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[(BG1) GAMEPLAY] When saving over an earlier save, it doesn't advance in the save game list

BhryaenBhryaen Member Posts: 2,874
edited July 2012 in Fixed
One thing that makes repeated reloads easier is being able to access the relevant save game as the bottom one in the list when you first call up the "LOAD SAVE" screen. Once you get just a few new saves in, however, that old save will still be located higher up in the list where you have to scroll to find it, and since saving over it doesn't change its position in the save game list, you'll have to scroll up every time you want to reload from it... or make a completely new save of it, either cluttering your Saved Game folder or requiring yet another extra step of deleting the identical save higher up in the list.

If you scroll up to an earlier save and save over it, when you come to the saves screen again (whether saving or loading), that last save will now be at the bottom of the list where it will be most accessible.

When this thread was originally devised it was assumed that this was inconsistent with BG1. In fact, BG1 saves do not auto-relocate to the bottom of the save list either.

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