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[MOD REQUEST] Text Descriptions & DIALOG.TLK

BoasterBoaster Member Posts: 622
edited July 2012 in General Modding
Instead of having to directly reference the DIALOG.tlk file for text descriptions, can some manner be implemented that would allow for referencing external files?

This would be helpful for item and spell modding in particular. Instead of risking a mistake in modifying dialog.tlk, being able to reference a separate file would be nice.

As an example of referencing an external file:
File name: "HALBX10.txt"
NORMAL_ID="Halberd" (for unidentified)
MAGIC_ID="Halberd +1: 'Torch'" (for identified)
DESCRIPTION="Halberd +1: 'Torch'
Like others of its type, this halberd consists of a cleaver-like axe blade mounted on a staff approximately six feet in length. It has also been bestowed with a small number of magical properties, however, thus making it more effective in combat. Its keen blade, for instance, will shear through your opponent's flesh to find the bone while its barbed tip will seek out gaps in their armor..."


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