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TSR games and Gygax Magazine!

GygaxianProseGygaxianProse Member Posts: 201
Interesting developments!
Apparently the TSR trademark expired some years ago, to be purchased by a new company with individuals like Tim Kask, Luke Gygax, and many others.
So, TSR games exists again. They are beginning with an RPG publication.
I wonder where this will go? To think that Ernie, and Luke Gygax, who played in his father's Greyhawk game, and who's sister selected the name "Dungeons and Dragons" , is involved with a resurrected TSR - D&D itsef owned, and currently floundering, by WoTC....
What will they publish, other than Gygax Magazine? Who knows, but that alone is very cool. I'm looking forward to the first issue.



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