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BG EE Switch - Crash

Hello everyone :)

I just bought BG EE for Switch and I really love it. I finished the first one in no time and just started SoD. But now there a nasty Bug. Every time I pass a door or load a other map there is a chance of a crash. So I have to save before I use any doors/map loads... And now at troll steal wood im fully traped... It's crashing 100% if I want to proceed to boarsky bridge or wyrmwood...

I really love this game so I was kinda okay to save before every door and reload alot... But now I can't even proceed anymore ;_;

And sorry for my poor english skills.
But does anybody have similar problems? Or tips?



  • Raven_the_HuskyRaven_the_Husky Member Posts: 3
    I found a workaround on reddit, untill the devs gonna fix that:
    So, I solved it. It has something to do with the first time you enter dragonspear castle. I can rest before it, but not at any time after. What I did was, bought a ton of potions and scrolls, roughed it out, then rested via the npc in camp. That seemed to reset my code for rest, and I never had another crash."

  • HagarthHagarth Member Posts: 1
    Hey, i have the same problem but i´m still in the beginning of SoD. I can´t go back to ducal palace. Every time i enter the building, the game is crashing. I am really a little desperate :(
    I tried to start over with a new charakter, but there I also have the same problems. Since i am in the addon almost every time i leave a building or an area the game crashes. Is there another solution or tips?

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