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IWD - Cleric/Ranger Ridiculousness

HaHaCharadeHaHaCharade Member Posts: 1,583
edited October 2012 in Off-Topic
Playing through IWD... Great Caesar's Ghost this Cleric/Ranger is busted, lol. He has almost 30% of the kills of the entire party. Here's a quick peek so far....

Level: 7 / 7
101 HP
- 7 Armor Class
4 Attacks / Round
Racial Enemy: Trolls
80% Stealth
Cleric Spell Ability (Has Just Started to get Druid Spells as Well)
Turn Undead, Tracking/Charm Animal (Novelties Really, but still cool)

So basically if you build a Cleric/Ranger for Icewind Dale - Get him the random "Fast Flail" that pops in the third level of Dragon's eye, and gives him +1 attack. That's 2 attacks for 7th level + 1 Ranger attack + 1 Magic Item attack. Combine that with Percentile Strength and you have a good dose of crazy.



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