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MegaMod 3.04: Mazzy Romance, Clara NPC, Darkside Anomen, Flying Aerie, For The Evil, & more! (DONE)



  • RatatoskrRatatoskr Member Posts: 597
    edited August 25
    Yeah, we've changed the name of this mod a few times along the way as it kept growing and growing and....

    Though to be honest, I have no idea who updates the EET compatibility list or how to get that changed. I wasn't the one who added our mod in the first place.

  • GraionDilachGraionDilach Member Posts: 161
    edited August 25
    The mod was added two months ago in this commit:

    You're free to file a PR against the repository to get it renamed. Every modder is welcome to open PRs against it.

    On the other hand, MegaMod is a very generic name and I acknowledge it would be fairly hard to decide on how to feature this one on the compatlist.

  • tl1942tl1942 Member Posts: 169
    @Ratatoskr and @BCaesar I just want to clarify regarding the TOB epilogues...

    Which characters actually get epilogues added by this mod?

    If I'm interpreting the readme correctly, this mod will only install epilogues if specific components are installed. Can you clarify which components include epilogues?

  • EndarireEndarire Member Posts: 788
    @Ratatoskr @GraionDilach
    I was the one who requested it be added to the EET compatibility list. @k4thos added it.

  • RatatoskrRatatoskr Member Posts: 597
    Good to know. I actually think the name might be fine as is. It certainly describes what this thing is.

    The only minor change I might suggest is changing Multi-mod to Megamod just so it matches this listing a little better. Whenever I remember how to actually post commits on Github anyway 😁

    @tl1942 It's actually quite a bit more complicated than that. But in general, most of the epilogues are installed automatically, but will only play if you do certain things. There are also a couple epilogues that are installed with ForTheEvil.

    The 4th segment actually doesn't install epilogues. All it does is turn off the default epilogues, and any other mod ones that used that coding.

    For a general epilogue summary, as I remember it, the following people have new epilogues:
    Mazzy (4 variations)
    - all require the friendship to be active. Which you get depends on if you have the romance too and your choices.

    Anomen (3 variations)
    - if he gets far enough with the Clara romance (1)
    - or if you go our new evil route (2)

    Aerie (6 variations)
    -which you get depends on whether she becomes Minsc's new witch, she gets wings with our mod, she romances CN, and Minsc and Neera complete their romance.

    Minsc (5 versions)
    -same variables as Aerie

    Neera (3 versions)
    -same variables as Aerie, some of them just lead to the same place.

    Viconia (3 versions)
    -these are ForTheEvil only
    (But I actually might move 2 of them to the main mod since they're based on Mazzy talks)

    Dorn & HaerDalis
    -1 epilogue each if you do their romance

    Jaheira & Wilson
    -1 epilogue each for their romance

    We also added epilogues for our new NPCs. Clara has 6 variations and Bodhi has 2 depending on your choices.

  • tl1942tl1942 Member Posts: 169
    Thank you! Looking forward to trying the For the Evil components B)

  • RatatoskrRatatoskr Member Posts: 597
    Two of Viconia's epilogues are gonna be moved in the next version. Just gotta get an updated Russian translation for a couple lines while I'm at it.

  • RatatoskrRatatoskr Member Posts: 597
    As mentioned, I've posted a quick update moving a couple of Viconia epilogues and changing a few lines. You're getting it now because our Russian translator is awesome :)

  • BCaesarBCaesar Member Posts: 349
    Endarire wrote: »
    This mod is already on the EET list as "Ratatoskr and BCaesar's Multi-Mod: All Things Mazzy, Clara (Human Hexxat) NPC, Darkside Anomen, and more v1.038 or above." Having @Ratatoskr rename it to its current name or another name may help in discoverability.

    That name works well enough for me. We only kept renaming it to try to fit more and more projects into the title of this thread (so leaving out our names gave us more space).

  • BCaesarBCaesar Member Posts: 349
    Ratatoskr wrote: »
    As mentioned, I've posted a quick update moving a couple of Viconia epilogues and changing a few lines. You're getting it now because our Russian translator is awesome :)

    Thanks for continuing to do this (and for actually checking the thread to answer questions :D ).

  • RatatoskrRatatoskr Member Posts: 597
    edited September 7
    You're welcome.

    And I can't take all the credit. I suppose that's what I get for setting up email notifications for comments from this thread :wink:

  • MaurvirMaurvir Member Posts: 1,046
    I apologize if I've asked this before, but now that I know it's EET compatible, I'm prepping for my next install. How does the Mazzy romance work if you have Imoen4Ever installed and get her back in Chapter 2? Does that count as "having rescued her"?

    Also, since my PC likely won't romance Mazzy, would her romance with Imoen work fine in this instance?

  • RatatoskrRatatoskr Member Posts: 597
    @Maurvir We did add some code to account for Imoen4Ever in a few places (so let us know if you see any errors).

    The Imoen/Mazzy content shouldn't start until Chapter 4 even with that mod - I believe it's coded to the chapter - and will play even if you aren't romancing either of them (as long as you don't turn it off). Personally, I actually prefer the version where you aren't involved.

  • EndarireEndarire Member Posts: 788
    edited September 14

    I'm unsure if I need to ask permission for this, but I'm making a lichdom mod and wanted one of the NPCs from this lichdom mod to react to certain characters asking to become a lich. (The text-based dialog script is in this Google Doc link. No code is here.) This doesn't alter your mod's contents.
    This may affect Irenicus and Bodhi from your mod.

    If you want any other characters to be specifically reacted to from your mod (for or against), let me know.

    To clarify, only casters with a high enough caster level can become a lich in this mod. For example, Mazzy the Halfling Fighter can't become a lich, but Aerie theoretically could.

    Post edited by Endarire on
  • AgashiAgashi Member Posts: 5
    The scope of this project sounds incredibly ambitious! I'm definitely planning to give it a go in my next run, but I was wondering a couple things:
    1. Does the mod recognize the Valygar or Keldorn romances over at Gibberlings3? Given the closeness of the existing Valygar/Mazzy relationship and all the content this mod adds to her and Keldorn, it would seem... odd if she didn't comment? Maybe less so in the latter case.
    2. Will Mazzy object very strongly if you decide NOT to take Imoen back into the party in Spellhold? Don't get me wrong, I love Imoen and plan to see her extra content with Mazzy in a latter run, but because there are other NPC interactions I want to see, I don't want to use a party slot for her. But I don't want Mazzy to hate me. :(
    3. Would you recommend installing this before or after other NPC mods?

    Thank you in advance!

  • RatatoskrRatatoskr Member Posts: 597
    @Endarire 100% yes. Have at it :) I'd love to see inter-mod content for this ridiculous project of ours. So go ahead and write something. Though I don't think anyone else from our mod would care, unless you think Clara would comment @BCaesar ?

    @Agashi Ambitious is a word for it. I tend to use insane :wink: But there's definitely enough content in this for multiple play-throughs.

    To answer your questions:
    1. We don't have a huge amount of cross-romance content, but the mod does recognize the Keldorn romance as a conflict when you start to court Mazzy. However, this mod doesn't recognize the Valygar romance. To be honest, that's mostly because that romance came out after we wrote most of ours, and our romance conversation is such a maze that adding Valygar in never seemed worth the effort.

    2. Mazzy won't mind if you leave Imoen behind in Spellhold. Most of their content doesn't start until afterwards anyway and we made sure our NPC romances wouldn't force you to have certain party selections. Nothing should break that content except you telling them to stop.

    3. I'd recommend installing this mod after other NPC mods (and NPC Strongholds) if possible. If you install this first, you'll miss out on most of the crossmod NPC content that we coded, and you may get some duplicate epilogues. There's also a conflict with NPC Strongholds that's only fixed if it's already installed.

    Let us know if you have any other questions, or find any bugs. Enjoy :)

  • BCaesarBCaesar Member Posts: 349
    edited September 12
    Ratatoskr wrote: »
    @Endarire 100% yes. Have at it :) I'd love to see inter-mod content for this ridiculous project of ours. So go ahead and write something. Though I don't think anyone else from our mod would care, unless you think Clara would comment @BCaesar ?

    If people want to add cross-mod content for Clara or our Bodhi they can write whatever they want; I've got no preferences. You want to write a musical number where Clara and Bodhi sing about the importance of rescuing orphans and saving the world, go for it.
    Ratatoskr wrote: »
    @Agashi Ambitious is a word for it. I tend to use insane :wink: But there's definitely enough content in this for multiple play-throughs.

    The key was we just started with one insane project, and then as time went on we just kept adding them. First was the Mazzy romance largely because she was the only woman not already romanced (though if I had to do it again I would've chosen Minsc, Jan, or Korgan). Hexxat-Korgan came to me in a dream. Clara was originally just us giving Mazzy an option to do Hexxat's quest the way she wanted to.

    And then once we accepted that there was non-Mazzy stuff in there we just kept adding whatever struck our fancy. For example when I played this as a kid many years ago I always wanted to be able to regenerate Aerie's wings and also it always annoyed me that the evil path ended up merging with the good path and you couldn't join with the drow or Bodhi. And then as we played through the game more recently there were others like the fact that siding with the drow demon was somewhat of a letdown, or that the only options with Anomen were "good" or "trying-to-redeem". So now you have more options.

    So basically it wasn't that ambitious to start (though pretty ambitious given that neither of us knew how to code and I had never even installed a mod). Instead we started relatively small and then it kept growing.

  • ThacoBellThacoBell Member Posts: 12,267
    "The key was we just started with one insane project, and then as time went on we just kept adding them. First was the Mazzy romance largely because she was the only woman not already romanced (though if I had to do it again I would've chosen Minsc, Jan, or Korgan)."

    Hey now, no regrets! Mazzy fans are eternally grateful. ;)

  • AgashiAgashi Member Posts: 5
    ThacoBell wrote: »
    Hey now, no regrets! Mazzy fans are eternally grateful. ;)

    Agreed! Although I wouldn't have said no to a Minsc, Jan, or Korgan romance myself. JS I'm playing through now aiming to see ALL of the possible pairing eventually, but current party includes Mazzy/Imoen (with Imoen4ever mod), Neera/Minsc, and my Bhaalspawn is set to romance Valygar. Got the bugspray out just in case of mod incompatibility, but super jazzed to see all the new content I can!

  • ThacoBellThacoBell Member Posts: 12,267
    @Agashi "but super jazzed to see all the new content I can!"

    There's a TON to go through. I haven't even seen everything. I recommend a playthrough with Viconia, Mazzy, Clara in the party.

  • AgashiAgashi Member Posts: 5
    I'll add that to the list. Maybe I can squeeze them into my Jaheira/Wilson playthrough. I'm still curious what that's all about. :D

  • masteralephmasteraleph Member Posts: 187
    Is Wilson here compatible with LavaDelVortel's Wilson Chronicles?

  • lollerslollers Member Posts: 184
    So far I've only had Clara around enough to have much of an opinion: the writing is actually really quite good for all the characters. I do not know enough about writing to say if I think they resemble what the first writers like David Gaider may have written, but each NPC seems like their own person and I believe the mod authors managed to put themselves in the heads of the characters they were intending to write about. Which is just about the most essential thing to try and do in writing I believe.

  • RatatoskrRatatoskr Member Posts: 597
    @masteraleph It should be since @BCaesar tested it with both installed, I believe. We also borrowed some of their code w/ permission to make things work. So if you have any issues with it, let us know.

    And @lollers thank you very much :smile:

  • AgashiAgashi Member Posts: 5
    edited September 17
    I think I accidentally deleted my last comment, but I've come across a bug. I had a couple talks with Mazzy that went well, until it seemed like she tried to initiate another dialogue at rest, and her force-talk menu started popping up instead. Now this happens any time she tries to have a conversation. Is this intended behavior? We're still in Chapter 2, if that makes a difference.

    Some possibly relevant variable values (but please let me know if you need others) :

    _BRESTCHECKTIMER1 = 145774
    _BMAZDREAM1 = 835944
    _BMAZFRIEND1 = 654527
    _BMAZFRIEND3 = 943928

    Any idea what could be causing it?

    Couple side notes: The writing across the board has been very good. Minsc and Neera are adorable, and the many interjections added throughout the game for Mazzy have been in-character and excellent. Also, I'm sad to report that while the Corthala Romantique mod appears to be compatible with this Megamod on a technical level, the writing does clash significantly. Both are good, but they each have a very different idea of who Valygar and Mazzy are as characters.

  • EndarireEndarire Member Posts: 788
    I know y'all said you were done with this mod, but have you added or seriously considering adding crossmod with these mods?

    -BG(2) Unfinished Business
    -Lava's mods (Hephernaan in BG2, Ver'ssza BG1/BG2, Khalid in BG2...)
    -Sirene BG1/BG2


  • RatatoskrRatatoskr Member Posts: 597
    @Agashi What do you mean by the force talk menu? Do you mean the one that starts with "Yes, CHARNAME? Is there something you wish to say?"

    That conversation is supposed to play automatically once every four days (+ 1 hour). That is game time so if you're doing a lot of traveling, it can pop up frequently. But if it's happening more often or replacing other talks, then that could be a bug. If it happens to trigger at the same time as another talk, you should just get both consecutively.

    Can you tell me what the global _bMazzyTalk is set to? It should be 2 when that talk is ready to trigger and then reset as soon as it plays.

    I can't think of any other talks that should trigger that by accident. Do you remember the last talk before this happened?

    @Endarire We don't have the time or inspiration to add any significant content to this mod right now, though people are welcome to write crossmod content on their end.

    The said, Sirine and other NPCs do have a few crossmod interjections here and there, mostly in For the Evil.

  • RatatoskrRatatoskr Member Posts: 597
    And I'm not terribly surprised that our writing clashes with the Valygar romance.

    We didn't read any of it until long after we wrote the Mazzy content and we tend to have different character interpretations than that author. Glad you like it though. I might have to try it at some point 😁

  • lollerslollers Member Posts: 184
    edited September 17
    I feel like mega-mod and stand-alone are pretty synonymous :) If I were to add any other mods with it, it would mostly be things that aren't related to the default NPCs, some of the quests, and gameplay changers. I feel particularly encouraged to go with this mega-mod route since patch 2.6 came along to complicate modding compatibility as I know it.

  • RatatoskrRatatoskr Member Posts: 597
    To be fair, we did make our mod at least acknowledge most of the other NPC romances. Valygar's romance just slipped through the cracks due to a variety of factors.

    And hopefully 2.6 doesn't break anything in this mod. We haven't been tracking game updates.

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