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Innate Ability limits?

stewelementstewelement Member Posts: 51
I've been playing with a few kit mods, and one I was testing adds a number of innate abilities. Once I start getting HLAs, I appear to be limited to 12(ish?) innate ability slots, so I end up having some that are unavailable. Seems to be mapped to the F1-F12 keys. Is this a hardcoded limit? Or is there a way to expand the innate ability count, via a table somewhere?


  • EndarireEndarire Member Posts: 766
    edited July 2
    Did you scroll the menu left and right using the arrow buttons on the hotbar? (They're normally F1 and F12 if on screen.)

  • stewelementstewelement Member Posts: 51
    I have used the hotkeys, and the UI buttons, and I'm still not able to see all the HLAs, unfortunately. Looking at this character in EEKeeper, they have all the HLAs assigned, but I'm unable to add memorization, or extra innates. EEKeeper gives me the message that the max number of allowed spells for that level has been reached. So there does appear to be some limitation around innates, maybe the spellbook limit is what I'm running up against? This character has 20+ innates with more HLAs on the way. Looks like 24 is a potential limit for a given spellbook level, according to some older posts on this forum.

  • stewelementstewelement Member Posts: 51
    EEKeeper has options for abiding by a specific limit, under Settings > Spells, that result in the message I was seeing. I wasn't aware such an option was available in EEKeeper. After some more testing, I realized that only few of the mod specific innates weren't showing up. I loaded up on Bhaalspawn powers and kit innates, and the UI hotbar allows me to scroll through all of them. So, my issue is actually a mod issue, not a UI or specific limitation issue. Problem solved.

  • EndarireEndarire Member Posts: 766
    Did you use Near Infinity? I heard that works better than EE Keeper.

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