they aren't there), it is truly your mediocre wisdom that keeps your decision-making focused on accomplishing very short-term ends at the expense of most else.


So, I'm only about 5 weeks out of Candlekeep with this guy, and haven't done much yet of the main plot, so I'll post those adventures very shortly in reply!

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  • SelerelSelerel Member Posts: 86
    [Day 46] 7AM...I arrived in the mines area. I think I will explore and clear out the topside first, before heading in...

    8AM...I found Prism. He would not relinquish the emeralds, and instead attacked me, so unfortunately he had to be put down. I am 2 emeralds richer.

    10AM...entered the mine and so far am having no trouble taking down the kobolds, I may not even have to rest up and heal, depending on how many healing potions I'm comfortable using. I'm also looking to come in very strong and fast, I'm not looking to speak to any miners, nevermind running errands and carrying messages for them. I also will just have to absorb the damage of any traps I may trip.

    [Day 47] 7AM, I had to rest a few times, up on the first level in the main common area, but it seems now I am approaching the central chamber after about 18-20 hours. I freed Xan, but sent him away, not wanting the weakling to join our group--I already have magic with Neera.

    Chapter 3

    [Day 48] 1AM. I successfully defeated Mulahey and his sad excuse for kobold troops. He tried to offer some explanation before he died, but I just smashed him down. I was able to figure out his plan by piecing together his notes.

    I emerged to the surface from a cave tunnel that collapsed as I made my way through. I was some ways east of Nashkel, and was immediately jumped by a gang claiming to work for the "Iron Throne", and that I had been meddling in their affairs....They must have had someone watching me since I entered Nashkel? In any case, I quickly dispatched of them and rested for the better part of a day with Neera. The next clue leads to this guy Tranzig at Feldepost's, so it looks like I'll be paying him a visit when I head north.

    [Day 49] 8PM...on my way back to Nashkel, I passed through the Carnival. I've decided to use the merchant in the large red tent as my main salesman, at least at the Carnival. We were overstuffed with loot, so I wanted to sell off some before headed back into the town official. Maybe I'll return to see the rest of the carnival soon, before I leave Nashkel?

    9PM...I met the mayor and received my due reward for clearing the mine of the scum inhabiting it. My reputation also increased...I am not so much despised anymore as simply disliked...

    And an assassination attempt by Nimbul! It looks as though those behind the bandit and iron crisis have looked to kill me specifically for ruining their plans. Luckily, I have a bearing on them. They will rue the day they tried to harm me...if it's a fight they want, they'll get one, and regret it heavily.

    [Day 50] 5AM, Nashkel Inn, rested, healed, and ready to figure out my next move. I will have to pay a (violent) visit to Tranzig as my first order of business, there's no doubt about that. I guess I'll figure out my next move after that, depending on where it leads.



    Ethal Jo, Level 6 Berserker
    Neera, Level 6 Wild Mage

  • SelerelSelerel Member Posts: 86
    edited January 28
    [Day 50] 7PM. Made the half-day journey up to Beregost and promptly exploded Tranzig with my Mace. But he was just a middleman, a lackey. His notes and letters point in the direction up in the northeast, in the Woods of Sharp Teeth. It looks like I finally have a location for that bandit camp. I spent much of my first month and half in the Peldvale-Larswood region, slaughtering packs of bandits at relatively high frequency. I always thought I was zeroing in on a base of operations, but just couldn't find it--but now, thanks to Tranzig, I can head back up to my "old stomping grounds" and put my mace to the head of whoever is trying to kill me. Do these people have to do with why Gorion was killed? I don't know, and really don't care. The bandits are the much more urgent threat at this point, and their time is limited. Going to rest up at the Burning Wizard then head out north in the early morning.

    And finally made a stash point to store the really nice loot I don't want to use OR sell--the Harrower, Ring of Sune, etc.--2nd floor, 2nd room on the right. I realized all the chests are locked, and lacking a thief, I reluctantly tried bashing one of the chests open to use as my personal storage.

    AS IT TURNS OUT, there is a magical mace present in this exact drawer?? Ha! The fates are smiling on me! Maces have been my primary weapon specialty, so I rush to Thunderhammer before they close for the evening to identify it--it is the Stupefier. A Mace +1 with a chance to stun. This is wreak havok and rain down destruction on my enemies, I am AMPED up to head to the bandit camp now.


    [I SWEAR I did not metagame this moment...but it's such luck, I understand if you wouldn't believe me...]

    [Day 52] 9PM. In Peldvale, I run into a group of bandits led by the priest Raiken. Without much trouble I slaughtered them, like I have with many of their brethren before them. Before we continued on to the bandit camp, we had rested for the day to rejuvenate for the confrontation. Before we were set to head out, Neera began peppering me with questions about our first meeting. The girl is clearly infatuated with me, and I do have a soft spot for her, but I'm not going to get drawn into some juvenile courtship. 


    Chapter 4

    [Day 53] 1PM...I approached the bandit camp. When attacked, I fought back and wiped out most of those weaklings. I used a Potion of Cloud Giant Strength so I was killing most of the bandits in one blow. When I entered Tazok's tent, I became enraged and Neera's remaining magic made short work of the camp leadership. Now--I have more information about my enemies. I had heard the name Iron Throne before, they had attacked me outside the eastern entrance to the Nashkel mines. And now I have more names, including Davaeorn and Sarevok.


    I would have had no problem with this bandit scum continuing to wreak havok on the Coast Way, in fact I may have even been able to profit off of it. But the fools made the mistake of coming after me, personally, and I can't abide that. I will travel directly to Cloakwood now, to confront and kill them. What are my other choices, truly?

    [Day 57] 6AM. I made it to Cloakwood. I killed a smattering of druids for Aldeth Sashentar, who claims to be a noble in the city. Maybe that will pay off later on. I ended up resting for the night, after the battle. Upon awakening again, Neera continues to try to get close.


    7AM. Met Coran. He let me in on a 2000gp bounty request for the head of a wyvern. I couldn't bear letting that fortune go to waste, so I thought it best to make it my own quest, and let him join the party. It's very useful to have Coran around (as a thief, to finally replace Imoen); and based on his biography, as told to us, it doesn't seem like he'll be too hesitant to engage in the morally suspect activities we tend to find ourselves in. One annoying thing is that he has very poor, low-quality equipment, and only 20 arrows...enough to make him almost useless for now.


    8AM. And now I am ealizing Cloakwood is a LARGE forest, and the "Iron Throne" hideout will not be so easily found out on the outskirts of the forest. It's best I return to town to get better equipment for Coran, and arrows, before beginning the multiple days' journey into the depths of the forest.

    [Day 58] 2PM. Walked back to Beregost and bought some new gear for Coran, including an expensive medium shield +1, and of course rested at the Burning Wizard. I also gave him the Harrower I had in upstairs storage. At this point I believe that I will have Coran specialize in sword and shield combat...hecould use the extra armor class, and the reason he would enter melee would be for cover and damage control, not necessarily to cause damage--he has his bow for that.

    At this point, about to head back to Cloakwood to dig deeper in and look for these bastards from this "Iron Throne"...

    Party at this stage is:

    Ethal Jo, Level 6 Berserker
    Coran, Level 5 Fighter/Level 5 Thief
    Neera, Level 6 Wild Mage

  • SelerelSelerel Member Posts: 86
    edited January 31
    [Day 60] 1PM...deep in Cloakwood, and just killed a nasty Sword Spider. Looking at the entrance of the spider hive I ran across--I just remembered!--I never checked out the cave in the bandit camp. What treasures may those fools stuffed in that cavern?? I'll have to head back out there at some point to claim more of my reward!

    [Day 63] 12AM...High Hedge. I am returning to Beregost after being greatly damaged and poisoned by spiders deep in Cloakwood, and drinking the majority of the healing potions that I spent a good fortune on--I cursed Jaheira for leaving me so many weeks ago in Nashkel, abandoning me to fight some pack of Amnish guards, and I vowed right there she would feel my vengeance if I were to see her again. I could have used a healer badly while battling those damn spiders in Cloakwood.

    But with my needing substantial healing and new antidote potions, and the fact that Neera gained experience and can now use Level 4 spells--none of which she has scribed--I decided to turn away from the search for the Iron Throne. I realize now it will take a long time to find them, but I tell myself it will make the revenge that much sweeter when it happens. I am fuming that the Iron Throne is so hidden, but it looks like back to town again to regroup.

    Unfortunately, Thalantyr has no Level 4 spells for sale, so foolish Neera will just waste her high-level slots...pssht.

    [Day 65] 10AM...after resting at the BW, we begin our march back into the Cloakwood. At some point, Coran begins to become impatient at our lack of wyvern hunting. Yes, fine, I'm also looking to slay some wyverns and collect the reward.


    [Day 66] 3PM...I encountered Eldoth deep in the woods. He may have been hiding out--in any case, he intrigued me with his scheme to blackmail an influential noble in Baldur's Gate, gaining gold and clout as I do it. I laughed to myself, the fates are smiling on me again. This is exactly the type of plan I can use to establish myself quickly and forcefully in the big city. Let me hunt down these damn wyverns, then I may get a move on this sooner than later--I'm not sure how much this slimy bard contibutes to the party as a whole...


    4PM...Huzzah! Even though I slew a Shadow Druid I encountered (an accident really; I was hoping to intercept an Iron Throne message, but he attacked and we had to smash him down), I encountered another one: Faldorn. Not only does she have a bearing on where the Iron Throne headquarters IS, she is also eager to destory them and can act as a very necessary healer for my party.


    I journeyed into the forest with just my wizard girl Neera in tow. Since then, I've gathered a thief, a priest, and a plot to make money in Baldur's Gate. But being reinvigorated about it by our new companion Faldorn, completely crushing the Iron Throne is the immediate order of business.

    [Day 67] 11PM...I found and slew the wyverns that Coran clued me in about. It will be a fair bounty when I collect. Now, with the specific location of the mine, I'm making camp for the night. We will make the 4-hour journey to the mines in the morning, and then we'll really see how badly this Iron Throne wants me dead.


    [Day 68] 6PM...I am on a whirlwhind of pain tour through the Cloakwood mine, killing all Iron Throne lackeys I come across. I eventually ran into Yeslick, but had no need of a healer anymore with Faldorn in my group (almost as impatient as me to destroy the Iron Throne). Also came across another slave who wanted 100 gold to bribe a Blacktalon so his buddies could escape. Nah, I don't give gold to old beggars--I killed all the bandits anyway, the slaves should be free to leave.


    Chapter 5

    11PM...I have stormed through the mines and killed Davaeorn. Looks like I'll be headed next to Baldur's Gate, to wipe out whatever Iron Throne I can find in the headquarters there--I have a new name now, Rieltar--and then to eventually establish myself by pushing through with Eldoth's scheme. I'd still like to enrich myself in the dungeons of Ulcaster, Firewine, and Durlag's Tower...but that may be longer down the road. My wrath now travels up north to the city.


    [Day 69] 8AM. I had to almost force that one slave leader to flood the mine. He kept going on about Rill and the other slaves, but like I said, I killed all the bandits so if the rest of the miners are stupid enough to stay in the mine, then to hell with them. Of course, the miners ARE stupid, and many did indeed stay behind and die when I lied to get the mines to flood. Word of my action here will get out, even though the responsibility is not mine...thereby making me further despised throughout the land. But it's better people fear and despise me than ever try to take advantage...


    [Day 74] 1AM. I made my way back to civilization (Beregost) to collect the gold for all my spoils. I was able to rest and re-equip all my companions, numbering four total now. I collected the bounty for the wyvern head as well, so now my gold numbers above 32,000 pieces. There is a magical crossbow for sale that Eldoth may be able to use, some Shadow Armor at Thunderhammer that would mark a major improvement in melee ability for Coran, and of course the Robe of the Neutral Archmagi for Neera at High Hedge. However, because I am so despised, these shopkeepers  will not provide me friendly pricing. It's all I can do not to kill them right there for their insult, but then I would have no chance at securing that equipment. So for now, not wanting to wipe out my fortune, I decide to wait on acquiring those high-price items. Maybe at another point I will try to steal them? But right now my companions are too inept at that...

    Regardless, from my storage at the Burning Wizard, I gave Rashad's Talon to Eldoth and the Ring of Sune to Faldorn--she is still onboard, apparently, to try to wipe out the Irone Throne. And that indeed is my next move. What greater entrance into the big city than to absolutely obliterate a powerful mining organization or whatever they are. Immediately, I will be known not to be trifled with. My bloodlust and excitement increase just thinking about it!

    After resting for the evening, we now are prepared to leave Beregost to journey northward in the dead of night. I may even take a detour through the exterminated bandit camp, as I may have failed to retrieve all the spoils of my victory there (i.e., I forgot to check the large cavern). It will be a good check to make sure that no bandits have tried to re-establish themselves there, either.


    Current party:

    Ethal Jo, Level 7 Berserker
    Coran, Level 5 Fighter/Level 6 Thief
    Faldorn, Level 7 Druid
    Eldoth, Level 7 Bard
    Neera, Level 7 Wild Mage


  • SelerelSelerel Member Posts: 86
    edited February 2
    [Day 74] 6AM. North of Beregost. Faldorn makes some comment about how our group is "low character"! I'll show her low character if she keeps running her mouth...

    [Day 76] 11AM. I returned to the bandit camp I had demolished weeks earlier. It was a damn waste of time; just a bunch of captive and presumably starving gnolls in that cave I had to put out of their misery. I was able to enjoy the comforts of Tazok's still-abandoned tent for a brief morning, but it's now time to head west to the city.


    11PM. I am crossing the bridge to enter Baldur's Gate for the first time, and Scar of the Flaming First stops me. I'm not exactly sure what this lawman wants and am in fact quite suspicious at first. But looks like he just had some work he wants done, odds and ends. Ehh, we'll see. I have a few more important things I need to take care of first, for my own self, before I start working for the city guard...

    I met Quayle on the opposite side of the bridge. I wondered at first if I could use his service, but I already wield arcane magic with Neera, and I have a rageful healer, albeit unhappy, in the Shadow Druid Faldorn. Plus I immediately couldn't stand the gnome's bookish, arrogant, nasally persona. I decided against him joining our group, so there he remains standing.

    [Day 77] 12AM. I was offered 50 gold to listen to a "boss." It looks as though I'll be meeting a representative of the Thieves' Guild in the city. They made contact with me within the hour; clearly, my infamy has spread throughout the Sword Coast. I will meet with them--they may have information for me about the Iron Throne. But I don't operate at the beck and call of cowardly shadowsteppers. I decide to grab a few drinks at the Elfsong first and soak in the city at night; I end up killing two ruffians upstairs who call me a moron, and loot the 100gp they were holding in their room. Unfortunate, but I had a gut feeling the city was gonna be like this.


    1AM. It looks like the killing of the ruffians apparently made Alyth Elendara hostile. However, instead of attacking me, she is simply in a panicked frenzy. I wanted her to attack me, to come at me, to swing her weapon, to cast a spell...but nothing. I thought better of crushing her down, and allowed her to continue to freak out in her room.

    3AM. You can say the Thieves' Guild meeting went poorly. I wouldn't pander to the old windbag fool guildmaster, and without much thought he flew off the handle and had his entire guild attack me. Unfortunately for him, I was able to slaughter them all and loot his precious guildhouse. I'm not sure this was the best thing that could have had happened, seeing how I could have used them for information...but I had no choice in the moment. There are two locked chests I want to return to in the Thieves' Guild; once I have Neera memorize Knock, which will be after I find a potion that increases her intelligence...


    I'm continuing to explore the city streets this first night I entered...eventually I'll find an inn or tavern and sleep through the morning...


    5AM. Ran into Entillus Fulsom. He attacked me on the spot, but first identified himself as a Harper. Hearing this, I had Coran hand over his best magical items, knowing that he may up and leave the group once we kill him--and that's exactly what happened. He couldn't stand us any longer, what with him being generally good aligned. What a spineless coward, running off like that. Just like Jaheira (and to a lesser extent Imoen), I won't take too kindly if I see him again...I'm very much despised, to the point where the Flaming First may send troops after us. I may look to find a temple to donate to, establishing my model citizenship. And of course, I'm down a damn thief with Coran gone.


    Huh! I also spotted a sign on the front of a large building out of the corner of my eye, right before dawn. "Iron Throne"!...I found the bastards. But I'll have to bide my time a bit, let me rest and first see what resources the city may first offer.

    6AM. Well, looks like some commoner ran and told the Flaming Fist that I had killed Entillus, because they showed up with some Battle Wizards very quickly. I would not run; these were my first couple hours in the city, and I'm not going to be pushed around by the fool guardsmen. To be forced into running away and hiding so quickly after arriving--no, I could not stomach it.

    But the slaying of the lawfolk was too much for Faldorn to handle! Bah, hypocrite, she leaves too, runs off during the chaos. Again, I had the wherewithall to take the magical items on her person before she left, anticipating where the encounter might it is just me, Eldoth, and Neera, and I'm going to have to rest inside. I am a despised villain, a scourge of the city, and I need somewhere to lay low...The Blade and Stars it is. I doubt the mercenaries that keep order in the city will put up peacefully with my presence for long. And maybe I'll go back and find that gnome...I DO need a healer at this point; but I may try to find a temple to donate to first to get the Flaming First off my back.

    10PM. I rested and waited until nightfall again...I'm trying to find a temple to which I can donate to relax some of the Flaming Fist pressure, so I can establish a proper foothold.

    [Day 78] 12AM. Wandering the streets again, and the Iron Throne headquarters is calling to me. I'm not sure what is behind those doors, but I know there is a good chance I will slay some innocents. I know that Eldoth and Neera will stay with me; so while I'm currently an uncontrolled criminal force in the city, why not continue my spree and just exact my vengeance on the Iron Throne TONIGHT? Yes, yes, the more I think on it, the more I dwell on it--the more I dwell on it, the more I know it needs to be done.

    I will need some reputation increases afterwards, as well as possible healing and potions--so I still want to get my bearings of the city layout this second night, and definitely find some holy men that I can butter up afterwards.

    Ran into Aldeth Sashenstar. I really wasn't interested in solving his little problem, I have wildly more important things to worry about.

    1AM. I see Scar standing alone outside the Flaming Fist HQ. Since his men have been attacking me, I immediately confront him to see what he's going to do about it; he deflects by telling me to meet the Grand Duke Eltan, regarding the Iron Throne specifically. Good!! Exactly how these schmucks could be useful. He suggests some level of subterfuge to prove this or that plot against them--I don't care muh about it at all--I'm out for pure blood and vengenace--until he mentions the 2,000gp. Sure then Duke, I'll gather whatever paperwork and document I can find to win me that gold, too! This is going to be an absolute slaughter and pillaging! Still need to find a temple in this damn city before I do that.


    I try to talk to Tiax, but he doesn't want to talk to me...fine, you stupid little gnome!

    2AM. Neera becomes argumentative about our current path, and almost threatens to leave the group--I talk her into staying until this night is complete...


    Also ran into Lothander at the marketplace, he must have been following us in the middle of this rainy night. He made some claim of our party being poisoned, but I swatted him away. I didn't quite crush his skull--some question lingers in me, what if he is right? He seems to generally spend his time there at the marketplace, so I may be able to search him out again at some point.

    3AM. Was intrigued by the Blushing Mermaid (and the courtesans standing about outside of it), so as I was trekking the inner city, STILL looking for a temple, I decided to pop inside to have an ale. Ran into the Ogre Larze...a very strong enemy, with the magic of both Neera and Eldoth, and me in my berserk state, he still almost ended it for me. Now, I need time to rest and heal. Gah! I wanted to raid the Irone Throne HQ tonight, but looks like it will have to wait a day or even two. In my injured state, I don't dare wander outside. I'm laying low for these next couple days at the Blushing Mermaid.

    [Day 79] 3AM. I rested for a full day at the Blushing Mermaid, staying inside generally. I'm sure the word got out that a murderous criminal has been making THIS Inn now his center of operations, but the majority of the Flaming Fist still remain too spineless to show up and do anything about it. I suppose I have Duke Eltan and Scar to thank that there is not more of a concentrated effort to rid me from the city, I suppose I generally just have the low-level foot patrols and enforcement mercenaries to worry about.

    But more importantly--I wake up vomiting and it's clear that Lothander WAS right. I'm glad I didn't kill him; my instincts pulled me back. I WILL have to go rough him up now and get answers from him IMMEDIATELY.

    4AM. Lothander sent me to the Diviner who sent me to the Water Queen's house. I was about to go inquire as to the whereabouts of the Book of Wisom at the Lady's Hall, but I decided to peer around the Bitch queen's grounds a bit. Well, maybe expectedly, this turned the priestesses there aggressively hostile. Not being one to run from a confrontation, it quickly spiraled into an absolute bloodbath. Since I am despised as a mass-murdering, criminal scourge, and my reputation could not be lower, this incident just adds to my body tally since I've been here. I am almost surprised with myself of how much I've been able to murder and conquer here; and the Iron Throne HQ is STILL ripe to shed blood. Even now they cannot give up their fool's crusade against me. As soon as I am free of this poison, their reckoning will soon be upon them.


    I also found a child's body. Not understanding quite what this was, I placed it in a crate outside, potentially to return to if it turns out being a noble's son and worth money, or somesuch. Luckily, I was also able to stumble upon some magic gauntlets as I did this...

    5AM. Walking past the Diviner tent again to get to Marek at the Blushing Mermaid...hmm, maybe I will return to that old man. He knew about the Geas scroll, maybe he also knows about the Iron Throne and the richest man in Baldur's Gate, hm?

    6AM. I found and killed Marek, got his antidote, and cured myself of the slow-acting poison. Without a healer, it is just MORE rest and MORE time at the Blushing Mermaid--again, I will stay inside for the day, and emerge again once night has fallen. I still need to find a single temple in Baldur's Gate where I can get healed and donate some of my hard-earned gold, to somewhat elude my criminal past, at least partially. They all must be in the inner city...I know at least there exists the Lady's Hall.

    10PM. I have encountered the mage Ramazith on the streets. He offered a magical item if I were to infiltrate another mage's house, Ragefast, and steal his captive nymph. This sounds intriguing, but there's not time for it right now. Maybe in a few days...

    11PM. Ah! I have finally found a damn Temple in this city. The Temple of Helm. They will heal me and sell to me, although now their prices are designed to keep the criminal hindered. Harumph, again. Very well, I remain a feared scourge until the Iron Throne are just bloodstains. And then I'll return here, bloody, to show the whole city what a rich, proper, and established businessman I am.

    Shortly after, I ran into a halfling named Meklin who Neera had stolen from in the past. He was transformed inadvertently into a Umber Hulk, but Eldoth's freeze-wand made short work of him.

    I'm using the top floor of the Blade and Stars as a secondary stash spot (the other one being the Burning Wizard in Beregost). The chest in the corner--I wanted to clear up some of our inventory, understanding that I may retrieve many items and documents from the Iron Throne raid. I'm probably going to lie in wait, resting again until night falls again tomorrow night...

    [Day 80] 8AM. I awoke to the murmuring of Flaming Fist enforcers and battle wizards outside the Blade and Stars. They had come to try to put a stop to me. Well, I burst outside and ended all of them. The city streets were a battle ground. Soon these idiots will come around and realize I am not to be attacked; until then, they'll continue to die.


    Neera is becoming annoying; frequently threatening to leave, making me ask her to stay and making me admit I've made a mistake...when will she begin to understand, though? This is the path we are on. It will be mostly violent, and pain will always try to box us in. At first I was patient with her, understanding she is very naive and juvenile, and appreciate her loyalty. But the stakes are rising now and I'm starting to have higher expectations for her than her constant whining.

    [Day 81] 1AM. This is it. The Iron Throne raid is upon us; what I came to the city for and what I've been gearing up for four days for--I can barely wait any longer. When I emerge--undoubtedly victorious--I'll decide what to do, then.

    2AM. During my slaughtering of everyone in the Iron Throne HQ (Emissary Tar is the only living creature I've spared thus far), I did get some info that the "leaders" are away at Candlekeep! Hargh, how ironic! Well, it won't stop the slaughter here.


    3AM. I've taken out the Iron Throne's top team, on the top floor of their HQ. This was one of the toughest battles I've faced, and Neera didn't make it through--she was taken out by a confused Ogre that Eldoth had summoned with a wand. I had her run down the stairs once or twice to hide from being targeted, but it still wasn't enough...


    There is so much loot and records here, more than what Eldoth and I can carry. I may store everything upstairs, make a brief trip to the temple while it is still dark, then return. The entire building is now cleared out to my knowledge...mercs, cooks, merchants, Thaldorn, and all.

    [I think it was my 4th attempt, where CHARNAME didn't die]

    4AM. Dragged myself and Eldoth uptown to resurrect Neera and heal ourselves...Scar and Eltan want me to meet with them ASAP, this must be about the bounty. First, I need to return to the cleared-out Iron Throne building and sift through my spoils of war stored there.

    6AM. Pulled everything I could from the blood-soaked Iron Throne building (with a live Neera) then went to visit Eltan for my further reward. Realizing as I was speaking to him that I did not actually find an incriminating documents, I didn't have much useful information in exchange for his gold.


    I know that the remaining leadership for the Iron Throne is split between Candlekeep (Rieltar?) and somewhere outside the city resolving bandit internal conflicts (Sarevok?). So the Iron Throne may not be dead, but they've sure gotten their head smashed prety badly. I don't think they thought they were signing up for THAT when they first tried to send assassins my way. While I mean to eventually pillage all the dungeons to the southeast of Beregost, I also will be on the lookout for lethal vengeance on those Iron Throne leaders--if I can find them. I'll pay a visit to my childhood home of Candlekeep sooner than later, but also branch out from the Coast Way to see if I can zero in on any new or other bandit camps. I don't know how long they will be away, but they don't have much of anything to come back to the city for, so I can see if it's an extended stay for them out of town. There are two locked chests in the basement, so I claim this stash on my own; I may need magical to open them.

    But alas, as it stands this morning, I am still very much in open conflict with the guards of the city, and I lack a healer and have continued to do most of my traversing by night. I will have to deal with these problems now, and establish a foothold as a true BOSS of the city...what I had designs on for months now. Following that, I feel like my story will truly only be beginning. Now may be the time to begin to enact Eldoth's plot...

    4PM. Rested at the Blade and Stars, and then marched to Helm to begin to restore my reputation in the city. 3700gp later [Reputation 4], and I should hopefully stop seeing those battalions of Flaming Fist so often. More importantly, I've thrown around enough gold to command respect for fairer business dealings, so I'll start engaging with the merchants and other taverns of the city this afternoon, into tomorrow...

    And as much as I despise him, I am in need of a healer for my journeys and battles. I know Quayle was available to add his services to my party, and while I know it will take all the self-control I have not to squeeze his brains out of his skull, I'm hoping I'll be able to beat and dominate him into obedience. I invited him to the group, and gave him some equipment from my stash at the B&S. I am very arcane heavy now, but so be it. Eldoth may not be a long-term member depending on how his scheme goes.


    6PM. I'm having my mages memorize new spells that they can afford--Neera now knows some Level 4 spells, so my power continues to increase.

    I had to put down another Flaming Fist mercenary. Maybe he didn't get the message I'm respectable now, but he was in Maltz's shop, accusing me of stealing. Even if it were true I wouldn't take this kind of treatment from some low-level guard. I had to crush him like I've done with many of his colleagues before....but not before a reputation loss. Gah! This damn city is making me pay even more money to the temple to regain reputation. I'm quite frankly fuming over it, but I see no other way as it stands right now. The most important point is that the only healer I know, Quayle, will leave me if I don't make amends by donating to the church. I will have to rage off on my own against this horrible gnome.

    I DO need to make my move against Entar soon. The point there is to increase my wealth greatly.

    [Day 82] 4AM. Rested up, inventory managed, and proper spells memorized. I have a reputation that should keep most guards quiet with their heads down. It is time to take over this city! I want to find Entar's estate and start with Eldoth's scheme, but generally I'd also like to check out all the shops, and I don't mind stopping for an ale or two as I come across taverns.

    Current party:

    Ethal Jo, Level 7 Berserker
    Eldoth, Level 7 Bard
    Neera, Level 8 Wild Mage
    Quayle, Level 5 Cleric/Level 4 Illusionist


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    [Day 82] 5AM. I met a boy, Varci. He promised me a reward for some work, so after some goading, I followed him to his Priest-sire's house. The priest proceeds to tell me the story of his son who was killed by the Water Queen bitch priestesses. Ah! That must have been the child's body I recovered when I slew everyone in the Water Queen's house a few days previous. I remember I stashed the body in a crate, not knowing exactly who it was at the time.


    I pushed for more gold from the church coffers, but couldn't get it. I'm simply going to retrieve the body and get my magical reward, though--shouldn't be a problem, just unexpected spoils from a previous fight...

    6AM. I stumbled upon Ragefast's home, as well. I remember another wizard had promised me a reward for the capture and deliverance of a nymph in Ragefast's possession...hmm, something I may return to sooner than later...


    7AM. I returned the boy's body to his father, who had him successfully resurrected. He left contented, and his other son gave me the reward: 2000gp and the Shield of the Falling Stars. That being said, with just the one boy home...I considered I had done them the favor of a lifetime (literally) and thusly deserved to poke around and make sure they weren't holding out any more valuables and money on me. So I smashed open the chest. The son, the little brat that he is, called the Flaming Fist. While I know Neera and Eldoth would stay with me through another FF confrontation, it may be too much for the whiner and complainer Quayle.



    Once they approached, I was able to sleep and panic the Enforcers in the room upstairs; then, I left the house. Obviously I can't just leave it like this, with the thorn still half in my side. So I removed Quayle from our party--he doesn't have to have anything to do with what happens next, and I need to keep the healer he waits in the alley outside. I return with Eldoth and Neera to finish what I've started--I kill the the Flaming Fist mercs, and I know my reputation on the Sword Coast wil bottom out once again to the most despicable of the despised.




    Not being deterred, I emerge to the morning light and add Quayle to the group. He doesn't ask any questions. I can't stomach donating thousands of more gold to the temple, my blood boils thinking of it. We'll see what happens as we walk around the city openly as a despised criminal murderer...but the Flaming Fist may start to be learning there's only so much they can do. On the good side, I'm not sure what I can do that would get Quayle to leave me at THIS point. I guess where else would he go with his reputation damaged as much as this?

    [What I mean is, Quayle will still rejoin your group if booted/re-invited with a rep of 1 (not sure if that's true for all companions). Since a rep of 1 can never drop lower, Quayle never leaves.. It's the act of losing a point that causes companions to leave, not the value itself.]


    So I continue to take stock of the city, especially the richer "inner" city this morning...

    10AM. Ah, eventually discovered Entar Silvershield's estate, in the richest of the rich section of BG, the Northwest. Eldoth says now is the time to put the plan into effect, I don't disagree! He mentions to take care in not killing the guards; hmm, sounds unlikely. And for that reason, again, I'm dropping Quayle off. I won't need his healing or illusion spells during the time it takes me to retrieve the Silvershield girl, then I can re-recruit him like I did earlier this morning. The less he knows,the better.

    I find a Tavern and Inn where I can have Quayle stay. This is also the first time I'm really hearing about the Undercellar...hmm, seems like some place to check out.




    11AM. Inside Entar Silvershield's estate--not having a thief, I roamed the grounds and interrogated the outside staff looking for a key to no avail. Eventually I realized I was able to bash myself inside.


    The guards and servants saw through my half-hearted ruse as a Flaming Fist security detail almost instantly; I wasn't keen on trying to keep up appearances too much. This in turn led to the anticipated bloodshed as the estate guards tried to stop me--but they were no match. I think my kill count approached a dozen by the time I got eyes on the Lord Entar himself. But he screamed and ran in the opposite direction before I could have any interaction with him.





    Finally found Skie. She is a thief and jumped at the chance to join our group. Good! It would have been a shame to have trouble with the kidnap-blackmail routine at this point. But I am in desperate need of a thief, so I allowed her to be one of my begins the ransom scheme. I imagine I'll wait for Eldoth to fill in the details, but right now I'm fine enough just having a new thief.


    12PM. I picked Quayle back up. The city guard's ranks have thinned during the "red dawn" this morning. At least 15 guards and flaming fists were killed--and Quayle can say he wasn't around for any of it. Somehow that eases the gnome's conscience...


    Hm, a very nice neighborhood by the way, the Northwest. Maybe I come back in a bit and do a door-to-door introduction so these Baldur's Gate nobles know who their new neighbor is...

    Went to the Blade and Stars to empty my stash there; thinking of moving it somewhere more high-brow!! Maybe right in the middle of all those nobles in the Northwest section, so they know I'm watching them.

    2PM. As I continued to walk the city, mostly looking for shops that may sell interesting items, I decided to check out the Seven Suns. I figured there'd be some rich sniveling BG nobles there that I could meet, bully, extort, etc. However, it appears everyone inside is a doppleganger. Slightly confused, I made quick work of the monsters. The only real human there was a tortured prisoner named Jhasso. He did not trust US not to be be it. I spared his life--maybe one day he will realize the debt he's in.



    5PM. I want to visit the Merchant's League for the same (original) reason I visited Seven Suns. This time I have a reference from Aldeth Sashenstar. I go inside but no one seems to be talking to me of anything of any substance--I suspect they are dopplegangers too from what I heard from Aldeth. I eventually loot about 1K in gold and some incriminating documents that presumably show Zorl and Irlentree are dopplegangers. This leads to a large confrontation where I kill almost two dozen of those shapeshifting freaks, up in the banquet hall. I go to Aldeth for some type of reward for my troubles--but him and his guard commander are just still convinced there are more monsters to kill. I did two or three sweeps of the estate, no dopplegangers alive--they're just frozen in fear, it seems. Gah! They also are in debt to me, now, and they'll come around to realize it...

    Interestingly, I did hear the name Rieltar, as someone who may be pulling the strings behind this. Ah, my nemesis, the leader of the Iron Throne. I do intend to pay him a visit at Candlekeep, as soon as I'm able...


    6PM. Moved my stash to the Tavern and Inn in the NW. There are about half-dozen magical items I've gained, too good to sell to to these slimebag merchants.

    7PM. Got into a huge brawl at the Helm and Cloak. We were victorious, obviously, but they killed Eldoth.



    9PM. Resurrected Eldoth at the Lady's Hall. Felt I was rested/healed enough to contiue to explore the rest of the city, even though I was almost out of spells. But after that encounter at the Helm and Cloak, how dangerous could anything else be?

    Well, I broke into Degrodel's House and found out. Multiple invisible stalkers, doom guards, helmed horrors attacked. I immediately fell back into the streets, but the battle was desperate. They really had an eye out for Quayle; eventually an invisible stalker popped up out of nowhere and killed him. Beyond that...I was able to scrape by, but severely injured now. At least two nobles were killed, caught in a scorcher column, but we're already despised as despied can be, so it led to no major change in our reputation. As night falls, yes, I'm definitely going to have to rest up.




    But no, I couldn't run away...why was that house so heavily fortified?? They must be guarding something good, and whoever it is deserves payback for killing my gnome healer. I went back inside to check it out, there was one final Helmed Horror I took out without much trouble. I also saw the mage, Degrodel himself. I spoke to him--he very stupidly threatened that I would die if I didn't do what he said; well, I didn't take kindly to that kind of threat. So again, the confrontation turned hostile. I was NOT expecting him to summon in a half dozen more warrior servants--more doom guards, invisible stalkers, helmed horrors. I was almost completely out of spells from ALL of my spellcasters, but I ended up relying heavily on wands--monster summoning, and then the direct damage-dealing ice and fire wands. Meanwhile, my Berserker self used Oil of Speed and Stone Giant Strength potions, and we were barely able to pull it off without any more death--my berserker rage ability was spent much earlier on today.

    [Took about 4 or 5 tries before I was able to do it without charname dying...]



    After the win, time to loot. Skie could not open the lock however, and I couldn't bash it open either, even with Stone Giant strength. So in the spirit of using a lot of potions this evening, I had Skie take a potion of Master Thievery...and it simply looks like I found some splint mail +1. Maybe I'm regretting killing Degrodel now...I wonder what work he wanted me to do?

    10PM. Resurrected Quayle and am on my way to REST finally, at the Tavern and Inn, in the Northwest, which I've set up as my new unoffical BG base of operations. I really need some new potions of health, but no way I'm getting them from these holy men, the markup price is way too much for me to afford...what scum.


    Current party:

    Ethal Jo, Level 7 Berserker
    Skie, Level 7 Thief
    Eldoth, Level 8 Bard
    Quayle, Level 5 Cleric/Level 4 Illusionist
    Neera, Level 8 Wild Mage


    [Wow, what an eventful day. I realized I started at dawn and am just going to rest now at 10pm. No wonder I was so short on spells by the end!]

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    [Day 84] 8AM...I had rested at the Tavern and Inn for most of yesterday. The day before was extremely eventful, so I thought it probably best to lay low and grab some relaxation, best we can. Eldoth brings up nothing of his scheme to kidnap and random Skie, so I am increasingly unhappy about that...? How am I supposed to make money on any of these nobles here?

    Well, I guess I did get a lead to the Undercellar, if I want to blackmail. But I also may pay visits to the big fancy expensive-looking estates in the area. Doesn't hurt to go tavern jumping either and see where the best spot is to grab an ale!


    Aaand it turns out, laying low wasn't worth it other than to give me some rejuvenation time. As soon as I emerged from the inn after my day of resting, a Flaming Fist contingent with a Battle Wizard was waiting to kill me. But I enlisted all four of my followers to help kill them; they're all complicit now in what we are--an unstoppable, unabashed criminal force in the city, carrying with us with the secret approval of Duke Eltan and Commander Scar, and with us the daughter of Duke Silvershield.


    11AM. I stroll up to Ragefast's house, thinking now to make good on Ramazith's offer to reward me for the illegal nymph in his possession. Obviously the battle with Ragefast came to blows, and I brought the nymph to Ramazith. While he was quite pleased, his meager reward of Bracers of AC 7 was extremely underwhelming to say the least; so as I've done in most cases, I decide to help myself with whatever else might be in his house, because I deserve it and he can't stop me!


    He had some monster guards, but I fought my way through them handily and reached the top. The best magical treasure there was a tome of intelligence. In the heat of battle I don't need my intelligence much, especially as a berserker, but it's nice to be able to raise it permanently. As I descended, Ramazith was none the wiser, so he and his new nymph were left to carry on alive.


    1PM. After checking in at the Harbor Master's building to see what was going on looks like I found most of the nobles and rich people in the city already. The only major estates I may deem worthy to pay a visit (for extortion-related purposes) would be Felonius Gist's and Oberan's estates, but they're locked shut. That's never stopped me before, but maybe that's for later.


    I'm going to rest some more and check out all the taverns and night life in the city. It's time to kick back a bit and enjoy some drink, celebrating my last few weeks of triumphs.

    9PM. Didn't get treated well at the Three Old fact two commoners insulted me deeply as I entered, going on about our adventuring smell. The lippy one ran off before I could catch him, but his friend even decided to get in on the name-calling. Having little other choice, I smashed him into oblivion. Only a fool would speak this way to Ethal Jo and his villainous party. The bartender there wouldn't serve me, so I scoped out the rest of the place and hit the road.


    But before any of that, some halfling warned that a Paladin named Phandalyn had my number, and wished me will. Luckily, the halfling gave me info on his whereabouts, so off I go to the dock, happy ready to confront this new fool!

    11PM. While looking for Phandalyn, had some drinks with some drunken sailors at Jopalin's Tavern. Also ran into Yeslick...he apparently made his way to the Gate after I freed him in Cloakwood.


    [Day 85] 3AM. I checked out all the south side taverns, get into some brawls, but couldn't find Phandalyn anywhere. Whatever, I'm sure I'll be able to deal with the do-gooder if he ever dares to seek me out. Being as I'm intoxicated, going to rest again for the night. I may resume my tavern hopping--this time in the inner city--tomorrow night. But beyond that, it doesn't look like the Iron Throne leaders are set to be returning anytime soon. I know one is in Candlekeep, and another is somewhere off aways with bandit leadership. So it may be coming time I track them down and pay 'em a visit...we still have a bit of unsettled business: that is, their continued existence.


    8PM. Back out to the taverns, for potentially my final night in the Gate before headed back out. I swing by the Blushing Mermaid, and Neera has again her pointless conversation with me about her thinking our party was going in a different direction, and wanting me to apologize. I never do, and I always convince her to stay, but this routine is getting tiring. I devoted much time and resources into her spellbook, but at this point I'm considering finding Baeloth when I'm down by the FAI and seeing if he could be a feasible replacement. Or potentially, I don't need a replacement at all. Neera HAS been with me from almost the very beginning, and has continued to follow me while many lesser cowards abandoned me. That, and she's the most powerful mage out of any other potential companion I've met so far, so maybe this talk is premature.


    Either way, I check out a pathway from the Blushing Mermaid which leads to the Undercellar--I've been looking for this place!


    9PM. Decided to bash my way into Felonius Gist manor. Just want to meet the fellow citizen, he seems so rich and important...I intimidated him into letting me look around.


    10PM. Same with Oberan's estate. This one went more I explore the house, looking for someone worthwhile to speak to, I run into three mages. They speak of some magical items, then get suspicious and attack me, knowing I'm no servant. I end up taking down them, AND a number of guards and Flaming Fists that showed up, and ended up retrieving those specific magical skyship items they were talking about...though I'm not sure what to do with them, they may have some value down the road


    [Day 86] 7AM. For the time being, I'm done with the city. I'm looking to provide some payback to the Iron Throne leaders, still seemingly influential and causing trouble. I know Rieltar is at Candlekeep. I've also been meaning to raid those dungeons outside Beregost I've had my eyes on since leaving Candlekeep...Ulcaster, Firewine, Durlag's Tower.


    And the other Iron Throne leader--Sarevok, is it?...somewhere easing tensions with the bandit gangs, or something like that. So before I head south, I will travel to Ulgoth's Beard: the nearest settlement to the Woods of the Sharp Teeth, where the last bandit headquarters was. It's a loose lead, but there may be other worthwhile reasons for checking out this small village...

    [Day 87] 1AM. I arrived in Ulgoth's Beard shortly after midnight, and not long after--I was confronted by the mage Shandalar. Apparantly it were his daughter-mages that I killed only last night. I am surprised he didn't strike with more wrath...but apparently, he wants us to retrieve a cloak for him from this magical ice island. We had no choice in the matter...


    3PM. We spent most of the morning and afternoon slaughtering humiliated mages in the ice prison. Some of the conflicts were more daunting than others, and we had to rest for a period of time, but we were able to retrieve our ticket home--Shandalar's cloak--eventually. Skie had to use a Potion of Perception to take care of some of the traps (could detect one but could not disarm it...triggered twice but somehow she stayed alive), and Neera summoned a Nabassu on a wild surge at one point, as well. I was able to take care of it, between my berserker strength, a Protection from Evil spell cast on me by Neera, and the Stupifier which eventually got a stun in which made landing the rest of the blows much easier.



    Went we ported back to Ulgoth's Beard, and although it seems Shandalar is VERY powerful, I was ready to confront him. Instead, he takes his cloak and teleports away with a warning. Gah! So now, slightly disoriented, we are dropped right back in the middle of midday Ulgoth's Beard, with villagers gawking at our just-landed adventuring party. Quickly I spot Shandalar's home; my normal mode of operation has been shaking down people for other possessions they have in their home, when I think I deserve more payment than what I got. But unfortunately...he's got no loot in there at all, just a very spacious basement...


    I'm also seeing there are a lot of connections to Durlag's Tower up here. Guided tours, but also a dwarf offering 2,000gp for the return of a dagger. I was planning to eventually try to raid the dungeon anyway, this is just more riches from whatever I find there.

    Some good level 4 spells at the Ulgoth Inn (Emotion, Greater Malison, Improved Invisiblity), as well as the Cloak of Displacement which would be great for my Berserker...but all too expensive for me to buy, despised as we are. It may make sense to make a return trip up here if my reputation ever were to increase....

    4PM. After poking around the rest of the village, I realize they clearly have no new information about the bandits or the Iron Throne leaders. I did get two good leads--the dwaft and his dagger, as mentioned above, AND recovering some sea charts for Mendas. Not only will I get an easy 2000gp for the charts, I may be able to stake a claim to this new island trading outpost, and gather some powerful magic artifacts in the process....I plan to rest here then head back south in middle of the night, very intrigued by this prospect.


    [Day 88] 6PM. Returned to Baldur's Gate. I'm going to sell some of my winter wolf pelts I got from the ice island, dump some items into my stash (including the Halruuan airship artifacts--in fact, that made me go check out the Hall of Wonders again to see if anything would shake out, now I'm in possession of these items...but nope), but mainly I'm here to pay a visit to the Merchant League's Counting House for the sea charts. I mean, they're probably all dopplegangers anyway. And if they're chartering a ship soon, I should take those charts sooner than later, so they can't launch THEIR voyage. Then at least time would be on my side as to when I want to go up to Mendas and set sail.

    Some Flaming Fist attacked, but I slew them all handily. When will these low-level city guards learn, they shouldn't even try?


    [Day 89] 4AM. I "obtained" the Sea Charts, leaving a bloody wake of the Merchant League guards and sailors--but no matter. They could have given me the charts easily if they wanted to live.


    1PM. To be complete, we also marched north and checked out the farmlands outside of the city. Other than killing a large pack of zombies, nothing going on up here. A farmer told me he "didn't like the looks of me"; so I killed one his cows on my way out.


    Looks like south to Rieltar and Candlekeep. It will be good to check in on my stash at the Burning Wizard in Beregost, too.

    10PM. Quayle continues to complain about the group's supposedly evil direction. It's annoying, but I'm willing to put up with it since he's the only healer I could find. If he weren't so much a joke, I might take offense...


    [Day 91] 7AM. Arrived in, the mad cleric Bassilus is still at large, with a hefty 5kgp reward, still. It never seemed the right time for that, but if I am ever staying around these parts again (raiding the eastern dungeons), then it's worth it to maybe explore ALL of the Beregost surrounding area...I still haven't been much to the southwest.

    As a note: as I passed through the FAI area, I encountered Baeloth again. As it turns out, although my party has the most despised reputation it possibly can, and Quayle and Skie have been fine with endless slaughter so far, adding the Drow mage is a bridge too far for them. They would immediately leave the group permanently, I have sussed out. Seeing how Quayle and Skie are really the only two I NEED, Baeloth will continue to have to wait out in the woods. Looks like my current followers will be my followers for the forseeable future.

    [Day 92] 8AM. Gah! Still they will not let me enter Candlekeep without a tome of great worth! With Rieltar there, I figured I could force the confrontation or some other path would make itself available. This isn't likely the case! I had an urge to attack the Keeper of the Portal himself, but he himself holds no key, and it would potentially bar my entrance eternally...and he was polite about it.


    1PM. The most powerful person I know who was also trying to go after the Iron Throne was Duke Eltan. I couldn't get any proof of wrongdoing for him a couple weeks ago, but I'll tell him Rieltar is at Candlekeep, and maybe he can help me get back up to the Gate.

    [Day 93] 6AM. While passing through FAI, a contingent of Flaming Fist Enforcers attacked me right at the drawbridge. The drawbridge guards also joined in on the attack; about time, I thought. They were all felled.


    11PM. I made it back to Baldur's Gate. I'll see Eltan in the morning, but decided to rest at the Blade and Stars, my old spot in the outer city. I spoke to all the regulars there as I had a Bitter Black Ale or two at the bar.

    Surprisingly, Elkart gives me 1000gp and says that it's ransom money. Was this some kind of deal worked out between Eldoth and Skie's father that I didn't know about? I'm fuming that this plot is happening right underneath my nose...was Eldoth trying to scheme without me, keep me from getting my cut??...However, being 1000gp richer with some more promised on the way...I guess that calms me down.


    [Day 94] 7AM. The Iron Throne building remains abandoned. I make it a point to check time to time. Their leaders have not returned to the city.

    Chapter 6

    [Day 95] 8AM. Duke Eltan did indeed have a tome that allowed me access to Candlekeep, so with whiplash we made the trip back down south again and gained entrance back to my childhood home. after about three months on the Sword Coast. But reminiscing serves no purpose. I'm here to end a feud with the Iron Throne, and I plan to do that as swiftly and wrathfully as possible.

    10AM. I learned the location of the Iron Throne leaders and made short work of them. They were strong, yes, but I have a heavy-magic party with an extraordinarily powerful warrior as the point man--they were humiliated and killed.


    I felt a sigh of relief and left to exit...begin my sea voyage out west, maybe? But somehow, I was taken into custody and thrown into a jail cell by the Candlekeep Watchers, before I could react, without a chance to defend myself. Ulraunt had his piece to say, but I couldn't care less about the old coot. Tethtoril, the gracious fool, seemed to take pity on me and directed me towards an escape through the catacombs. Hmm, I very much appreciate that move, and I'll remember it...


    Current party:
    Reputation 1

    Ethal Jo, Level 8 Berserker
    Skie, Level 7 Thief
    Eldoth, Level 8 Bard
    Quayle, Level 5 Cleric/Level 5 Illusionist
    Neera, Level 8 Wild Mage


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    [Day 95 continued] 11AM. First level of the catacombs. Ugh, again with Neera threatening to leave the group (and actually doing it momentarily). And she chooses this moment in time to make another stand? I've almost had enough with this idiot. Maybe I can think of some way to add Baeloth as my companion separately, and then tempt back my non-evil followers...


    2PM. Neera did it again, ran away and almost got lost in the catacombs while briefly not in the party. This is ridiculous. I'm starting to not care how much gold I dumped into that damn spellbook, if she ups and disappears one day, none of it will be worth it.



    5PM. Second party is beginning to become fatigued, as we hadn't had much time to rest since our detainment inside Candlekeep. My Berserker is also getting heavily injured, and we're almost running out of healing spells and potions. I do not think NOW is a good time to rest.

    8PM. Confronted and killed a gang waiting for "Sarevok/Korevas" by the Catacombs exit. I read Prat's letter from looks as though he's the last remaining Iron Throne leader. Doesn't seem to mind that I had killed his old partners earlier in the day; probably looking to fill the power vacuum. According to this note, he should be headed back to Baldur's Gate eventually--great! I will love to crush him upon my big return to the city, he seems to be the last remaning piece of of the puzzle in my conquest against that organization.

    Chapter 7

    9PM. As I make my way to the outside, my journal reads "You have been accused of murdering the Iron Throne leaders, and the Flaming Fist will undoubtedly hound your every step because of it." Well of course I murdered the Iron Throne leaders, that was my intent. And as far as the Flaming Fist hounding me, what else is new?

    Now thinking about it, this may have been a little beyond what Duke Eltan wanted--simply proof of wrongdoing. That being said, it may reason to be a little "hot" in the Gate at this stage, if I don't have Eltan and Scar's tacit approval anymore. No matter, I've gotten most of what I want out of that city--though I will swing by the Blade and Stars to collect additional ransom money from Elkart.

    I have a few weeks before Sarevok is making any big new play in the city (according to his letter), so I'll have time later to confront him, he who is seemingly the last remnant of the threat against me from these Iron Throne schemers. So this may be the perfect time to journey to Mendas's potential trading outpost and stake my claim there before the greedy merchants find their way back to the island...

    [Day 96] 10AM. I'm back on the Coast Way, camped, rested, and healed after the difficult escape out of Candlekeep. We wil march north to greater wealth and fortune.

    11PM. I arrive in Beregost late in the evening. There is a Flaming Fist contingent waiting to arrest me; they're taken out, but a Glyph of Warding took Neera to critical levels of health...imperative now we head to the Burning Wizard to rest and heal, since Quayle's out of spells.


    Since I gained permanent strength from that magical manual in the Candlekeep tomes, I no longer need to wear the Gauntlets of Ogre Power and have switched back to the Legacy of the Masters. I now have an extremely high chance to-hit, and dole out incredible damage when I do land my blows.

    [Day 97] 8AM. Ah, some of my loot contained a Cloak of Protection + 2 (the Spirit's Shield). Eldoth hadn't been able to identify it, so I knew it was powerful. Since this gives me a +2 bonus to my overall AC, and a +1 upgrade from the Amulet of Protection I was wearing, I don't need to worry about trying to buy that Cloak of Displacement, which would have first meant dumping a few thousand gold into the temples to improve my reputation.

    And since the Flaming Fist may be after me with more intensity than ever before...I'd RATHER stick with the lowest of the low reputations, so I can kill the lawmen at will while my so-called "neutral" companions are resigned to their fate as Sword Coast villains.

    I emptied out most of my stash in the Burning Wizard, although I kept some non-combat quest items in there...going to consolidate the rest into my stash at the Tavern and Inn in northwest Baldur's Gate.

    10PM. I arrived at the Friendly Arm Inn (missing a few guards since my last visit...). Neera's hysterics in the catacombs was the final straw for me and I removed her from the group. If I need her again, that's where she'll stay.


    But knowing Skie, Eldoth, and Quayle would up and leave if I added the Drow sorcerer Baeloth, I decided to call their bluff. I cut ties with all of them, and they were all disappointed, but waiting there at the FAI bar.


    I went outside and recruited Baeloth to my party. He had been living in the wilderness in squalor and was all too happy to receive my protection--already better behaved than Neera.


    With the Drow in tow, I marched back inside. Skie, Eldoth, and Quayle, being well-known throughout the coast for partaking in the villainous acts of the Party of Ethal Jo, probably felt alone and isolated. They were eager to hop back aboard as followers, regardless of the presence of Baeloth. Ha, I knew it!


    [Day 98] 4PM. I made it to the Gate, again. After a quick stop in the Shop of Silence (to sell Baeloth's stolen Quarterstaff +1), I stopped into the Blade and Stars to see if Elkart had more money for me. Instead, about 6-9 Flaming Fist Enforcers ambush our party. The bastard! I take care of the FF, but it looks like I only got a measly 1Kgp out of this kidnap scheme. I am NOT happy with Eldoth, although it's not bad having a dedicated thief in Skie. I may not be done with Entar Silvershield!


    I hear from a courtesan that Scar has been killed, a secret supporter of mine high in the Flaming First. This adds credence to my belief I may start encountering more intense FF resistance.


    Just then, an Enforcer tells me that the new FF Commander, Angelo, has an arrest warrant out specific for me! Ha! They can keep trying. I have a trading outpost island to get to.... I dispatched with these guards as I have with many before them.


    [Day 99] 1AM. Rested and am leaving the city for Ulgoth's Beard. I heard that Sarevok, the last remaining Iron Throne leader that I have to take my vengeance out on, is riling up the citizens of the Gate for a war with Amn. Just as well, the more popular he gets, the harder he'll fall when I come back from my voyage and finally take my vengeance...



    Also ran into Tamoko. She was saying Duke Eltan was getting poisoned...not my problem. Some other cryptic knowledge, too. I'll deal with Sarevok and the rest of the Iron Throne soon enough...


    2AM. Hrpmh, many newsbringers this night. Learned from Delthyr a Harper that the Iron Throne is ready to seize power again. I thought I had a "few weeks", per Sarevok's own words...but they may have sprung back faster than I anticipated. This new news may make me pay the Iron Throne HQ a return visit...


    Stormed through the slightly-repopulated Iron Throne HQ. I killed Cythandria up top and looked to get an incriminating diary I can use against Sarevok, if I happen to need it when I make my play against him. It also looks like he has some assassins that are going to be spending time in the Undercellar. This is all good information for when I return from my voyage. To my knowledge, it will still be a "few weeks" before his presence is guaranteed in the city.



    I then heard Entar Silvershield is dead; I was originally going to visit his estate to see if having Skie was worth any more of a shakedown...doesn't seem like that plan will work now (and I already looted the house..)

    Now; up to Ulgoth's Beard.

    [Day 124] 8PM. At sea, and then...shipwrecked! Three and a half weeks ago, I booked a boat immediately from Ulgoth's Beard with Mendas's sea charts, but bad weather eventually took out the ship.

    And wow, what time has gone by. Whatever is going on with Sarevok in Baldur's Gate is far and distant right now. My companions have all survived, and it looks like wherever we wrecked in inhabited, so I will have to quickly gather my wits...


    9PM. This island is home to shipwrecked, inbred imbeciles, I'm discovering. The chieftain woman spoke of a shipcraft that may be repaired and used to sail, on the north end of the island where man-wolves dwell. I pushed for more gold for us to help them, but they refused. From poking around the village, I already know they keep jewels, so I was right to ask for more riches...


    No matter; I don't mind leaving these barbarians in my dust, I don't need them at all, and they've already given me good information. It looks like we'll check out the northern end of the island, to see if we can just rescue ourselves. Later on I can always see if we end up needing Kaishas and this southern village...


    10PM. I killed some brown bears roaming outside the village, but quiet other than that. I'm going to rest back along the southern coast, then head north in the morning...

    [Day 125] 8AM. After fighting some duplicitous wolfweres on the north end of the island, I eventually found Balduran's ship. (I stayed on the western coastline and worked my way around the perimeter of the island.)



    10AM. I have slain many of the wolfweres in Balduran's ship, and sent Skie in cloaked to the top level. That's where the alpha dog was, apparently--Karoug, and a mage lackey and a few more followers. I made it clear what my intentions were, and that the only option here is bloodshed. A pack of monsters was never part of the plan to turn a profit from discovering this island; no plan I can think of doesn't involve wiping them out as soon as possible. Unfortunately, I am fairly injured from the previous fights about the ship. Since my party was hidden from those on the top floor--I imagine I was shouting my (vulgar) dialogue responses up the stairs--we were able to slip down off the ship without being pursued. I may return to the south and rest some more before this confrontation...




    [Day 126] 4AM. Rested and camped on the south side for most of yesterday and last night, now ready again to go confront Karoug, sufficiently weakened with a large portion of his pack slaughtered. I had a dark dream...the blood of Bhaal in my veins, and Sarevok as my arch-nemesis. My route seams clear once I'm back on the Sword Coast...

    These island villagers continue to look on at my party, but don't speak to us, as I've not yet "made right" with Kaishas in their eyes. But it may also be they are sensing my dark nature.

    5AM. I destroyed Karoug and looted everything I could from the ship. His regeneration was difficult, but using my Berserker Rage, Baeloth's Haste, Quayle's Chant, and a few healing potions, I was able to last in the melee. When it was down to just the Greater Wolfwere, my three spellcasters just surrounded and blasted him with fire wands and magic missiles until he died.




    But now with this pack of monsters out of the way...this is the ship that's going to get me off the island? Very doubtful, it's looks very old and rotten. What was Kaishas getting at??

    So we emerge. I next visited the mage Dradeel in his cabin right outside the ship. After an initial rude interaction, he grabbed his spellbook from me and teleported away; I looted the rest of his house, so not much else to say here.

    3PM. To recover from the Karoug battle, we rested again for the rest of the morning into the early afternoon, outside of Dradeel's cabin, healing up before heading back down south to the village. Now I'm going to have to figure out how to get off this damn island, it seems...


    Current Party:
    (Reputation 1)

    Ethal Jo, Level 8 Berserker
    Skie, Level 8 Thief
    Eldoth, Level 9 Bard
    Baeloth, Level 6 Sorcerer
    Quayle, Level 6 Cleric/Level 5 Illusionist


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    [Day 126 Continued] I confronted Kaishas and told her that we killed Karoug--that's when she revealed her dark secret: she has infected us with lycanthropy. Predictably I flew off the handle at this unwelcome affliction thrust upon me and vowed to slay her right there. And with that, a village full of werewolves begin attacking me, AFTER Kaishas grabbed the sea charts from me and made off.


    7PM. The fighting in the village has been brutal. It looks like their numbers are far greater than what I originally thought; for every pair I kill, another pair seems to rise from the ground itself and start attacking. Dradeel, who I apparently helped escape the island, tells me that the "new" ship that will sail is accessible via underground caverns, and Kaishas is already prepping her journey. The caverns, he warns me, are crawling with werewolves...that's probably where the endless spawning of these beasts comes from.


    I am knocking on death's door, however. I fled to the north side of the island (since at least THERE, I did successfully slaughter most of Balduran's descendants (did I get that lore right?)). I will make camp here until I am rested and prepared to make the final push through the caverns.

    [Day 127] 3AM. While I would prefer another period of rest, I don't want to risk Kaishas setting sail at first light. At least yesterday I was mostly confident she, a first-time sailor, wouldn't leave at night.

    5AM. Made it through the caverns, killed Kaishas and recovered the Sea Charts and her newly built ship--finally, I can leave at my leisure. I owe the Werewolves a world of hurt though, I'm going to check out the caverns and see what other treasure might be down under the mountains...




    6AM. No treasure found, and in fact these damn werewolves hit so hard that I got into a close call with my life. While I wanted to get a little revenge by slaying more of them, my other purpose was to gain enough experience for Baeloth to reach his next Sorcerer level, which he did. I was hasted and chanted, trying to kill as many of these as I could, and I got a little ahead of myself. Being very injured, it's best now I go to the eastern beach and start to rest and prep for the long voyage back.

    I'm not sure what may come of this small island, but I'll see my options upon discussion with Mendas on my return...

    11PM. After resting and prepping all day, it's time to set sail.

    And right--I should mention I have a small toddler named Peladan that I retrieved from Karoug's lair. As all the villagers quickly turned to hostile werewolves, and in turn I slew them, I did not have much of a chance to ask questions about this boy. I put Quayle in charge of taking care of it for the time being, but I will see what can can be done with this child when we get back to the mainland...

    [Day 149] 11PM. Finally docked on the Sword Coast. The journey back was without incident, and I realize this was all a scheme by Mendas and the Werewolf clan. I slew the two Loup Garou and fumed over being used as a pawn. However, I did receive Balduran's logbook and some other treasure...not sure what I can do with these sea charts, or if any of the Merchant's League may be interested in getting these back...? I may be able to offer my services in setting up the trade outpost on the island, now that I've laid claim to it, and clearing the remaining lycanthropes at the same time...



    Either way, it's been almost two months since I've left. I know I've been meaning to confront and kill Sarevok in Baldur's Gate--he should absolutely be there by now, potentially even made a Grand Duke by this point. But it's no matter; he will get crushed down like all those before him, regardless of his current stature. My dreams have been pushing me towards this end, as if it were my bloody fate...

    I would even consider more adventuring and dungeon-raiding--Ulcaster, Firewine, and Durlag's Tower, and the greater Nashkel/northern Amn region in general--but now is not the time for that. As it stands, it does not seem I can gain much more experience from anything on the Sword Coast anymore [Charname is at the 161K xp cap, need to move onto SOD...]; I've dominated the majority of my surroundings, and have amassed a sizeable fortune of gold and all those dungeons and areas are really just an empty exercise at this point.

    No--it's finally time I finish my business with those who have been hounding me from the moment I left Candlekeep. It's time I kill Sarevok and end it.

    [Day 151] 12PM. I first marched direct from Ulgoth's Beard to the Friendly Arm Inn. After killing some more FF, I unload this kid Peladan, onto Neera. This is of course after I realize the kid has no value from shopkeepers (I won't lie, selling Peladan at the Shop of Silence crossed my mind...). But Neera's just living there at the FAI for the foreseeable future. What I'm about to do in Baldur's Gate is no place for infants or toddlers, and she owes me for the months of protection I gave now Peladan is hers. I couldn't care less what happens to the boy; I leave them both.




    8PM. Rested, and now starting the trip to Baldur's Gate...

    [Day 152] 5AM. Entered Baldur's Gate. A couple of soon-to-be-dead Flaming Fist Enforcers tell me that Angelo still is looking to arrest me. I smash one of them so hard they explode into chunks, right in the town square. Good morning everyone! Ethal Jo is back! What's my next course of action? Maybe I go march right up to the Flaming First HQ and see Angelo and Eltan in person. I also know Sarevok has assassins that frequent the Undercellar....



    Before I set those wheels into motion, maybe I'll also visit the Merchant League buildings and see if there's any way to sell my Werewolf story along with the sea charts back. I'd also like to see what's going on at Silvershield's estate (if anything), and add more treasure to my stash in the northwest tavern. I'll also sell whatever wares I have at Sorcerous Sundries.

    Soon I run into Delthyr (the Harper), but he has no new news. Sarevok doesn't seem to have become Grand Duke just yet...good. Might just mean less security.

    7AM. The Merchant's League offered nothing for my knowledge of Balduran's Isle. In fact, Aldeth Sashenstar was eager to betray me to the Flaming Fist, again because of this business with Rieltar. Many more FF attacked and Aldeth and his henchman were able to slip away.


    Not much going on at the Silvershield estate, either, with Entar dead. Skie got confirmation that her father had been killed--she took it well, and didn't dare leave the group to be with her family. This isn't a party to be overemotional in, so good. Eldoth seems to have her on the right track--she's with US.


    4PM. Rested and settled in to town; next stop, find Sarevok. I know he has underlings I can probably find in the Undercellar...

    Current Party:
    (Reputation 1)

    Ethal Jo, Level 8 Berserker
    Skie, Level 8 Thief
    Eldoth, Level 9 Bard
    Baeloth, Level 7 Sorcerer
    Quayle, Level 6 Cleric/Level 6 Illusionist


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    [Day 152 continued] 4PM. I emerge to the streets this evening with my fury split between two parties--the Flaming Fist and Sarevok himself. The Flaming Fist has hounded me constantly; even though I was out-to-sea for two months, their passion to bring me to justice has not waned in the slightest. This is a major headache and I am tempted to just strike out against them directly at their headquarters and see if I can kill this new leader Angelo. That would leave Sarevok without city guard lackeys and would cement his doom and MY supremacy.

    On the other hand, with all this talk of imminent war and Amnish invasion, maybe it makes sense not to thin out the rank and file of those who may have to defend this city--MY city. After all, I can see myself taking charge of some troops myself at some point--the next Scar or Angelo?....and the more troops left alive the better.

    So it's decided. I'll go straight after Sarevok and cut the monster's head off. My only lead right now--is the UNDERCELLAR!


    5PM. I find and easily dispose of Slythe and Krystin, even they may be the toughest assassins I've seen yet--I just have too much magic. And what's this they have? An invitation to the Ducal Palace? Astounding! I killed them before they could offer up any information on Sarevok's current whereabouts...but luckily, this letter and invitation is all I need. As it happens, it looks like THIS EVENING is supposed to be Sarevok's coronation. Could there be a better stage than this, to expose him and kill him for all of the Gate to see? This is my bloody fate! Off west to the Ducal Palace.



    6PM. I crashed the Grand Duke coronation ceremony and turned it into a doppleganger bloodbath. Sarevok was truly a villain, and with the documents I was able to gather, I got the rest of the city on my side. What shocked me too--this was the same armored figure who had attacked me months ago outside Candlekeep and killed Gorion! Ahh, his death would have brought my journey full circle! But instead, the bastard got away before I could finish the job.




    One of the Dukes (Belt, the only one left alive?) clued me in to where Sarevok fled, down into the maze through the Thieves Guild...I followed him, but am actually very injured from the previous encounter with him; Sarevok is indeed very strong and will be very tough to bring down. That being said, I have no doubt it will be done. However, this maze looks very long, and I will no doubt need some rest before I face him again.


    8PM. After a pair of skeleton warriors we encountered in the maze to the Undercity, I was injured to near death. We retreated for the time being back to the Elfsong--I'll be going right back underground after Sarevok as soon as I'm back to full strength. He's trapped down there as far as I know...


    What I was infuriated to see was the owner of the establishment, Alyth Elendara, still openly and aggressively hostile to me (maybe from some run-in with some ruffians at her place ages ago?). I just smashed down Sarevok's attempt to take over the city, the Dukes are on my side, I still think I can lay claim to the Flaming Fist...and this annoying tavern owner is the LAST thing I wanted to run into when I just wanted to relax for a small amount of time before going back into combat. She has no right to treat me like this, and if she wants to be hostile--she'll get "hostile" back.


    Unfortunately, I know she is esteemed highly enough in town that her killing would be a great blow to my already despised reputation. So as I've done in the past, I temporarily split ways with Eldoth, Skie, and Quayle. Baeloth and I were acting alone--and Elendara got what she deserved. The "neutral three" (really the "neutral two" plus Eldoth) could say they weren't involved, once I invited them back...a small win for their fragile consciences, I guess.


    Only to my surprise, I come downstairs and the bartender won't even serve me. Calls me bilge! No way I can contain the rage and let the insult go, so I smash the bartender into little pieces right there. Argh!! I'll find a new place to rest. The Elfsong can screw.


    [Day 153] 1PM. I rested for about 16 hours at the Tavern and Inn by the City Gates...I didn't want to lose too much sight on the Thieves Guild, the only possible entrance to the Undercity that I know about, just in case Sarevok tries to double back.


    3PM. Skie died in a lightning trap. I'm not going to continue on without a back again to the surface. I won't be against having her use a Potion of Master Thievery this time (I only have two...).


    4PM. On my way to the Temple of Helm to resurrect Skie, I stopped by the Ducal Palace. Not much going on--when I try to check out what type of riches they store upstairs (they owe me for saving their city is how I see it), I realize this is exactly when I need an ALIVE Skie...damn. The chests are locked and I can't bash them.


    5PM. Returned with a resurrected (and Temple-healed) Skie, and fleeced the top floor of the Ducal Palace. These chumps are foolish to leave so much treasure so thinly guarded (thousands of gold), but they DO owe me, ha! I think we did end up riling up a contingent of guards to stop us. I sighed and was in no big hurry to slaughter even I said, I may be taking over the group soon, so I simply walked out instead of standing and fighting like I usually do. They didn't chase me too far before seemingly giving up.

    9PM. Eventually I found the passage to the Undercity...and slew Winski Perorate. He led me to believe that Sarevok and I are of the same blood...the same divine blood, and a ritual was forthcoming. Hmm...I have no idea what this sniveling wizard's motives are, but he may be onto something. It sounds about right, down in my gut.

    But of course there was no way I could let him live for his part thus far in this... After I killed him, I went to explore the rest of the maze, I want to crush and kill all manner of remaining guardians and enemies in this place...






    [Day 154] 12AM. I cleared the maze, and while my spellcasters are low on spells, I'm in too deep to go back. Into the Undercity! I imagine there are long forgotten treasures and riches down here, teeming alongside Sarevok and whatever followers he still has...I'll make sure to make myself at home!



    2AM. Skie was killed again--this time by an arrow of explosion fired by the latest Iron Throne brigade--who had also tracked Sarevok down to the Undercity. I may explore the rest of this place...but I'm wary without my thief present.



    Current Party:

    Ethal Jo, Level 8 Berserker
    Skie, Level 8 Thief (DEAD)
    Eldoth, Level 9 Bard
    Baeloth, Level 7 Sorcerer
    Quayle, Level 6 Cleric/Level 6 Illusionist

    Reputation: 1


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    [Day 154 Continued] 1PM. I made camp in one of the ruined structures of the Undercity for the morning; once we got moving again, we cleared out the remaining dead and living that roam this ruined place...all signs point to Sarevok being holed up in an ancient temple, conceivably containing a ritual altar...the last remaining area we haven't swept.

    While I'm hesitant to enter without the trap-detecting skills of a thief, my bloodlust is too much in overdrive at this point. I want to see pieces of Sarevok's skull on my mace!! I don't want to see the light of day before that.

    I decided to continue to prep for the rest of the day, and rested again by the shore to the dark waters, right behind the temple, to ensure I was at full strength and had spells memorized specific to the confrontation at hand--specifically, I want to make sure that Quayle can summon a small contingent of summoned skeletons for me.

    9PM. Well, right we are! Into the final battle with Sarevok. Without going into details, between three skeletal warriors summoned by Quayle, a potion of Heroism, a potion of Storm Giant Strength, my Berserker rage, Haste, a potion of regeneration, AND a Protection of Fire scroll protection...that was enough to smash Sarevok into the ground.


    Quayle cast Find Traps and used an invisibilty potion to scout around (remember, no Skie). So luckily, we knew which areas on the floor to avoid for traps, but eventually the villains caught on that we had entered their temple base...a mage stupidly teleported directly in front of our group without any of his companions joining him, so he was cut down relatively easily. Even though we triggered a web trap and a stinking cloud trap, we were able to avoid the affects for the most part.



    Finally, with still the three skeletal warriors at mostly full health, I charged the remaning trio of Sarevok, Angelo, and Tazok. Fireball arrows were damaging to all involved, except Ethal Jo himself--the Protection from Fire scroll was key (the original plan was to have me in melee combat and all my spellcasters blasting fireballs once all the summoned skeletons were gone). However, it didn't get that far. With magic missiles and Storm Giant strength, that was enough to fell my supposed half-brother. I will admit I was on the verge of death and one more small blow may have ended it for me--but fortunately, as soon as Sarevok died, Angelo and Tazok instantly fled.


    And HMPH. Quickly considering what Sarevok said, he did truly believe my (our) father is the God of Murder Bhaal? As I said feels right, I KNOW deep in my gut my blood is powerful....but I can't trust what any of these fools say. Alls I know is, I'm the one in charge of what I want to do, in my charge of MY fate....not Bhaal. My soul is mine, regardless if any of this is real or not. 

    Siege of Dragonspear - Chapter 7

    [Day 164] 10PM. Fast forward about a week and a half...I am scouring the rest of the Gate for Sarevok's followers and crushing them all down, with the full support of the city behind me.

    Imoen has shown her face in the city after all this time, as well. She had been my follower for about a month and a half right out the gates, hunting and adventuring in the wilderness outside Candlekeep, Beregost, and the Friendly Arm Inn. When first I arrived in Nashkel, the Amnian guard, hearing about my so-called evil deeds throughout the land, immediately attacked me. I responded in kind, slaughtering all of them. Imoen left me while I was still fighting, and I hadn't seen her since...she has some gall to show back up AFTER I laid claim to the city, and try to get back on my good side.


    I don't trust the mage that's suspiciously doing magical research and working with Korlasz. So after slaying her, I move on futher into the tomb.


    [Day 165] 5AM. I cleared out most of Sarevok's remaining followers in the tomb, and killed Korlasz herself. I was also able to destroy any undead I came across. Before I surface...I want to see what I can get from Korlasz's chambers; and it also appears I may be able to spur on some reaction from some magical torchlight, one is suspiciously unlit.





    6AM. But eventually, it is time to leave the small family tomb and enjoy the riches I already have. Most of my followers are talking about how they will be moving on...bah, no matter. I will have some time to relax and recuperate here in the Gate after all the trouble over the last few months...

    Current Party:

    Ethal Jo, Level 8 Berserker
    Skie, Level 9 Thief
    Eldoth, Level 10 Bard
    Baeloth, Level 8 Sorcerer
    Quayle, Level 7 Cleric/Level 7 Illusionist

    Reputation: 1


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    [Day 180] 12AM. Fast forward another two weeks. I have been living in luxury in the Grand Duke's palace, and all of my companions have moved on. But finally, some much deserved relaxation after all the trouble I've been caused! Unfortunately, the world has a way of interfering...

    Imoen, who has somehow slithered onto my coattails to get similar luxurious treatment, wakes me up to warn me of assassins breaching the palace. I'm able to work with the Flaming Fist to kill them all, but it's clear--they were sent by Caelar Argent, the leader of the Crusade causing problems up north, and also clear they wanted to kill me in particular. Clearly they've heard of my deeds and reputations, and most likely know I stand to be a threat. Shortly after, I decided with the Dukes that I would lead a battalion of Flaming Fist to get my vengeance on this woman. She made a mistake coming after me, just like the Iron Throne, and is causing way too much chaos in this city for me to ignore.






    Skie pops up, now back with her apparently-resurrected father, and lets me in on a rumor that Caelar may be a Bhaalspawn? And if I am truly a Bhaalspawn like Sarevok said, it makes all the more sense that Caelar may be seeking me out to destroy me.




    1AM. Ophyllis says he doesn't have my 83K in gold. Excuse me?! That should normally be a death sentence; I don't care who this is or what his story is. That much gold is easily worth his life. Unfortunately he slips out before I can get a hold of him and tells me to meet him out front; I immediately go, with Corwin the captain of the Flaming Fist in tow.

    And wow--is it crowded with refugees! This damn Caelar needs to die; I'm the warrior to do it. But first, my gold. I find Ophyllis, he says it got taken by a gang who went to the Three Old Kegs--so that's obviously my next stop. He slips away again, somehow.

    2AM. Three Old Kegs. I diffuse a bar fight by threatening to kill everyone if they didn't leave in ten seconds.


    I then found the gang that supposedly mugged Ophyllis and stole my 83K; they didn't have the gold on them, and it didn't seem like they could have spent it all either--but either way, it was enough for a death sentence for them, too. I slew Ozil and his gang.



    Upstairs, I overhear a seditious plot being discussed by a group of well-to-do nobles. Immediately I use it to blackmail them; when they start to push back in the slightest, I threaten to murder them all! Ha! They throw me gold and magical items and scatter like cockroaches.


    I also encounter Minsc the Ranger, who was brought back to life somehow. About five months previous, if you remember, he had attacked me in Nashkel and I killed him where he stood. I had never met his witch charge either.

    I was guarded in my conversation with him--but he seems to have no memory of that instance. I was tempted to strike him down again, but he showed sufficient respect for the Hero of Baldur's Gate here, so I gave him a pass...


    Before leaving, I had a drink with Corwin, I was inappropriately hitting on her the entire time. But I needed some drinks to calm my nerves after realizing my gold fortune is gone. At least I slew those responsible (Ophyllis is still out there but will die if I ever see him again...).


    11AM. Rested for the night then headed to Sorcerous Sundries to sell some of the loot from the Undercity I still had sitting in my chest. Corwin mentions that Safana, Corwin, and Garrick are adventurers that I may want to speak with. Safana I've never heard of...Garrick I met briefly in Beregost, I remember he had a problem with me...Coran adventurered with me for about three weeks before dropping out of the group when I killed Entillis Fulsom.... I will head there on Coran's account, knowing his thief skills may be useful.

    Stopped by the Elfsong--where I saw Elendara, who I had killed in her own bar a few weeks ago, shortly before killing Sarevok. Looks like my hero status has had my sins forgiven, sure. And I had no desire to join up with the weakling Garrick. I did eventually run into Coran upstairs, but he would not follow me. Luckily, Corwin also gave me the heads up on Safana as a possible companion (known as an adventurer or mercenary like Coran?). I am always in a need of a thief, and she seemed very eager to do my bidding, so she joined me...



    I also paid a visit to the Iron Throne headquarters to see what they've done with the place. I met Rasaad there (I had first met him in Nashkel months ago), but realized I didn't want some annoying holy man who used his bare hands in a fight instead of actual weapons.

    After that, I decided I would also visit the Flaming Fist HQ. Corwin tells me that there is a possible companion there, Tiax. To my surprise, this is the gnome that was usually standing in the square right outside the fortress. We barely exchanged words back before he was arrested, but I am in need of a healer. Unfortunately the mad gnome couldn't get his senses together enough to join with me...


    [Day 182] 7AM. After some more preparation and rest, I am ready to head out, leading a small army of Flaming Fist troops. Outside the ducal palace, this is the first time I'm seeing Dynaheir the witch-mage. Remembering how powerful magic was in the my campaigns on the Coast Way, I invited her to the group. Yes, Minsc comes along...but it may just be that he meets the wrong end of a blade at some point, if I decide I don't want to keep him around.


    I also see Viconia is there. Many months ago she attacked me while fleeing a Flaming Fist mercenary and got killed for it, but she can't seem to place the memory. Healers can be very valuable, but she is a Drow and I know adding her to the group now would cause the rest of my followers to huff and puff and leave. I'll see what I can do about it later....

    8AM. On the march out, Dynaheir confronts me about my supposed evil ways and tells me to change course. Ha! Who does this witch think she is? We get into a spat and both her and Minsc leave the group, shortly after joining. Bah, it was a mistake from the start...I'll remember this trouble she caused.


    Chapter 8

    [Day 186] 9PM. Arrived at the Coast Way Crossing after a few days' march. I was able to get my magical gear and equipment back from Dynaheir and Minsc.

    I spoke to Corwin and recruited her. She acted as my bodyguard in the city, and as captain of the Flaming Fist and an apparently skilled archer, she may be useful for my personal party of followers. She is, however, lawful and good-hearted, so we'll see how long she can last...

    Shortly after that, Edwin the Conjurer came running from the north. I had briefly encountered him in Nashkel months ago (on the same day I first met Minsc and Rasaad), but have no real history with him. While he was insolent at first and I was close to using violence, he quickly gave up good information about the crusade, and offered his magical powers to me. Great...he seems like he may be a very useful ally, and an apt replacement for Dynaheir.

    It was also decided I will donate to the local temples to increase my reputation among this military company, while I am here. I want fair prices for supplies from that scumbag Belegarm; but I also want enough goodwill that I can add the Drow healer to my numbers without scaring off the rest of my followers for being too vile. So after $2K handed over to Mizhena, Viconia joined my party as well. I am still intensely disliked due to my infamy, but absolutely feared and respected.


    [Day 187] 6AM. My team divvied up equipment, memorized spells, and rested for the night. Upon awaking, we are ready to scout the Crossing ahead.


    Current Party:

    Ethal Jo, Level 8 Berserker
    Viconia, Level 8 Cleric
    Corwin, Level 8 Archer
    Safana, Level 10 Thief
    Edwin, Level 9 Conjurer

    Reputation: 5


  • SelerelSelerel Member Posts: 86
    [Day 187 continued] 7AM. I meet an "announcer" up the path a bit, who mentions Baeloth the Sorcerer, holding some type of combat entertainment up the path. Ha, fantastic! The Drow was a big help to me while in and around Baldur's Gate. I'll try to get him to follow me again.


    8AM. When I reached the bridge, the Crusaders blew it up. I was able to speak to Caelar, the woman who signed her death warrant when she sent assassins after me. I didn't accept any of her excuses trying to backtrack on it, like she didn't really try to have me killed. Back at the Ducal Palace, I do remember taking several blows from the intruders, blows that could have been lethal. This woman must die. Either way, we need to find another way to Dragonspear...




    Edwin has brought up some fears and reservations about facing Caelar. I don't like it and I won't have any of it.


    9AM. On the return walk to camp, I did find Baeloth's hut and wanna-be gladiator pit. After some nonsense with a crowd and a goblin, I directed Baeloth to wait quietly at the Flaming Fist camp. I will most likely add him to our cause, but also know I will become despised again adding a second Drow...




    10AM. I made 5K in gold, mostly from the Crusader party I slaughtered at the foot of the bridge and their plus-one equipment. With that in mind, I threw a little over 1K at the churches, to a point where I practically wasn't even disliked anymore for my past deeds. I knew I would need all the good will I could muster upon adding Baeloth...


    11AM. After buying a Bag of Holding, the only valuable item left that Belegarm has (taking advantage of my current and probably temporary non-despicable reputation), I surveyed my party. It is a large 6-person group, not usually what I am accustomed to. However, I'm leading a small army--this is my "War Party". This advance team should be strong and powerful, the "tip of the spear" so to speak. With Edwin and Baeloth, two powerful and self-proclaimed "evil" wizards, combined with a dedicated thief and cleric in Safana and Viconia, plus a lethal archer in Corwin, I am feeling extremely confident and powerful with this group...even with the knowledge we will gain individual experience more slowly.

    I spoke to Duncan, he will break camp and begin the march east to Bridgefort. It will take several days if not a week for the battalion to make its way there. I may stay around a bit as well to look for the remaining stone mehnirs, it looks like maybe some magical treasure can be got with them.

    12PM. In my search for mehnirs, I stumbled upon a dwarven cleric dig gone wrong with undead. Looks like there may be some very worthwhile treasure in there, as reward from the dwarves or as plunder from the dig itself...since I have time before the Flaming Fist moves east, and that bastard Ophyllis lost my small fortune, checking out this undead lair may be a lucrative way to re-establish my prominence.


    And upon activating all the mehnirs (Safana sang to them), a poor man's ghost was awakened. A waste of time, as I gained nothing--although he let me know of his crypt in a barrow on the east side of the forest, with some magical treasure that may be left there.

    5PM. I made it to the Repository of Undeath and battled some difficult skeletons and other various ghouls. However, one too many Haste spells caused my party to become fatigued; but the dwarves weren't lying about potential treasure down here, with the size of the complex this big, and what I've found so far, I'm sure to make good from a loot standpoint. So I'll rest back at camp, but I'll have to return...I should have plenty of time still.



    I have a suspicion that Daran Highhammer, the dwarf mercenary who I first encountered running out of the dig site, would rest up, take advantage of the undead I've already slain, and claim the treasure himself. As I thought more about this possibility, it became clear I'd have to scare him off or kill him on the spot. Outside, I let him know about his cleric friends, but then told him there wasn't anything of consequence for him anymore...and he scampered off.


    [Day 188] 6AM. I returned to camp, re-memorized which spells that my casters will be using, then headed back to the undead lair. I spent way too much time with the pillar riddles and worked myself into a frustrated fury. When I eventually get the door's just a white-hot anger in my mind...I don't like ANYTHING about this place.


    7AM. I met Coldhearth the liche...I couldn't rightly defeat him as it stands right now, and I DID want to crush him down, but it would just end in death and disaster for me; he is seemingly too powerful. But I did speak to him without fear. He promised me an item of great power if I were to do his bidding--simply return five necklaces to him...hmm, I will consider it. If I can't slay the monster, this is an alternative route to enriching for now, I'll finish exploring the rest of the tomb.



    8AM. Not quite finished, but I'm very injured, out of extra healing potions, and my party is almost out of spells.

    9AM. I stopped by the magical pool of clarity, now that I can seemingly get it to work. I check in on Caelar and the Hooded Man, but just visions and riddles...I don't care about Imoen. I also check with the Dwarf Brother Deepvein and let him know about his buddy, Coldhearth, who turned himself into a lich. Luckily, this dwarf gave me a weapon I can use to kill the lich. I know I was promised a powerful weapon if I were to gather the necklaces as Coldhearth requested, but now I just may be able to kill the lich directly and take his treature.


    5PM. I rested and healed for the day up on the first level, but headed directly back down to finish this...

    7PM. Destroyed Coldhearth (and his phylactery) and potentially struck a deal with the Dwarven clerics to assist me against Caelar down the road. I gained much jewels and treasure with this expedition, but I almost regret not siding with the lich and getting whatever magical item he had promised. Gah, so be it.


    8PM. Back at camp; instead of resting for the night, I think we will march west to the Coast Way forest. I think of it as a general widening of my terrority, and seeing if any of the Crusaders left anything useful on this side of the river as they were planning to blow the bridge...and I got the urge to use my mace some more before we head out. I am planning to begin my own party's march to Boareskyr Bridge at some point on the morrow once we've returned and rested.

    Current party:

    Ethal Jo, Level 8 Berserker
    Corwin, Level 8 Archer
    Viconia, Level 9 Cleric
    Safana, Level 11 Thief
    Edwin, Level 9 Conjurer
    Baeloth, Level 9 Sorcerer

    Reputation: 7


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    Looks fine! It seems you skipped Durlags Tower, which basically made me stop my run. good choice I'd say. Nice to see someone carrying on the Chaotic Evil tradition :)

  • SelerelSelerel Member Posts: 86
    @Gurkengelee Yeah man! I wouldn't have started this thread if you didn't have yours...people definitely miss it.

    And yeah skipping Durlag's Tower was just basically due to leveling too fast. My character always had sufficient motivation to visit and conquer it, but something else of higher priority would keep coming up. And I gained a lot of experience early on, with a 2-3 person group in the area south of Candlekeep. Since I had Berserker rage ability, I could make quick work of the high level sirines, and for whatever reason I found myself there for a while clearing it out.

    Later in the game when I got back from Werewolf Island, that's when I would have done Durlags, but it was already Chapter 7 and i was maxed out with experience so I figured "Let's end it with Sarevok and move on to bigger and better things".

    Other than Nashkel mines, I didn't do much south of Beregost at Ulcaster, Firewine, Gnoll Stronghold region, Lighthouse area, etc.

    Out of the four roleplay playthroughs I've done thus far, this is the first time I didn't do Durlag's...probably the least BG1 content I've done too. Although I think this is only the second time I sailed to Balduran's Isle.

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    [Note: I'm going to move to a weekly schedule of updates vs. twice-weekly...I attempted a little too much it turned out, ha... Also, a lot of party banter in this one, so I included the screenshot when they happened.]

    [Day 189] 1AM. I made it to the Coast Way forest outskirts, and not only found Skie (who had attempted to shadow some Crusaders back to their base...), but also ran into Ikros and Isabella, two adventurers that were apparently hunting a vampire. Unfortunately for them, I see that they had a stolen shield that a halfling refugee had earlier described for me. And since it's not theirs, that tells me these two are about as good as common thieves--and the shield might as well be mine. The situation escalated until they attacked me; and it was actually a fairly tough battle as they were both well-experienced. Ikros became invisible at one point and somehow, I realized I don't have the best spells available to counter that.




    I met Rasaad, but I have just as much use for his little fists now as I did back at Baldur's Gate: none.


    2AM. I discoverd some type of undead lair. I plundered whatever meager treasure was in the chest...but it is clear there IS some undead presence nearby. The wizard and the warrior woman weren't making it up...hmm, instead of returning to camp this night, I'll instead set up camp here in the forest, seeing if I can draw this "vampire" out.

    11AM. Upon waking to daylight, it hit me: the vampire must be back at rest at his lair now that the sun is out; and indeed he was. Vampiric touch is one of my special abilities, so I should be familar with the lore.... Either way, the monster was an easy sleeping kill; I only got a pair of beat up boots out of it, but maybe they can be repaired...



    Chapter 9

    [Day 191] 7AM. After arriving at the Troll Claw Woods, it was apparent that the Crusader forces had taken Boareskyr Bridge (but hadn't destroyed it yet) and were sieging Bridgefort for their supplies and rations. To me it seems the logical thing to do would be to break the siege as vicously and violently as possible...a big group of camped Crusaders, overconfident in their meager camp defenses, practically begging for their blood to be spilled. Duncan makes some mention of trying to reach the Bridgeport defenders inside, maybe through some underway passage? I don't see why--the problem is on the OUTSIDE. Looks like the nearer threat is the Troll nest up the road, anyway.

    Soon after arriving, I was informed of a group of half-orcs that had joined our company. I went to go vet them, make sure they were strong enough warriors...unfortunately their leader showed such disrespect I had no choice but to smack him around a little bit with my mace to show him who's in charge. The weaklings fled away after that bit of a beatdown! Fine then! Don't want them anyway.








    10AM. I ran into Jaheira, Voghlin, and a couple of Bridgefort refugees. As you may or may not remember, Jaheira abandoned me in the heat of battle months and months ago, as I was cutting down a half dozen Amnish soldiers who attacked me upon my arrival in Nashkel. (This was a few days after I sent Khalid in solo unarmored against a gang of bandits to purposely get him killed...) So in any case, you could say she did a pitiful job "protecting" me, per Gorion's wishes...I give her as an icy reception as possible and directed her to camp, her saving grace is she is also willing to fight Caelar and knows some healing spells in a pinch.

    She does give me good information about Bridgefort and mentioned the weakling Khalid as if he were back alive...she must have eventually found his body and resurrected him once she split with me. She also spoke to me about a wardstone and portal, and a Temple of Cyric, or Bhaal, or something to the east. Hmm...knowing now who my true father is, something about the temple indeed calls out to me...


    But before anything, I will make sure the rest of the nearby woods are cleared out of any monsters and spies, first.



    2PM. I continue to clear out the monsters from around the woods near the Flaming Fist camp. My party is becoming drained, so probably best to rest for the rest of the evening, and look to scout up north overnight. Picked up the Glimmer of Hope, and it's nice to finally be using a plus-two weapon.


    [Day 192] 3AM. I made my way up to Bridgefort at night, with a slight detour into a goblin-raided mushroom treasure cave. I only just begun to scout the Crusader camp when I ran into a group of hobgoblin bandits, gathering right outside the camp walls. Unfortunately one of those bastards threw a potion of explosions at my group and we all got burnt up...I need to watch out for things like that.

    9AM. After exploring the rest of the outside of Bridgefort, I returned to the Troll Claw and the FF camp. I'm going to memorize whatever spells the damn spellcasters needs to break a siege, and then go crush the Crusader siege camp. I don't have time to try to get into the Crusader camp to gather information, or try to sneak my way into Bridgefort by way of some wardstone--I don't even see the point. What could the Bridgeport defenders possibly do to help? They were weak enough to get trapped in there in the first place--and the fool Khalid?? Give me a break.


    No, it looks like the only way this resolves itself is for a lot of Crusaders to die at once, and soon. Hurrah!

    9PM. I marched up to Bridgefort before sundown. I downed a potion of Storm Giant Strength, Baeloth casted Haste on us, and between some Web casting, some Grease casting, some Glyphs of Warding, my berserker party made an absolute embarrassment out of the Crusader siege camp. Eventually the Flaming Fist showed up to support me, but the battle was long gone by then. I gain status as a hero, and it looks as though I have free reign of the fort itself at this point. The entire company waits on me to cross the bridge; as well they should.








    I see Khalid again, apparently resurrected after all that time ago. I don't have much words for the stuttering coward.


    Also encountered Dorn, locked in a cage by the Crusade. We had met briefly a few times in the months past. I know he's a strong, violent warrior, and that's good enough for me--he can join our march against Caelar, I told him to wait at camp.


    Met Neera too inside. While she was a loyal servant early on and we killed many enemies together, she eventually outgrew her welcome, and I remember why. She is an unstable fool, annoying, and doesn't know her place. I sent her to the FF camp. Don't know if she's still taking care of that Werewolf child Peladan that I gave her, don't care either.


    [Day 193] 7AM. At Bridgefort, I healed, rested, and sorted through the large amount of treasure that routing the siege camp got me. What profitable slaughter. Bought a Mace +2 for my offhand.


    As I crossed Boareskyr in order to scout our journey westward, some type of bloody vision cast itself on me, and I woke up with the symbol of Bhaal seared into the bricks of the bridge itself--seemingly by divine intervention. Yes, yes--I am truly the Son of Bhaal. I do hear his presence within me; but no, I am not a mindless thrall. In any case, it's clear that some otherworldly power burns through me, how else could I have done this to the bridge? What other explanation is there for anything so far?

    The hooded man that stalks me has so far been lucky to escape and evade me before I can catch him and *really* interrograte him for what he knows...but he seems, anyway, to be pushing me along the path I'm already on.


    8AM. It will be a long two weeks' march to Dragonspear. As the Flaming Fist contingent prepares to break camp in the Troll Claw over the next several days and start the trudge gut it telling me to visit the Temple of Bhaal. This is my birthright now, my blood; I will lay claim to any treasure or magical artifacts that may be there and kill anyone that tries to stop me! I have a few days' time and I have a feeling this will only make me stronger for when the time comes to crush Caelar.

    7PM. I took my War Party to the Forest of Wyrms to lay claim to the Temple of Bhaal. I successfully cleared most of the spiders and wyverns from the base of the hill, but the cave at the top calls my name...


    But what do we have here? A green dragon sleeping? Goes by the name Morentherene? No I'll have none of that. I will kill this overgrown lizard! Ha, it's probably sitting on top a fat heap of treasure, too! best is to rest and plan; I'll stay overnight on the rock ledge immediately outside; looks like the weather is fine.


    [Day 194] 4AM. Before dawn, I crushed the young dragon easily. My party is too powerful for it, and I suspect will be powerful enough for whatever else this cave temple throws me...



    5AM. Exterminated the bugbears on the upper level and even got to kill a Cyric cultist on the way out. Looks like this temple isn't so "ruined" after all...but seemingly active; taken over by Cyric worshippers as I had heard. My only inclination is to dive further down, reclaim this place in the name of Ethal Jo...or is it Bhaal?


    6AM. I found some Crusaders locked in cages. I gave them the bad news that I had routed their Bridgefort siege camp and their friends were either dead or on the run...ha! Not much left to do with them other than give them a quick death by arrow firing squad.



    Also saw Madele, an old insane Bhaal worshipper...does that mean she's an ally, now? She showed respect and adulation upon learning I was a child of Bhaal myself... I left the rambling old woman to her cage, but she did give me a name of her enemy down here--Ziatar.




    10AM. Ziatar is dead, and I also encountered a powerful, massive neothelid. This cult is indeed very active and looked to be planning something big... Unfortunately that fool Edwin died in some kind of poison explosion during the battle. I stashed his belongings into a nearby crate, and plan to continue on....I know Viconia can resurrect him, if need be.



    12PM. I found Akanna's room...she turned invisible and summoned some monsters; I realized at that point I didn't have enough spells to compete, never mind even dispel the illusions...I slammed the door and ran back out through the reliquary, cursing my spellcasters.

    I will go up to the dead dragon's lair to rest, and see what I can do about resurrecting Edwin, before I head back down and finish mopping up the rest of these Cyric clowns.

    [Day 195] 12AM. I destroyed Akanna, still locked away in her room, and then the mind flayer that was apparently the cause of the most of madness of the cultists...even though I had already killed most of the cultists by then. No matter, they all seemed deserving of death anyway. Remember--they took this temple away from my father Bhaal. Looks like I may have reclaimed it in his name! Har, yeah right...I'm not sure what I was learned about my eternal soul, but I certainly got the treasure I came for. And I did free Madele; she went on her way.





    [Day 196] 5AM. Returning to Bridgefort, I spent the better part of a day waiting for Jegg to craft me some Dragonscale Armor from the green dragon scales I procured (which went to Safana); and then right after, some Rhino Beetle Plate Armor (which went to Viconia--for myself, I prefer the Full Plate Mail armor class boost against missile damage as opposed to the 25% missile damage resistance once the arrow already hits me...).



    Will survey the fort grounds one last time then begin the march to the Coalition Camp.

    Chapter 10

    [Day 210] 6AM. Two weeks later, I arrived at the Coalition Camp at dawn and was greeted by a certain Marshal Nederlok. Apparently those in the Coalition are frightened of me due to my heritage and what happened on Boareskyr; good, let them be. I don't give a damn--they'll learn quickly I'm not to be challenged, if they dare.


    Viconia made mention of her dislike of the Flaming Fist--mocking her a bit, I brought up the first time we ACTUALLY met, in which I refused to help her against the mercenary hunting her, she attacked me for it, and I put her down, leaving her dead body out in the wilderness for someone somewhere to apparently take pity on at some point and have it resurrected. I pointed out how I couldn't believe she survived again without me for so long...she didn't take kindly to that, ha!


    [Note: These were my best dialog options available based on that specific history we have...they worked somewhat, although I can't account for Viconia's "incorrect memory" about it.]

    7AM. I met with the Coalition's commanders. It looks as though there is an underground entrance where supplies are being funneled into Dragonspear; makes sense since there's no other way to break the line. All we know is that it's "beyond Dead Man's Pass"--as of right now, that seemingly points to the underground river area (and sounds like there might be caverns there).



    Also learned of a potential traitor in camp. Infuriating! I'll have to hunt this traitor down and give him a good old fashioned public execution. The incompetence here is a joke.

    When I brought up the code runes on the piece of paper found amongst the spy's belongings, Simonetta Twoedged acted very hostile, not answering questions and demanding her possessions back. I had no choice but to do that public execution now, not but a few minutes after I learned of the whole plot! I don't know what this old woman's plan was other than selling us out, but hopefully this teaches a lesson to the others...treason won't be tolerated, not even the hint of it...



    8AM. After talking to a few more campers, looks like this guy name Col may be another culprit feeding info to the Crusade. Oh well for Twoedged I guess--it's her own fault she's not alive anymore. Once I found Col, the Flaming Fist took him away to be hanged before I could get my mace out in time to crush his little elf skull.

    9AM. Also learned Skie ran off and most of the higher-ups are really panicking. Ha, oh well! Yeah yeah, that foolish girl may give up info about our camp to the Crusade, so I'll bring her back if I happen to see her at any point--but the more important thing to do is head to Dead Man's Pass and start looking for that underground cavern entrance.


    5PM. Spent the day settling into camp, then headed north as the evening rolled in to find this hidden entrance.


    Through some killing of monsters I apparently saved some refugees; so while the commanders can talk all they want about this presence of Bhaal making them "uncomfortable" I seem to just be getting more and more popular with the people.


    Current party:

    Ethal Jo, Level 9 Berserker (Glimmer of Hope and Mace +2)
    Corwin, Level 9 Archer
    Viconia, Level 9 Cleric
    Safana, Level 11 Thief
    Baeloth, Level 10 Sorcerer
    Edwin, Level 10 Conjurer

    Reputation: Average (10)


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    i am digging this. Good job.

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    [Day 211] 2AM. After scouting out Dead Man's Pass (and clearing out the standard monsters and undead lurking in the caves), I decide I will rest with Thaird at camp and then press on to the underground river in the morning to see what damage I can do to the Crusade's supply lines.





    Bence Duncan raises his voice to me in some foolish attempt to get me to show my subservience to the Dukes. Screw off, Duncan--no one talks to me like that. I chased after him and he might have lost some blood if he didn't scamper off so fast. If I'm to crush the Crusade, I need rest, and I'm going to do it at MY Coalition camp.



    [Day 212] 12AM. After resting up, I headed back out with my party to Dead Man's Pass--unfortunately, this time I was ambushed by mercenaries in a certain rocky pass devoid of magical energy. I would have been easily victorious if not for a "shadowy figure" that kept popping in and out of invisiblity. There was not much I could do to see him without magic; and he killed Baeloth while mocking me...I also somehow lost about 12 hours of time in this mystical vacuum area...I don't like it. But now I have to head back to camp so Mizhena can resurrect this dead Drow...

    Fuming, I stormed up to Torsin de Lancie to give him an earful about his pitiful security around his little camp...but the fool was useless.


    10PM. Eventually, I made it to the underground river area. After some wyverns and orcs, I ran into a couple of fools caught up in some magical vines. The tree behind them looks...expensive. Hmm...until I figure out what's going, or how I can use these people, I'll let 'em keep writhing about.


    11PM. After a hard fought battle at the gates, it looks like I smashed a large contingent of crusaders and their pet cyclops...I imagine this is the entrance to their secret underground supply line...

    [Day 213] 12AM. Busted through the Crusader gate, and after some more fighting I ran into a pair of Rashemani travelers who surprisingly weren't openly hostile at first, even though they had clearly been camped out with the crusade. They didn't seem to be "official" crusaders just yet, but they were just too suspicous and I didn't trust them. It was obvious they were trying to talk their way out of a bloody death, and what good can come of letting them go? From what I know of other Rashemani travelers, they are either witches or mentally unstable, and they won't be the first I've killed.


    Now that they're down a couple dozen men at their encampment, I'm going to clear out the surrounding area and make sure there's no more trouble waiting...



    4AM. Cleared the nearby wilderness, most excitingly the ogre camp, and eventually entered the underground passage... While I was expecting to crush some skulls as my first order of business, these fools very quickly accepted me as some bygone wandering crusader group--idiots! I stay my maces...for now. First, we'll see how easily I can get into Dragonspear proper.


    5AM. Had to kill some Drow. Ran into a pack of these most everything goes, I tend to encounter some obscene amount of disrespect and insult, from those who think they can make a fool out of me. This time it happened to be from Drow worms skulking around the caverns. They really should be grateful, in fact. I chose to take not one but two of their kind under my wing...up on the surface, both Viconia and Baeloth could be killed in the middle of the town square without so much as an eye batted; their lives are worthless. But I give them protection, purpose, and even treasure and fame. But Drow will be Drow. They were very tough, and in my slaughter I guess I indiscriminately killed some Crusaders, too; this may have revealed my presence here...



    [Note: In the first encounter, PC died--these Drow are tough. In the second encounter, I tried the same exact dialogue options, was able to come out of it with my entire party alive.]

    6AM. I checked back at the supply depot by the entrance; nope, none of the Crusaders know that I cut down their buddies the same as the filthy Drow during the skirmish. They still think I'm a friendly mercenary.

    8AM. By the time I reached the entrance to the Dragonspear warrens, a conversation with some patrolmen turned violent, and that in turn alerted most of the nearby Crusaders. It was time for a rest BEFORE this; but the battle was bloody and even more tiring. But I'm really sick of these Crusader scum strutting about these tunnels, anyway--I much prefer they listen to my mace than my lies.


    I decide I'm going to rest outside, at the Ogre camp, before my next push under and up into Dragonspear... Those Crusaders back at the supply depot are still friendly, unaware it was my party that caused all the bloodshed--hopefully they blame it on the drow. Less questions for me means they get to live a little longer.

    6PM. I rested for the entire day then headed back in, deciding to engage and kill the entire Crusader contingent stationed by the supply depot by the entrance. I'm not sure exactly why again the Coalition leaders sent me here (gain information?), but damaging and disrupting their supply lines can only help bring about an end to them...


    7PM. I left the Crusaders in the warrens under Dragonspear to mill about...looks like I will need the Ogres to haul me up to the basement.

    8PM. The fool Caelar...I finally breached Dragonspear, and it wasn't all that hard. I'm in the basement, but before I know it, I'm involved in a major brawl. I'm just able to poison the water before the sniveling mage Hephernaan himself comes wandering by with two of his mage friends. Luckily I'm able to battle them off, including a handful that came up the lift after us, and a very large group that came from inside the castle itself. With Cloudkill, web, grease, and some initial Hephernaan offensive magic directed at Corwin (probably the best suited to take it in that moment--and who cares if she dies? Ha!), it was a thorough trouncing. No doubt I had to down my share of healing potions, and used another strength potion to make the limb-rending easier...but things have quieted down, at least for now.





    9PM. I eventually looted all I could and headed back down.


    11PM. And then, with my bloodlust high from the battle in the basement, I decided now's as good time as ever to start a fight with the Crusaders in the basement. I slid past the lift-hauling ogres and found the little group of mages in the northeast corner to start my rampage. I ambushed them and put 'em down quickly, and thus the battle began...


    The Battle of the Warrens was tough, and long, and went through a few phases, but I was up to my ankles in my enemies' blood and guts by the end of it.




    [Note: I tried a few times to start a fight with the lift-hauling ogres as soon as I got got down from the basement...the "there's about to be another fight right now" option...but I couldn't get out of it alive. The initial positioning is pretty tough, and you're jammed into that little dent in the caves, the tracking around the rope is really frustrating, so no good all around--so I slightly revised how my character would act. He would see he's in no position strategically at that moment (he has 13 intelligence after all) and just look to quickly position himself somewhere else for the fight he wants...and that's exactly what ended up happening.]

    So now...with dozens, if not hundreds of crusaders killed since my time here in their underground supply tunnels, I can breathe easy for a moment. While I was in the basement, they clearly thought better of sending more of their men down to certain death to face me...and now that I've conquered the warrens, I have control of the lift too, so they couldn't come down that way if they wanted to. Therefore, I should only have to worry about incoming crusaders from the main passageway to the underground caverns, and I've already killed most of them too!

    If Caelar wants to send some more men overland, fine, let her. It's an eight hour's trip from the castle's gate overland, and that's with a small group--and I'm sure any small group would be soiling their drawers trying to get to me, having to first wade through all the destruction I wrought. No, I'm satisfied for the time being--it's time to rest in the officer's fancy quarters and see what fresh hell I can cause Caelar in the morning.




    Current party:

    Ethal Jo, Level 9 Berserker (Glimmer of Hope and Mace +2)
    Viconia, Level 9 Cleric
    Corwin, Level 9 Archer
    Safana, Level 11 Thief
    Baeloth, Level 10 Sorcerer
    Edwin, Level 10 Conjurer

    Reputation: Average (10)


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    [Day 214] 8AM. I wake up good and rested, and we head back toward the caverns. I'm determined to smoke out any other Crusaders that are still hidden away in these tunnels first, so I'm gonna look around a bit--who knows, they may have left some gold and equipment behind. I gave the Crusade a good leg-breaking by crushing their resupply operation like this, but gotta make sure the job is done thorough.

    10AM. After killing one or two Crusader stragglers, destroying some ghosts in a cave, and running into that damned Hooded Man again, I bumped into an underground druid-type named Ferrusk. He's an ally of Hephernaan, he admits readily--well, that's his death sentence right there.







    11AM. Shortly after battling some more treants, I discover some fungus-overgrown, sick Crusaders who can't do much else but lay there dying, quietly calling for help, trapped in some growing lichen coccoon. Ha, and it looks like I have their cure in a vial right here...I got it from killing Ferrusk. But, best I can do is put them out of their misery quickly. Having living Crusaders around is not going to win this war for me.



    12PM. Hm! Some type of subterranean Ghost Dragon blocks my way to very expensive-looking doors which seemingly lead to even more expensive underground treasure. And he dares to me to attack him! Still in a berserker rage from fighting some mushroom men, I decide to not hesitate and take mace to dragon right in that instant! Well, that is, as soon as Edwin was able to summon and control a Fire elemental. After a relatively straightforward battle, and waiting out the effects of some magical panic afterwads, it felt good to destroy the dragon. And now I'm extremely curious about what might be behind these doors...




    2PM. I plundered the treasure of Kanaglym; more specifically, the treasures off the dead body of the cultist mages I slew. It was a very tough battle (I was spent on berserker rage for the day, so I relied on the not-as-great Potion of Clarity), and Edwin could no longer cast any more instances of Breach...but I managed to succeed by concentrating my efforts on Kherrium and the southeast group of mages. An opening salvo of Dispel Magic from Viconia, Greater Malison from Baeloth, and Glitterdust from Edwin was key, followed by a Web by Baeloth right afterwards.



    [Note: In reality, I will admit I had to reload this battle 4 or 5 times. I rarely do Kanaglym in my SOD runs for whatever reason, so I'm far from familiar with it. The first two attempts I split my party's efforts between the groups on the southwest and southeast, but I couldn't pull it off. The better thing to do was position my party on the right side to all focus on Kherrium's group. Then eventually I had the realization that Viconia should cast Dispel Magic and THEN my PC should chug the Potion of Clarity...after that it was a wrap.]

    4PM. With the caverns quiet and stinking of death, I surfaced and decided I wanted to go visit those fools stuck in the vines, finally get their story before I get back to the siege. It's been almost two full days since I first left them there to squirm around--I'm sure they must be hungry and thirsty and ready to talk by now (whatever it is they got to say).


    But the druid couldn't grasp his good fortune and had to go and call me a dog! Imagine that, after I rescued him and his friend after they were trapped all this time. I even killed his big bad enemy Ferrusk down below--but no gratitude or even a promise of a big reward...just another fool with his insults, thinking he can use me to do his bidding. Even though they summoned in a load of spiders and bears to fight for them, they were eventually killed like all the rest.


    Wanting to make camp, we went to that Ogre camp that I had cleared out earlier--to my surprise, I saw the young pair of Drow there, who I saved earlier that day from their own Drow "rescue" party and then again from an ankheg. Not having a good feeling about these punks, I surely thought I would have to eliminate two more drow...but to my surprise they continued to be grateful and respectful for all I've done for them. be it, they do indeed prefer to keep breathing. In fact, I even let them stay with us there as we made camp for the evening.


    I've decided I will go to Bloodbark Grove before headed back to the Coalition camp. It's an area of interest, and it's good to make sure there aren't any Crusader forces there looking to flank the camp from the east or anything of that nature. After all, looks like it will be time to march on Dragonspear soon after my return, so want to make sure we are protected from all angles.

    [Day 216] 9AM. I returned to camp after finding the warhammer Sundermaul from a vampire den in Bloodbark grove (I am proficient, and only proficient, in warhammers, but this should still be extremely useful if I ever happen to need a +3 weapon...since earlier this campaign, even with a Potion of Genius, Edwin failed to copy an Enchant Weapon scroll).

    I was told that the weakened Caelar looks to parley again, I can imagine she is devastated by my vioence and wrath under her castle--I'm hoping she's learning she made a huge mistake trying to come after me. The camp command is gearing up to go meet her. However, my party is fatigued from the full day-long march to the camp by way of Bloodbark, so I'm going to spend the day resting and recuperating. Torsin and the others WILL wait for me, I'm sure of it; and it's no problem to let Caelar sweat it out for the day. I'll meet them all when the sun begins to set...

    7PM. The meeting with Caelar soon descended into a threat of imminent warfare...Caelar, wanting my blood for some nefarious purpose related to opening the gates of hell, is trying to take me alive or dead, and is trying to force the finish of this conflict by having her forces storm the Coalition camp itself. All the better!




    I eventually emerged victorious from the battle, but I will rest for the night and head north to meet the rest of the troops in the finally storm Dragonspear.




    [Note: I unfortunately had to reload once during the Coalition camp battle; during the mage attack, a Confusion spell sent a Crusader mage running towards Andrus and the back line--this triggered Andrus into thinking we had been overrun, which in turn I guess triggers ALL remaining Crusader forces to attack at once, including Grimgor's group. I guess this never happened to me (?) so I wasn't really expecting it--my Berserker rage had worn off and didn't realize Grimgor had a few spellcasters with him, and my party was all jammed up with NPCs in the center lane and we just got cut down, once a few spells landed.]

    Chapter 11

    [Day 217] 11PM. We stormed Dragonspear earlier this morning--between Baeloth and Edwin's magic, the barrel of bwoosh, and the weakened Crusaders from the poisoned stock of food, it was a vertitable slaughter.




    Eventually I ran into Ashatiel, who challenged me to a one-on-one battle to end the siege. I had her entire party ensnared in Grease and Web at the time and was sure I could have ended them all no matter how the fight played out...but I wanted nothing more than to smash her head in the heat of the moment, and I accepted her challenge; only after I accepted did I realize my berserker rage--so useful to smash the Crusade thus far--was about to expire into post-rage fatigue...and that's exactly how I opened the battle with this supposed chamption of Dragonspear. More than that, I was fairly injured from all the fighting so far.

    I drank a Potion of Clarity to protect against magic she would cast at me, and began to engage her in melee combat. As frequently as possible, I was downing healing elixirs to regain some health. Before I knew it, I was able to launch into a Berserker rage again and the tide of the battle turned quickly as my trusty maces started landing blows...until she cast Sanctuary to protect herself.



    I had no way to counter this move, so I just used the time to drink more elixirs to get to full health--unfortunately, my second berserker rage also wore off and I once again became fatigued and vulnerable to mind-control magic. But luckily at that moment I realize--I'm wearing the Ring of the Tiny Fiend. While it provides some elemental resistance, it also has the ability to summon a pack of mephits, which I rarely use. When Ashatiel dropped his Sanctuary, those summoned mephits provided just the cover I needed to finish the bastard off. After that, we finished off the rest of the Crusaders that didn't run, and took the castle proper.





    The final confrontation with Caelar looks to be waiting behind right those large basement doors. I rested for the rest of the day and evening; now, close to midnight, I'm going to survey the rest of the Dragonspear grounds...then barge through those doors to take my revenge.

    Chapter 12

    When I do barge through those doors, Hephernaan reveals his slimy mage treachery to Caelar, but I sure don't feel bad for the fool! She still must suffer the consequences for all she's done; but instead of being trapped, they are all able to slip away into a portal that was summoned. I won't let any of them get away; without thinking twice, we followed them into Avernus and started slaying the fiends who call that place home.



    [Day 218] 12AM. After fighting through more demons, I finally got access to the central tower, where Caelar fled and where all of this ends. I am tempted to rest first, but decided to push up and forward; I have the spells and potions that I think I will need to use...




    1AM. I've destroyed Caelar AND Belhifet in the first level of hell. Ha! The Son of Bhaal has emerged victorious again! I didn't care that Caelar pledged herself as a Blackguard to Belhifet...I meant to kill them both when I entered this infernal portal. I got the added bonus that Hephernaan was fried right in front of me, even though I didn't get the honor myself.

    So while on the lift upward, I had Viconia cast Protection from Evil 10' radius on us, had Baeloth cast Haste, had Edwin cast Echant Weapon on me, and I drank a Storm Giant Strength potion. 



    It was a tough, long battle, but I started off with Greater Malison and at least two Lower Magic Resistance on the demon himself. I emptied 3 charges from a Summon Monster wand and Edwin eventually cast Animate Dead. Safana was cut down early-to-midway through the battle, but she was the weak link here anyway. Baeloth had to cast Resist Fear a couple times, but still cast at least 7 magic missiles, Corwin was generally untouched and able to fire +3 arrows for most of the fight. I concentrated my melee attacks on Belhifet at first, then Caelar when I realized I could take her down much quicker, then back to Belhifet when she was put down.




    Towards the end I truly thought I would die, even with Caelar dead, because my berserker rage turned into fatigue again and I wasn't able to to chug elixirs fast enough in the thick of combat...I even began retreating from the demon around the platform, while Corwin and Holy-Powered Viconia fired their +3 missiles. And that's when Corwin landed the final shot.



    [Note: Little metagaming here for sure with the pre-buffing, but I don't see the sense in getting my party killed and then artificially saying 'ohh okay now I know the tactics'...what's the point? Either way it was tough, but I actually did it my first try...well, second try I guess--I did have to quit on the elevator first attempt. When I first entered the tower, I didn't realize just clicking the switch make the elevator go...I thought you would get some text first, but nope, I remembered wrong. So instead of just reloading, I said, hey let me try without resting, it shoudn't be that bad...but then disaster with the 3rd summon round ON the elevator itself! Ha! Safana ended up dead and Corwin went to like half health. I said screw this and was a metagame error that the lift started, anyway. Second round, I said let me try without resting anyway and see how it goes. THIS time I was able to beat Belhifet. I'm proud of myself for doing it on first attempt; I know I'm just on core rules, but I'm not like a super expert player, and always thought this fight was hard and never won previously without Caelar on my side.]



    3AM. Escaped from Avernus, and Caelar's paladin uncle decided to stay behind and close the gate--well, good. He was none too pleased that I had to kill Caelar, but so that's his fate--to remain here in hell. But returning to the Coalition at Dragonspear, I finally was able to relax and drink and celebrate for a little while. It looks like my current troubles are done and I even have an opportunity for a life of forever-comfort in Waterdeep with Torsin de Lancie...some good things to think about.





    Chapter 13

    11PM. Gah! Overnight, I was set up to murder Skie by that damned Hooded Man. And on discovering the scene in the morning, these whimpering Baldur's Gate fools have nothing to do but whine about it. I'm sure my history with Silvershield from a couple months ago did not help my cause--you know, invading his estate, slaughtering his household guard, and kidnapping his daughter away so she could join a murderous outlaw group. They were able to arrest me before I could react, unfortunately, and I was whisked away to near Baldur's Gate (via teleportation?) where it seems I am to be executed. Unbelievable...someone--maybe everyone--will have to pay for this situation, and I sure won't go down without taking others with me...





    [Day 219] 12AM. I am committed to killing this Hooded Man, as he STILL continues to taunt me and rend me with magic. Argh! A new enemy that won't let me rest! Luckily, that foolish girl Imoen comes through for me...she hired a thief to set me free! Good, GOOD, Imoen! I am re-equipped and will be out of here shortly.



    Current Party:

    Ethal Jo, Level 10 Berserker (Glimmer of Hope and Mace +2)

    Reputation: Average (11)


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    [Day 219] 1AM. As I make my escape through the sewers, it's clear the Flaming Fist have quickly caught on to my escape route. But before I can travel down the waterfall to the outside exit, Corwin the traitor and that damn blowhard Bence Duncan show up. They want to stop me; arrest me; execute me. Are they serious? I don't hesitate to attack and kill them all. Corwin I have a pang of regret about; she was mostly strong and loyal for much of the march to Dragonspear, although she did have her moments when I had to stop myself from getting violent with her... She turned against me in the end and it cost her her life. As I was slamming her, I was sure to think of her more insufferable moments. Bence, on the other hand...he had it coming for a long time. It's almost worth getting arrested so I finally had good reason to finish him off.



    Looks like my bridges are burned in the Gate for the time being anyway (even though that hasn't stopped me before). For his own protection, a Flaming Fist battlemage erected a magical barrier before I shot him down, so I can't go back the way I came even if I wanted. To the outside....



    [Day 220] 3AM. The group of companions that Imoen brought together just reminds me how idiotic she is (even if she can be useful here and there). Minsc and Dynaheir are closer to enemies than allies, and the weaklings Khalid and Jaheira still periodically put in some half-assed attempt to "watch over" me, so they can say they're keeping their word to Gorion, but more likely because they know *I* provide protection to THEM. I'm about to drop most of these fools...maybe I go myself to cash in on Torsin de Lancie's offer in Waterdeep?


    But...we've been traveling a little over a day, in the wilderness of the Sword Coast, when....AMBUSH!

    Shadows of Amn - Chapter 1

    [Day 0] 7AM. I wake up as the captive of that Hooded Man in some type of large, magical complex...when Imoen (again) comes to free me. Ah, it truly was smart of me to foster this loyalty from her, early on back in our days in Candlekeep. But now: I'm groggy, my head hurts...and I know it's been a long time. Days...weeks even? Months? Doesn't matter right now. Ijust need to find the bastard and make him pay.


    But the next moron I encounter is Minsc...but he may be useful to get out of wherever the hell I am, or at least until I figure what's going on. At nothing else, he can take the lead around any corners and absorb any traps that Imoen may fail to detect. After that, he can jump off a cliff for all I care.


    I feel about the same for Jaheira, who's in a cage next to him. She goes on and on about our adventures and exploits, how we're friends and family--just shut up Jaheira. You traveled with me for a couple days and then ran away with your tail between your legs when we had to kill some Aminsh troops in Nashkel. Next time I saw you, you joined up with a hundred other mercenaries from the Flaming Fist in following my lead against Caelar...Either way, I've learned a healer following me around is better than not, even if I have to put up with fools.


    3PM. I am fighting my way through the dungeon. I've killed Duergar and Cambions and Dryads so far, and almost anything moving I've come across--I want him to remember the bloodbath I caused here. But I'm still seemingly stuck in this madman's labyrinth.








    6PM. Was able to access a portal to a top level. There was a suspicious chap named Yoshimo who appeared on my arrival--I didn't trust him in the least, and I definitely don't need another thief hanger-on. Minsc is acting as my stealth scout and Imoen has the major thief utilities I need.

    We also find Khalid--dead again, the fool. Hopefully Jaheira can hold herself together until we get out of here. I continue on my way, slaying clones and mysterious assassins--that seem to be causing havoc here, just like myself?




    [Day 1] 7AM. I finally emergy from the underground complex and find myself in the capitol of Amn--Athkatla. The accursed Hooded man--Irenicus is his name--dragged me all the way down south here?? Kept me his control...did sick things to me; he needs to feel my wrath as soon as possible. He looks to have went with the "Cowled Wizards", apparently the group of mage weakling scum that keep tabs on magic around these parts. I've killed my share of mages before and I won't hesitate if it means getting the information I need...

    But first, to get my feet under me in this city...

    4PM. I rested at the Mithrest Inn, the first place I saw, and plotted deeply about my next moves as I had Jaheira heal me. I decided I'll keep both of these two for the time being, to watch my back. Jaheira because she can continue to heal, and Minsc because he serves a purpose as a scout--especially until I can find another thief. With his longbow specialization, and me and Jaheira both as front-liners, I can keep him in leather armor as more of a ranged threat and able to disappear into the shadows when I need. Hopefully they both can keep their mouths shut for the most part.

    I decided to head eventually to the Government District--they will likely have info on these "Cowled Wizards" and where their evil sorcerer prisoners go...

    5PM. I first want to see what type of wares that are offered by these wealthy merchants in the Promenade, and I set my eyes on some plate mail armor at the Adventurer's Mart that will be a welcome upgrade over this splint mail I picked up in Irenicus's dungeon. Being the generous soul I am, I visit the Armorer in his store first, to see if he can beat their price and get my business instead. After some joking around, this arrogant fool insults me and says he won't do business with me! These fools in Amn don't know who I am.

    I decide to rummage around his belongings anyway to see if there's anything of value ANYWAY that I want...this stupid little dwarf doesn't get to decide. Of course, I am unsure about how strong the guards are in this town, or what enforcement looks like at all here. So since I don't want trouble with the city guard itself--not just yet--I'll just make sure he's not able to CALL the guard. I beat him and his fletcher friend unconscious, and have Minsc and Jaheira continue to rough 'em up while I look around. Being so new in town, I decide they haven't quite earned a bloody death...Unfortunately it turns out most of the drawers are locked and I can't bash them open anyway. I head back to the Mart to buy Plate Mail there...



    6PM. On my way north, through the slums, a man named Gaelan Bayle stops me. He says he knows an organization that has information on where Irenicus is, but they won't meet with me unless I pay up 20,000 gold. Outrageous; almost seems like extortion. And by directing me to some mercenary work with a girl Nalia at the "Copper Coronet", he even looks to be using me somehow. I'm not his pawn nor this organization's...bah! I try to calm my inner rage, and I reason there's no help that will come by striking down this Gaelan fool. But I'll continue my path to the seat of the Government here. There should assuredly be some answers there, despite what he said.

    Chapter 2

    As I enter the Gov't District, I see the jail! Ah, good a place as any to start to looking for my prisoners. But what's this? Viconia the Drow!? My loyal (and superbly defensive and dexterous) healer, who literally followed me into Hell. I much prefer her over the preachy and stubborn Jaheira. Have to kill some religious fanatics, but no matter.


    And as it turns out, the jail is closed for the evening and I can't bash my way in.

    7PM. The Council of Six buiding is the next logical move; especially when I'm told by a messenger that a member of the Cowled Wizards himself wants to speak with me on a matter of some urgency; hrm, it's urgent on my end too, so good!\.

    At the end of the day, it was a mostly useless trip. No one had any information on where I could find that bastard Irenicus. I made a Cowled Wizard contact, Tolgerias, and he had some foolish task he wanted me to do, hunt down one of his enemies or somesuch. It may ingratiate me enough with the Cowled Wizards to get some information, but at the very least I should be able to get some magical treasure out of it. He's got a house in the Docks district, so maybe I'll check that out--but just like I did in Baldur's Gate, I may sniff around the taverns, inns, and rich estates to see who and what I can use to "establish" myself down here, even while I look for my revenge against Irencius.

    I also dropped Jaheira, and good riddance. She was a bit taken aback, but I never wanted much to do with her anyway so it's her own fault if she's surprised. She'll be at the "Harper Hold", wherever that is.


    8PM. After being attacked by a hostile group of apparent slavers (this city is dangerous), I arrived at the Docks. Passing the Shadow Thief guildhall and speaking to a thief posted outside, it seems that Gaelan's mystery organization is indeed the Shadow Thieves...maybe I WIL inquire within, then, if they're holding out information on me.


    I spoke to Renal Bloodscalp. I didn't like his insulting tone at first; but eventually I realized he has another task he'd like an outside mercenary to do: discover the treachery of one of his underlings. More treasure and gold promised, ha--it's nice I'm stumbling into opportunities here. I'll keep this one in my back pocket...

    9PM. I found some pirate hideaway through a hidden door in the Sea Bounty Tavern (where I was catching a few drinks waiting for the middle of the night to enter Valygar's house for maximum intimidation effect, if needed). The pirates hiding out there attacked me, so I slew them and took their sizable treasure. However, being fairly injured now, I'll rest here until the morning.

    [Day 2] 5AM. While it was still dark, I entered Valygar's house. I helped myself to look around the entire house before I even spoke to the manservant. I hoped to intimidate him into giving me answers, but the little weasel slipped away eventually. Looks like his house out in the Umar Hills in the next most likely location--Tolgerias mentioned that too...sigh, that seems like quite the hike for the moment when there's so many riches right in front of me.

    6AM. I decided since I'm in the Docks, I'd see what work Mae'Var, Renal's mark, might have for me. Well, suffice to say, he did not make a good impression on me. Threatening to kill and torture me, talking to me like I'm some scared underling? Trying to make me quiver with his sick proclivities? My blood boiled in an instant. I had Viconia summon some animals, I downed an Oil of Speed and went berserk--when I calmed back down, the whole lot of em were dead. I took his loot, freed his prisoner, then walked right back out of there. Hah! I may go pay Renal a visit right now; I don't care I screwed up his delicate plans--this is what I think of the Shadow Thieves and them trying to extort me for 20K gold. He wasn't too pleased, but as far as I'm concerned he still owes ME.



    7AM. Some beggar in the Docks says I owe him money? I beat him down again with my bare hands for suggesting it. [Note: Can't believe I didn't do this more in BG1, beating them unconscious instead of straight up murdering, to save on reputation loss. I guess most of the time, I was at Rep 1 anyway, so it didn't make a difference.]


    8AM. Was accosted by some thugs on my way to the Promenade; some poisoned, dying man named Renfeld begged and begged for me to help him. I don't know what came over me (probably gambling that his friends would have a good reward), but I agreed to haul him to the Galvarey Estate and his friend Rylock. I got nothing but 100 gold, wish I would have left him there to rot...and look, this is where Jaheira went to to mill about. Seems to be about her kind of people. So yes, looks like this building is actually the "Harper Hold"...huh. Let's add Rylock and Renfield and the rest of the Harpers here to the list of people that owe me a debt. Unfortunately I can't force down the front door.

    Exchanged words with the necromancer Xzar on the way back out. "Unwashed one", "gutless whelp", "idiot"...there is no way I can stand for insults such as these and hold my head high walking these streets. I smash him down where he's standing...this turns seemingly the entire docks area hostile and aggressive against me, although none of these commoners dare approach to attack, save one: a sailor, who thought it would be a wise idea to try to avenge this dead mage? Must have been hitting the drink too hard. I had to smash him down into a bloody mess, as well.


    9AM. After the promenade, I may eventually head back up to the Gov't District--I saw a lot of rich-looking estates there yesterday, I can see what kind of nobles this city has and how much I can rattle them...In any case, I'll spend the day roaming the town, then head to the taverns and inns once evening comes. If nothing of major interest shakes out, I'll look to head out to the Umar Hills tomorrow morning in the hunt for Valygar...

    Some new fanatic, Belmin Gergas, attacks us becuase of Viconia. While initially the guard rushed to help, as soon as we killed the fool, the guard attacked US! So HE had to be put down next, and the reputation of our small group has become despised with that small act of murder. I doubt the fool Minsc will be sticking around for much longer, the way things are going...


    11AM. Looks like I stumbled into some racket in the Graveyard district that I sussed out pretty quickly. If I see a man in red in the Bridge District--good chance I can make him pay me, since I know he's burying people alive. Beyond that, don't care too much about any of these poor men's goings-on.



    12PM. Neera had a weird altercation with a child and another mage woman. She approached me in an ally shortly thereafter; barely remembering me although we traveled for a long time together in my early days on the Sword Coast. I eventually grew sick of her and banished her from my group back then, so I don't mind that she scampers off to her reject forest camp...may have been nice to have some arcane magic, though. No sign if she still has the werewolf baby I gave her that I brought back from Balduran's Isle, not that I care one way or the other.

    2PM. In the Gov't District, not much shook out from the noble estates I was able to barge into...I did, though, run into the gnome Jan. While I was interested in potential explosive potions he was talking about, I decided to help him elude the city guard. For that--he offered his services to mine. He actually fills in the gaps of the party, as he brings both magic and thieving utility skills. He seems a bit of a fool, but he may be able to stay off my nerves depending on his usefulness...





    I meet Dorn too, although friendly at first, the conversation soon devolved into either I was going to help him slaughter innocents, or we would have conflict right there. So as it happened, I ended up killing the half-orc after he provoked me into attacking himby going on about his killing of children.

    Was warned by Cowled Wizards too about Jan's use of arcane magic. I don't see this situation going much better next time...




    Tonight, I'll plan to get a sense of what the Athkatlan night brings. I've seen many taverns and inns in my walks and I'll plan for some drinking and feasting late into the night. May be headed out to Umar Hills soon after, though! I'll start at the Five Flagons to rest.

    11PM. Going to head out--I spoke to some of the folks at the Five Flagons, but no interest in sitting and watching a play right now, their main attraction there.

    [Day 3] 12AM. Wandered into Delosar Inn and got into some violence very quickly with an extremely disrespectful gang from Riativin. They were strong, I won't lie, but they were begging for a fight. I got significantly injured in the bloodbath that followed the insults, but I managed to come away from it alive--along with three sets of full plate mail armor. I looted whatever else they kept in their room there.


    [Note: Had to reload this a few times, yeah I guess I'm still early on in BG2, most enemies I've fought so far have been tougher than most of those in BG1 or SOD. Or maybe my equipment just isn't as good yet...]

    1AM. At the Crooked Crane--I find another hidden door; when I go through, it's a lich! I see no reason to get our party slaughtered, and I know no way to defeat this monstrosity right now...I'll have to return at some point when I'm prepared to crush this monster.


    Moving on to the Copper Coronet...I see Yoshimo, that same slimy-ish rogue that I met in Irenicus's dungeon under the Promenade. Hmm, how did he escape? And what was he doing there in the first place anyway? He has the distinction of the being the one of the only living things I encountered down there that I allowed to keep breathing. I wonder if I should regret it?


    I'll have to return at some point to Joluv and buy Jerrod's Mace...+6 against demons/devils.

    Met Anomen--I was ready to kill him, the fool, for challenging me. But he thought better of it and ran off.



    Ran into Nalia, as well. She's the one that Gaelan Bayle told me about, who needs some mercenary help with a little trouble out of town. I'm suspicous of her at first, as I do NOT want to be played by the damn Shadow Thieves. But if an entire keep is under siege, there may indeed be enough wealth in it for me, Shadow Thieves be damned. It's on my map, I may head there when the time is right...


    Korgan was up next; he has a plan to barge into a crypt of undead and get rich. I like this dwarf! He's a berserker just like me and likes to use his weapon and partake in the finer things in life just like me. This could be a very dangerous duo...for anyone we run into. But we'll see if the dwarf can remember who's boss.

    The Copper Coronet is truly the heart of Athkatla in many ways, and there is no shortage of work and other urban adventurer quests. Getting flagged down by a certain Lord Firkraag, a small fortune was offered to trek out on another mission out of town; yeah, maybe I look into this, too.

    2AM. I meet the thief girl Hexxat. She's strange, definitely, but she gets my attention...and she speaks too of more treasure and gold in the Graveyard district...fantastic, I might as well lay claim to the entire district at this point. I'm already headed there with Korgan's scheme, so this should just pad my pockets more. And being able to mold her thief skills to my liking, I made sure she became adept in stealth, and then cut ties with Minsc as soon as I could.

    It has been an eventful night--while I may have wanted to check out the "other" entertainment at the Coronet that Lehtinan told me about, and even visit the Den of the Seven Vales down in the Promenade--I may call it a night for now. I want to rest and get us down into the crypts.


    Of course, there is still the mission to get the Cowled Wizards' man Valygar, and hunt down Irenicus, but if I can enrich myself in the meantime down the road from where I lay my head, I better not pass up the opportunity.

    Current Party:

    Ethal Jo, Level 10 Berserker (Krotan's Skullcrusher and Mace +1)
    Korgan, Level 10 Berserker
    Viconia, Level 10 Cleric
    Hexxat, Level 12 Thief
    Jan, Level 10 Illusionist/Level 11 Thief

    Reputation: Despised (4)


  • energisedcamelenergisedcamel Member Posts: 87
    That was a really fun, chaotic update. My fave part was the mental image of Jaheira and Minsc beating up the poor shopkeepers, as well as Mae'var's questline going down the toilet in less than a minute. I know these types of write-ups take a fair amount of effort, so please keep up the good work because each instalment never fails to entertain.

    Question: any particular reason Ethal Jo killed Dorn? Is killing children the one line he won't cross?

  • SelerelSelerel Member Posts: 86
    @energisedcamel Thank you for the feedback! What's funny is that I was doing narrative writeups for my roleplay runs just for myself, before I even knew of this board--I guess I wanted some record of what content I did each game, and the different ways I resolved quests. More for my own replayability than anything else...all I had to do is update my writing style slightly for an audience other than just myself...but all in all it's not too much work (that's why I don't think I"ll burn out). I'll say, adding the pictures is the worst part lol.

    As far as Dorn...yeah I was kind of boxed into it. My only two dialog options at that point in the conversation were either "you're a vile monster, die!" or "great, join up and let's go kill that innocent person!" I figured it was more in line with Ethal Jo's character to get irked about someone bragging about killing children, than it would have been to agree to assist him with his plot, with no promise of reward of any kind, potentially pissing off several major important factions in my first full day in the city, all just because Dorn told me to. I barely know him, he never was a companion, and Ethal Jo does NOT like being used or controlled. So like many encounters, this one was forced to end in bloodshed too.

  • SelerelSelerel Member Posts: 86
    @energisedcamel And you know to answer your question simply, yeah I don't think Ethal Jo would kill innocent children unless there was a really, really good reason.

    I don't play him as the "sadistic" side of the Chaotic Evil...I just think of him as violent and unempathetic, but doesn't go out of his way to cause pain unless he thinks he's defending himself. I remember I brought the werewolf baby home from Balduran's Isle (never completed the quest where you return him), as opposed to just leaving the baby on the ground or whatever. But he also would have sold the baby as inventory if that were possible, haha.

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    [Day 3]

    4PM. We find Korgan's supposed tomb of treasure--but looks like some rivals already looted it. Korgan, not looking to lose out on this score, knows where the thieves may me (Pimlico's Estate) and urges us to go smash some heads and take our reward! No problem on my end; so off we go.



    5PM. We hunt down Korgan's old gang--Shagbag and others, and start fighting them on the roof of the Copper Coronet. Well, as it happens, the Cowled Wizard do NOT like Jan using Melf's Acid Arrow...right, right, I keep forgetting I'm in Athkatla, and magic is illegal here. I think it is an absurd rule--but with the gang of warriors I'm fighting, and the high-level Cowled Enforcers that just teleported in looking to execute me, I know I couldn't stand right there and fight and stay alive, as much as I wanted. So had to retreat a bit.



    Because there is only one real staircase leading to the roof of the Coronet, Jan got trapped on the other side of it, back down on the street level, as I tried to hide from the initial gaze of the Enforcers. The rest of the group ran west to a different section of the roof--and got attacked by an unrelated group of muggers! We were able to kill them and the leader Shagbag (and recover Korgan's damn book), but the rest of the roof is crawling now with murderous wizards and thugs. I'm not sure if I can fight them and stay alive while I'm doing it, so I need to figure out some exit strategy...



    6PM. I tried to gain some intel by sending out a hidden Hexxat...of course, the Cowled Enforces cast True Sight, and she was magically held and cut down almost instantly...barring any other options, trapped up on the roof as I was, I decided I'd have to rush these damn mages with whatever I had left in the tank.

    I could launch into a berserker rage only once more; Korgan was completely spent with his berserker rage from our adventures in the tomb earlier today. But with my rage, Viconia summoning two large bears (which were dispelled or killed immediately, honestly), and Viconia casting True Sight, I figured I had a good shot at killing these bastards.

    So Jan cast Greater Malison, and then Remove Magic from the south. Viconia cast Silence (which seemed to only last shortly if at all), and then Dispel Magic. I'm not sure of the details past that, other than they started letting the lightning bolts rip every direction. Maybe a half dozen or more, very strong bolts. Viconia got fried, and Korgan and I both barely, barely stayed alive...we are severely injured and it finally makes sense to lay low for a bit.




    I have Jan run up and barge into the conveniently-located Temple of Ilmater on the roof...I resurrect the drow and the weird thief girl for two thousand damn gold (a fifth of my already too-small fortune--gah! Irenicus!). I grab all the loot that I can and head downstairs and inside to lick my wounds.

    [Day 4]

    11AM. I rested until fully healed at the Copper Coronet, and had Viconia restore Korgan's level drain from the crypts. I had sold most of the loot I got, including the precious Book of Kaza, to Bernard. I know there's a lot more treausre to be had in the Graveyard...Hexxat's Dragomir's Tomb and whatever other crypts I may be able to barge into.

    But beyond that, I am irritated with the Cowled Wizards attacking me, and damn near killing me, for simply defending myself. I don't care what city this is or how much gold they got here--they haven't seen the likes of me yet, I guarantee, and they don't know what yet they're dealing with.

    That being said--I need more combat protection disabling and spell protection disabling magic, specifically Breach. It'll make any future encounters that much easier. I'm going to look around in Waukeen's Promenade for a scroll that Jan can memorize--and hold my head high down the center of the streets as I journey there, definitely not projecting any fear or hesitation about another pack of Wizards that may be out for blood after what I did to them yesterday.

    Will they still take their man Valygar Corthala--and deliver on their reward--if I drop him off at their feet, despite this little incident of bloodshed? I'm willing to bet so. They seem like the cold, calculating type, and Tolgerias REALLY wanted Corthala.

    12PM. 4600 gold later, in the Adventurer Mart...Jan fails to memorize Breach twice. It's all I can do not to smash the little twerp into jelly...I wish I could, but I know no other arcane casters right now. GAH the idiot!! Really, extremely, not happy. I guess we'll just have to find Breach randomly somewhere...and hope he doesn't screw it up again (or maybe I'll have a potion of Genius by then).

    And I decide I'll keep Korgan around...I like the foul mouthed dwarf! Even though he's a short stump, he doesn't mind getting bloody when he knows it's time, and his attitude tends to match mine. Gives Viconia a good ribbing as well. Five is a relatively large group...but it's good that I already have a sizeable group of followers in this foreign land...


    I stop at the Copper Coronet to find a stash point for some of the treasure I don't want to give up quite yet to these greedy merchants...I settle for the far northern room in the brothel area to drop off such items as a set of full plate mail, the Pommel jewel, the Sword of Chaos, etc.

    1PM. Return to the Graveyard--Hexxat doesn't mention anything about her tomb so I guess I'll just keep barging in places until she recognizes something. I know that there were a lot of other chambers accessible from the lower tombs that I didn't "barge into" yet...



    11PM. After a few other entries to tombs of less interest, Hexxat finally identified Dragomir's tomb, and we entered a large labyrinth filled with shadow fiends and other types of monsters you'd find in a place like this. Eventually we stumble on a demon knight-type creature, Dragomir himself! We destroy him (both Korgan and I going berserk made relatively short work, even though the bastard hit exceptionally hard, and I don't think +1 weapons were even getting through...). Hexxat keeps telling us to dig further in for the treasure--of course I have no choice.





    Then, some vile treachery is revealed. Hexxat isn't Hexxat at all, but just some poor thief girl named Clara under a mind control spell or some such. The real Hexxat--a vampire--doesn't attack us at first. But she's an undead monster at the end of a tomb--and seeing how *I* rescued HER, couldn't she anticipate a treasure hunter would expect some type of treasure? If she wanted to keep living, she could have offered me something of value very quickly...instead, she ends up in a bloody clump next to Clara, and I'm down a scout. Ugh, maybe that rat Yoshimo is still at the Coronet?


    [Note: This was unfortunate, I was actually thinking I would have Hexxat in my party this time...but really, it wasn't true to character to just shrug it off and say "hey please join us" or whatever.]

    After we made our way back to the Coronet, the little sniveling coward bounty hunter tells me he won't join unless I apologize for some previous insult. Fat chance!


    [Day 5]

    8AM. Morning. I made a brief career in a few days as a grave robber and earned a small nest egg of 12K+ gold. I laugh at the rest of these Athkatlans for not helping themselves to this treasure that was sitting right there for the taking--the dead have no use for gold and jewels. Maybe they're scared of the Cowled Wizards--but I already killed some of them in public. Or maybe they're just scared of the guards here? In my experience, they are much stronger and much more experienced than those soft scum up north. Either way, I took what I wanted and walk about unmolested so far--I plan to return today.

    But after we arise in the morning, Korgan pushes me to go out east and find this Corthala fellow. Yeah, yeah, sure thing. But the dwarf needs to remember this is MY party and *I* give the orders. We'll go when I'm good and ready, and I decide I want to head back to the tombs.





    10AM. The grave-robbing revenue stream gets exhausted pretty quickly this morning, so I return to the Promenade to re-equip my party for the coming adventures. Other than Jerrod's Mace sold by Joluv at the Coronet, I still have eyes on the Strong Arm +2 at the Adventurer's Mart, as well as Balduran's Plate (although not if I can get some object of +2 protection first). I can't afford any of that right now anyway.

    It may be time to partake in some of the entertainment the city has to offer, now that I'm more settled down. I'd still like to partake in some of the nightlife and more raucous entertainment at the Coronet; being so injured last night, I didn't have the chance. But that's all for later this evening. What does the city have to offer midday? The damn circus is closed off--some magical nonsense, gah, none of my concern...

    12PM. Head to the Five Flagons and their show, which I turned down previously. But I have the time now--better be good!

    Aaand it wasn't. Luckily I knew not to pay to see some garbage such as this, but I was intrigued by the troupe's call for adventurers. I spoke to them backstage, and indeed they had a job to retrieve their hostage friend from some evil wizard. The poor actors couldn't even scrounge up a thousand gold to pay me for something dangerous like this, but I was intrigued at their claim of treasures AT the wizard's abode that I could claim as my own. Hmm, maybe I have some time to see if I can hunt them both down before the sun sets this evening and I really start enjoying myself.



    5PM. I rescue the bard Haer'Dalis after slaying Mekrath and looting his place--he's a criminal, right? He chose this path. I have no desire for the bard to join me, although there was some draw in having a songster follow me around singing my praises, ha!

    6PM. Back at the Five Flagons, I'm able to shake down Raelis for a cool 1200 gold for the gem, which I had no intention of giving up for the measly 300 gold that was originally offered. Apparently it has some value as an extraplanar portal opener--something like that, that mages value. She pays me another 1000 gold on the spot, to keep her safe from whatever planar elementals get summoned during her scheming...that's almost a 2000 gold increase on what I was originally expecting to get paid! Plus all the mage's loot...good!

    Eventually some bounty hunters from another dimension came out of the portal and took all the fools away. I have no desire to get involved with anything more with these people, this has been sufficiently profitable so far...although knowing this portal is there may be valuable at some point.


    [Day 6]

    3AM. Rested for the evening, but that damn Irenicus is still haunting my he really there, communicating to me? Or did the idea of him latch into my mind somewhere during my imprisonment? Bah, he tells me I'm too concerned with the flesh! But he doesn't control me--and in fact, I'm going to enjoy right now what the late night Coronet has to offer!


    4AM. Saw a pit fight between a slave and a troll; nothing compared to my epic battles, for sure, but better entertainment than most of anything I ever saw up north. After the show I wandered a bit further in, and for some reason got attacked by about half-dozen guards, who were guarding slaves. I really don't care they're slavers, and don't care much about the slaves either--they must have been real jumpy to try to attack a honest paying guest! I'll give Lehtinan and earful about this.



    Ugh, same deal with the animal trainer, very quick to attack me and get put down. Lehtinan employs a bunch of fools it seems. Well--employed, past tense, at this point.

    As I confront Lehtinan about the goings-on that night, it appears he actually has a job for me. Kill someone else: Hendak, the slave ringleader. One more body for the night, shouldn't be a problem...especially with the promise of a magical reward. I guess with most of his guards now dead, he doesn't want the slaves to get any ideas.



    1PM. It was a bloody and--dare I say?--fun night at the Coronet. I spent the rest of the early morning hours with Madam Nin and Cominda, *really* enjoying the pleasures of the flesh this time. But as the sun rises and the morning turns to afternoon, I know my next, bigger jobs lie elsewhere. Time to get outside of this gold-plated cesspool known as Athkatla and see what else Amn has to offer me.


    My plan before leaving is first to check out Valygar's house at the Docks once more--to make sure he didn't creep back into town in the past day or two. If he's not there, the manhunt in Umar Hills is on. On the way out east, I've decided it may be sufficiently profitable too to stop by the de'Arnise Hold to see what type of mercenary help they need there. It's been about 5-6 days since that girl Nalia was first whining about it. If her people are anything like her I can't imagine they turned any of the "invaders" away yet..

    Current Party:

    Ethal Jo, Level 10 Berserker (Krotan's Skullcrusher and Mace +1)
    Korgan, Level 10 Berserker
    Viconia, Level 10 Cleric
    Jan, Level 10 Illusionist/Level 11 Thief

    Reputation: Despised (3)


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    [Day 6 Continued]

    2PM. Not as soon as I step out into the afternoon sun does a hooded figure named "Valen" approach me...she speaks for a mistress who will only meet me at the Graveyard at night--I assume with a criminal proposition for me to do a job for her. I know my name is spreading. Eh, we'll see. If it's so important, this mistress can come groveling to me. Otherwise, my course leads me out of Athkatla this day.


    And not a moment after that, something reminds me why I want to get out of this gods-forsaken city. A pack of Amnist Centurions approach, with a pair of Cowled Wizards in hand...finally, it seems, some apparent pushback from the city for killing the wizards on the roof, and then making of mess out of most of Lehtinan's guards just last night. Well, as I said before, they don't know me yet--and I'm sure not going to be some easy summary execution in the streets.

    I had Jan and the Drow scurry away from the fight, and Jan immediately started dispelling illusions with this thieving skills. Jan was magically silenced early on, but remained useful with that skill. With Greater Command and Hold Person, both divine spells cast by Viconia, I was able the slaughter all the fools in the street. Ha! Finally, starting to feel like home. The next pack of enforcers will think twice for their own lives before confronting me.



    A few minutes after the bloodshed subsides, Gaelan's messenger boy comes and sees me, says Gaelan wants to talk and offer more work. Ehh, I don't have any time for the old geezer right now. As soon as I get my hands on Valygar, I'll be able to negotiate with the Cowled Wizards for the location of Irenicus...that bastard who actually caused me all my current problems.


    [Day 8]

    2AM. I was so beat up after the first encounter with the Centurions that it made no sense to leave town that day...decided to rest again in the city before I left; will push to nightfall or the morrow. I figured I had bloodied the city guard's nose well enough that they'd leave me alone for a few days--but as I begrudgingly learn, they're much more tenacious down south. Between then and now, I had two more violent encounters with the Cowls and the Centurions. One was in the slums, and the next was in the docks district as I was finally checking Valygar's house one last time.



    In the Docks, Jan, always on the wrong side of things, was able to lure more of the warriors on a chase down south. The rest of us drew an Enforcer into Valygar's house, and killed him there (the other got killed in the confusion among the guard--the fools!).




    But these streets are certainly turning into a warground, with my reputation as it stands. I even considered paying the greedy churches, to give me enough influence to walk the streets without having to waste my time killing green wizards...but I'm planning to skip town anyway. We'll see if things have cooled down whenever I return.

    I eventually find my way to the Crooked Crane--good to have my last rest here, for a quick exit from the city in the early evening. We marched east for the better part of the night, and arrived at the de'Arnise Hold.



    Current Party:

    Ethal Jo, Level 11 Berserker (Krotan's Skullcrusher and Mace +1)
    Korgan, Level 10 Berserker
    Viconia, Level 10 Cleric
    Jan, Level 10 Illusionist/Level 11 Thief

    Reputation: Despised (3)


    [Note: So, I've been playing this way for 4-5 years now...I switch characters every 3 months or so. So I will be back to playing Ethal Jo--probably sooner than later. But I have a Neutral Evil Avenger in TOB that I want to finish up with...I may post his story...]

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