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Linux XP Cap removal

MythranMythran Member Posts: 1
Hi, I have tried to install
but after I install it, the game does not run anymore under steam.
Can you guys share with me a xp cap removal with the extended levels?
I got a kensai/mage which I am playing solo, just got to chapter 4 and I am already at the max xp.... =(


  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 5,656
    if you can use the program Near Infinity to open up the file called; XPCAP.2DA and set the number to much higher ( say 100 000 000 ) this will even allow triple class characters to hit level 40 in all classes

    if you are even more savvy you can adjust other .2da files to make abilities go pass level 40 ( although i believe the engine has a hard limit of level 50 )

  • inethineth Member Posts: 621
    edited May 5
    Mythran wrote: »
    Hi, I have tried to install
    but after I install it, the game does not run anymore under steam.
    Tweaks Anthology is one of the WeiDU-based mods that like to recompile chitin.key (the game's resource master index).

    Due to historic reasons, WeiDU's subroutine for doing this changes all paths stored in chitin.key to:
    a) use backslashes instead of forward slashes, and
    b) use all-uppercase letters.
    Typical Linux filesystems are case sensitive and only understand forward slashes as directory separators, so the result is that the game can no longer find its resource files, and thus refuses to start.

    The work-around is to:
    a) Install the "nix-wrongslashes" mod afterwards, to fix the slashes in chitin.key. (See this HOWTO, section "3. Chitin.key, Backslashes, and You".)
    b) Put the game on a case-insensitive filesystem, so that the resource files can be found using uppercase paths. (There are multiple ways to achieve this on Linux; the HOWTO linked above describes one.)

    The second part of the work-around - using a case-insentitive filesystem of some kind - is not just required for mods that recompile chitin.key, but also to avoid problems with many other mods that play fast and loose with lower- and uppercase in file names.

    And yes, all of this makes installing mods on the Linux versions of Infinity Engine games a chore, but until someone writes a Linux mod installer which takes care of all these issues, that's what we have to live with.

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